However, dont take that as that phone is out right now, it doesnt come until the fall, so we still have several months left of this being for sale and being the latest version or the best version of the pixel. Yes, the 6a is coming, but that doesnt compete with the 6 pro. This is the top of the line 6.7 inch display over my past six months has been fantastic. Yes, this is a squared body which can be a little bit awkward to some people, but theres. A little bit of curve action in the corners and its only at 210 grams, so this phone is actually not too heavy. In addition to that, i found the glass on the back to be quite grippy, so it doesnt feel like youre, going to drop it too easy its, not a slippery phone. I will say, though, that the camera bar is a little bit thick. I do enjoy it, though it does give it a very unique look, and over my six months i just found that for a squared body, this actually was a little bit more comfortable to hold than the note 22 or the note 20 ultra and the s22 ultra. So very nice happy with the design. I like the two tone, colors right here, its on pretty much every pixel 6 pro just overall a beautiful phone. I think google really took it to the next level here with the pixel 6 pro, and i like the direction that google is taking these devices.

The display itself, though, has been butter smooth this phone. It comes in 120 hertz, and this is a ltpo display. This thing automatically refreshes between 60 and 120 hertz, depending on the content, i have found it to be butter smooth for an android phone. If youre looking for a super smooth experience, this is going to be one of the best on the market. I found it to be just very good and having these updates that googles been pushing out monthly, have been increasing my performance on this phone, so i do find it to be a very good and smooth and fast android experience, one of the best out there to Be quite fair with you, so if youre looking for that consistency that polished feel this display does provide it. Ive also enjoyed the aspect ratio of this display as well see that just posted about the pixel watch. You can just tell when reading an article, for example, youll see theres plenty of width on here, and the pixels per inch is also very good on this phone. So when you are, you know, reading an article, the text is very sharp its over 512 ppi on board, so definitely giving you a very sharp panel on board, and i find this to not be an issue whatsoever. So you know youre not going to find a lot of android phones with over 500 pixels per inch, so that actually makes this feel like quite the value considering.

This is less than the galaxy s22 plus and has a much sharper panel. I think its a better display value. However, we do have a little bit less brightness than what we find on something like s22 plus this phone, not quite as bright as your galaxy competitors, and i definitely noticed that outside i wish it would get even brighter. It needs to get a little bit brighter in the future pixel devices, but it was okay, its satisfied enough and the other aspects of the phone are great. Like the color contrast, the overall, you know smoothness the sharpness, so it still feels like a flagship grade display. Just wish it got a little bit brighter. I also like how it has the always on display. I dont have it enabled right now, but this clock on the lock screen is also very big. I enjoyed that and it does have gorilla glass victis. So if you are looking for a very protective display, type, its, not perfect, but its a lot stronger than some other cheaper devices out there, its even stronger than some other pixel devices out there, so very good. Overall, i would say, google knocked the display out of the park, except for the brightness. This phone definitely has a flagship premium feel display its something that i have enjoyed thoroughly and its some its a reason why i continue to use this phone and enjoy it. Unlike some older pixels, where it just felt like the display was just a step back compared to the competition, this ones definitely a step in the right direction and talking about the software, i will say that i have enjoyed thoroughly this vanilla, clean experience of android 12.

. The google experience here is very much in line with you know using google services, so it actually feels very good to use the google pixel here if youre, using a lot of gmail apps and google based applications. It just feels perfect for that. I also like the security suite in here. They do show you some recommendations. I got a couple i got to take care of. I do like this. Its very nice also. You do have plenty of privacy modes in here you can block the camera access block, the audio access on board and, overall, its just a smooth experience. I really enjoy it now. If i put the gestures youll see, they do have some other specific gesture features on here. You have lift to check the phone tap to check the phone flip to shush. You do have one handed mode on here: quickly open the camera, so you got the one handed mode right there. You have a lot. You can do with this theyre just little smart enhancements, but not overly much bearing features on here so its not too much for you. If you go into the play, store of course play store on pretty much all android phones. You got that and overall i just got to say that if you want a clean polished experience thats all i keep thinking about when im using the pixel man. This is a polished android. Definitely something that you dont find on a lot of other phones which will have a mashup of their own skin and google and android and its just a mess over here.

You dont really feel like its a mess. You feel like its meant to be this way. So really enjoy that some people dont, like the google bar down there. But again you can just throw go ahead and throw your own launcher on here, which i do think kind of messes with the overall experience, but it still makes it. You know your own. So you can just throw your own launcher on here, so it kind of has a google fight experience a premium polish experience, but also still giving you that openness of android, so very good updates, though i will say with the software, have been coming in quite regularly. So if i do system update right here, im on the may security patch ive been getting them monthly, i will say im a little disappointed, the speed of which they download sometimes ill, be sitting there for like half an hour and it still hasnt downloaded a small Hundred megabyte updates, so they do kind of drag to update sometimes, but they do actually, you know give you an update pretty much every month, so thats very good. All in all, i find this google experience to becoming more sticky, as in the ecosystem, is improving and googles. Finally, starting to realize that its the ecosystem that matters a lot with their recent announcements of the google pixel watch yesterday cannot wait for that. You can see some highlights right here. Pixel 7, you have, you know the pixel tablet coming theyre.

Finally, starting to realize you need all the products, not just one really good one but its its starting to get there. You know, and i i really think, if youre into the google experience you do everything through gmail stuff, like that google calendar, you know a lot of google based stuff, docs tasks, all kinds of things keep things like that. You got ta use this phone youre, just gon na love. This experience and its just gon na match up really well with what youre doing, if youre not using those services all too much, then maybe this isnt, the perfect device for you, but i got ta say it really does feel like its coming together. We also have those pixel buds pro coming to give you some active noise cancellation on some more mobile headphones instead of having some big headset or something like that, so very nice here, overall now, when it comes to speed, i dont know if youve been seeing it Throughout this video, but this thing is a blazing fast phone with the google tensor cpu on board ive had virtually no lag during the earlier software editions. When this phone first came out, there was some applications that would lock up freeze up but thats, pretty common. Amongst a lot of phones out there and ive actually found this performance to be a little bit better than samsungs latest s22 line. It just feels a little bit more polished a little bit more like its optimized a little bit better.

So i would say that the google pixel 6 pro if youre looking for speed this ones, definitely a boss. One thing i will say about it, though, is that it does get a little bit warm for my liking when you start using it intensely, but a case rectifies that you dont really feel it too much, but again it is using a glass back. So the heat comes through a little bit more thats. The only thing i would say, but very quick fingerprint sensor has been fine for me. Some people say they got ta tap it like six times like. I just did right there to get in. But for me, as long as you press down, it should be just fine for the most part, not the best fingerprint in display, but its pretty good. I havent had too much issues with it. In my experience, another thing i like about the google pixel 6 pro is that it gives you 12 gigabytes of ram right out of the gate. Now some phones around this price only give you eight gigs of ram. So this is actually a pretty good value and you dont really find any reloads on here. Its pretty good with the ram management do enjoy that you also get 128 gig standard, which is a pretty healthy amount of storage, its not a ton like if youre, using it for five years, but its enough. If youre not huge on, you know storing everything on your phone only and you do back things up to the cloud or back things up to your computer, so overall 12 gigs of ram pretty good value.

If i could sum up my camera experience with the google pixel 6 pro, i could tell you that, just like past years, the rear camera is pretty amazing on here. I wish it had a macro mode like a dedicated button to press, but it tells you to move back. You also have the 2x 4x zoom and it can go even further, all the way up to 20x zoom in digital form, and i find that this phone just does amazing on the rear camera. However, the video tops out at 4k youre, not getting no 8k on here. I dont think most people use that so its not a big issue. It does have a nice bokeh effect. You can see that blur around the background a little bit very good video performance. It does have a few modes like panoramic. The only thing i would say that i wasnt too happy with was the front facing camera, this 11.1 megapixel, while in good lighting. It looks fine and stuff like that, but i found it at time. It just gets a little bit noisy and it just overall its just not the best looking front facing camera. They can improve on this front. But if you take all your photos from the rear, you do have some night. Nice features like night sight. You do have you know the ability to wide crop or 4 3 crop. The phone has been pretty excellent. I dont think it did enough, though, to be like standing out over the competition this year.

Usually it blows away the competition so what to see what happens with the 7 pro, but my experience and thoughts over 6 months with the camera is definitely good enough to recommend the phone like if you want to use this phone youre still gon na have in The top three best cameras on a smartphone today, so its good enough to put it at the top of the game and thats all that matters, hopefully the pixel 7 pro just blows away. Everybody again, one thing thats been very good on here – is the mobile pay solution. Google pay and the announcements are going to bring google wallet, which is going to allow more things like storing. You know passports as well as student, ids vaccine cards, all kinds of stuff and theyre, making it more like the other wallets on other platforms versus just a pay system, but google pay has been very fast for me. The thing just works and thats pretty cool. You know like when i go in the store and i open up the wallet right here or the card right here. It just basically instantly pays and some phones are a little bit slow with that. This phone was instant, so i do like the pay system, its just some little thing i wanted to mention about. It was very good experience on the topic of battery life. I got ta, say 5003 milliamp hour battery in here, so very good. I do find that this adaptive thing does work over time.

Your battery does get better as the phone learns how you use it standby time is what impresses me the most about the pixel 6 pro its shows as optimization factor, because a lot of phones just cannot hold their standby and they just phantom drain all the time. Pixel is one of the best android phones at this. I find this phone to just give you a very good six to seven hour screen time and it just lasts throughout the day. So if youre looking for good battery life on an android phone, this one actually performs quite well its not the best out there for a phone of this size category, but it was good enough and i definitely found it to be. You know acceptable if you are a lighter user. This phone could potentially stretch into two days for you, but i still think some other cheaper. Like 5a 6a. Those type of phones might last a little longer just because theyre not pushing as much spec but the battery life pretty good, and then it charged pretty quick as well not rapidly. So it was like 50 and 30 minutes, but still pretty good. It does have some quick charging and go up to 30 watts, so very good overall experience there. A couple other things that was pretty blazing fast was the wi fi speed and the bluetooth pairing. So if you are looking for very fast bluetooth, this bluetooth, 5.2 and super fast wi, fi wi fi 6e, these little connectivity things are something people overlook a lot of times, but they matter, and this phone is blazing fast in all areas of connectivity.

It does have 5g as well. I had no dropped calls during my experience in addition to that, the bar strength held on very well for this phone, so it did have a very good reception strength so happy with this phone and connectivity, its just something to mention so more than six months later Is the pixel 6 pro worth it right now and the answer is yeah yeah the pixel 7 pro is coming. If you want to wait six months for that phone, its actually like five months, but still if you want to wait till october september ish, you know definitely go for it, but at the same time this one is still a very good performer theres. Nothing really wrong with it and its going to hold up just fine until the 7 pro comes so id say: yes, its still worth it right now. But if you want to wait for the better camera system, you might want to wait for the second gen tensor. Wait for the pixel 7 pro, but i got to say theres a few quirks here and there with the phone like like. I said, the fingerprints, not 100 perfect all the time, but it works pretty well. For me, the camera on the front can be improved. I dont know why theyre doing curve, they could just go flat, thats, really a personal preference thing, though so im not really putting a lot of weight on that, but a couple app crashes here and there, but theyve been fixing a lot of these software updates.

Overall, i like the direction googles going. They got a pretty flawless android phone right here. If you like vanilla, google experience its pretty darn good great display. Great cameras on the back does have a very good battery life. Good standby polish is good. I like the direction theyre going so thumbs up on the pixel 6 pro its been a pretty good experience overall, if i give it a rating, probably about a 8.5 out of 10, for this phone only took a point and a half away for some of those Little quirks, let me know your thoughts on the pixel 6 pro. Are you getting one? Are you waiting for the 7 pro 6a? Let me know down below if you enjoyed the video click, the like button for me subscribe.