I want to show you this indestructible. Blackview phone ive already reviewed a similar one, the little brother but its a model with performance based on this emerges among real performance. Very interesting. It also unlocks with facial recognition, so just look at it and it unlocks in a second, then we look at its features. We see the night camera, which is very interesting and we see precisely how it works. What we find inside the package. But I remind you that I will leave you. The link in the first comment in the description to be able to buy it and I hope to be able to also get a discount code. The price is approximately 350 euros, but I will leave you the link to see if the price is still stable, because I am recording the video a few days before obviously publishing it. Then there will be no beauties and variations but admit it pier on the balcony and look closely and then this is the package with which it is sold. It opens simply by sliding the lid upwards and inside we will find a mobile phone instruction manual, a charger. This pick, which is used to open the various doors, the usb cable of voices to be able to recharge. It then lets look at how it is done in the meantime, to this metal frame both on the right and on the left. As these disputes the various keys, these are those for the volume.

This is the stone month to be able to unlock it, and it is also a reader of fingerprints. It will be enough to place vito simply on its surface and it will unlock immediately after it davis at the beginning, islo capture, with facial recognition and this month in the door inside we find the sim card. So, as you can see, it does not have the possibility to expand the memory to its inside. We still look at how this new home frame is aesthetically made in the corners already these curvatures to absorb the bumps in the back. There is the photographic compartment. I would have preferred a frame, a more protruding bulletin, to prevent this part from scratching by rubbing on the surfaces in the lower part. Instead, we find this jumper to be able to issue a strap, secure it to the wrist. These instead are the holes for your speaker, look still wet because you just immersed it in water. This is at the door to be able to recharge it, so it opens either with long or in this way or using the pick a little while ago, and you insert the usb cable for charging. This is the microphone and at this part we find the front camera for surfers. Then we unlock and look inside. Then we find the various applications, both the pre installed ones and some that I personally installed. As always, does the various applications we find a tool bag that allows us to use some instruments, including the decibel meter, a compass in this sort level, as I always say, to be able to put some shelves a few pictures.

But I have never considered this type of measurement reliable, neither this nor all the other measurements that allow us. These instruments can give us an approximation, but never rely so much. There is the meter of steps. Obviously, there is also a flashlight the function that we now find on: all mobile phones with different functions, sos function or simply in the ignition to be able to illuminate. It is the same also acts as a flash for photographs and speaking of photographs. I want to show me the quality photo of this phone, so we can simply open the photograph scrolls between the various functions get in night mode. This mode extends the exposure times. 15 goes: the possibility of taking photographs in poorly lit environments, give the possibility to impress more light on the sensor, but you have to stay stop. Otherwise. The photograph is a bit moved. We have the bit ssibilit to shoot videos in image mode also in other modes. We also have the possibility to decide the zoom so having a wide angle. Photograph a photo is green or a very zoomed photo beauty instead practically applies. Filters gives us the possibility to improve the photography in other mode. We have the possibility to go pro, then we can act on the iso on the white balance or time available and much more. We also have the possibility of having a photograph and then 50 with the maximum of its resolution, because this phone reaches up to 50 megapixels.

We also have the possibility of taking photographs with the various images returning, thus making the color prevail more than anything else or focusing and subject and blurring the background or black and white photographs. But what I particularly like is the night view, not the mode night. Therefore, the possibility of using infrared and seeing completely in the dark then turn off the lights and immediately look at its operation in that condition, and then in this way we have the phone in normal mode. So we cannot see anything. But if I put the night view mode suddenly, we can see everything so we can frame in front of us and we can both take pictures and shoot videos very convenient in all those situations where we do not have the possibility to use the light. We assume that we have to supervise our child while he sleeps, we have a newborn baby. We do not want to illuminate him. We do not want to turn on the lights enough frame it in this mobile phone to see if its all right, sleeps, uncovered, etc. etc., but it can also be used as video surveillance for particular photographs photograph animals without disturbing them. In short, many situations in which this situation can actually be exploited now lets also look at the audio and video quality for, as for the reproduction of videos on youtube, then guys lets put this song to see how the music feels by playing a video from youtube.

Then lets try to fast forward, as we did with the other devices, to see how it recovers the buffering asca. What sense, then, it seems to me that feels good anyway definitely feels good, and I also want to show you that in any kind of angle, we look at the mobile phone. However, the display can be seen well, not in contrasts. It does not affect difficulties, they were able to use it in any angle, now lets look at the game of cars. Lets see how it behaves in terms of speed and performance as well. Look at the colors as they are bright, as I am poor even to play, but look at the video game. As regards the details of the morning, all the various parts, it looks really well and is also very responsive without lag and without any kind of slowdown. It is therefore also good for the game of the party immediately managed to go very well what else to show you who I have to show some photographs I took so I took this a while ago, water in the counter. Now I will show others this. For example, is a video while I bathe it directly with the sprinkler lets go ahead because it lasts a while ok with the other mobile phone we are resuming, but then you believe that I insulted it. I watered it directly with the marker. You see a little crowded, because unfortunately there is a detail that now that I will show, and then you call anyway, it does not resist even wet what happened in this case.

As you can see, the film 3, a small border is the drop of water. It stops exactly in front of the lens, so it creates this lens effect and does not show anything, but I was interested more than anything else to show you the phone under the water so that, if they get wet it damages you did not show me throws To redo a view directly ago on the counter, because q, I like this phone in a particular way, I would not want to scratch it because, as I have told you several times, the rugged phone will not be destroyed if it falls, but obviously the various signs Of bumps on the surfaces can be seen so this shape, for example, if I was not patas final inspiration against the floor after village. Obviously it would be marked then, since I do not want to ruin their angel lol directly here on the counter, but I will show it to you in a few minutes. Lets look at its technical characteristics by looking for them directly on the sellers website. Then, as I told you black view, bb 8850 megapixel 8 gb camera of ram and 128 giga as storage space, night vision mode available in three colors, the orange black or green frame, then we go directly to the technical characteristics below then model b v8800 and are 365 grams being indestructible and waterproof if it insists on dust it really resists, many not to treatments, was a protection class and ip 68 and 69 k.

The operating system is based on android. The display is 6 58 inches 90 hearts to a 96 gpu mediatek helium. With a ram just as mentioned earlier from 8 giga, a rom of 128, the battery and 8.380 milian per hour – and you can recharge quickly with a 33 bat quick charger, the rear camera should right little fi 50 megapixel is more a 20 megapixel camera and an 8 is a 2 megapixel. Camera definitely serves as a background for photographs. The portrait instead of the front camera is 16 megapixel, obviously to wifi, gps and bluetooth. Ncf. All these various functions of the latest mobile phones now lets quickly watch a couple of videos in which I launch them on the counter. Then I will show you some other images, while it is put in the water and now guys Ill do a couple of throws on the counter nothing excessive. We simulate a normal situation in which a mobile phone can slip from our hands, so we eat it like this. Maybe a little more excessive ivo compared to a standard fall mobile phone still perfect. So we continue to mistreat it and throw it as you can see it resists well resists. There are no signs. Some signs, as I said a little while ago. Obviously rubbing these remain marked is something that sincerely Im. Sorry, it does not break, it, does not damage it. The surface cannot be scratched. There are even mobile phones on the radio and by catching the very successful and metallized surfaces, they are just to be beautiful to look at in case they fall, but this would continue to work, as I showed you also.

The night camera function possibility to use the camera, then 50 megapixels, and then I have to show you also the photographs I took photographs will be there and some photographs at sunset, so they change again. The picture is hard and we see the photos I took. Then. These are photographs taken at sunset. This is a little brighter than water or slightly adjusted the e exposure. These were the real colors, as you see a little dark, so the shaded areas are not seen very well, but the area where it was lit out really nice effect lets go on in this case, slightly increased the exposure to make sure that you, if you could See this part as well, then, playing with the exposure you can adjust. However, the shaded areas remain a little dark lets go forward. This is another beautiful sunset on this road. Also, look at the details of the reflection on the asphalt you can see very well here. We are close to the valley of the temples, and maybe you should see the temple of concord you cant see it lets go on again. Lets look at paper. Photo this stupid black and white photo with the selphy camera to show the details even of the disheveled eyebrow I said, but this is instead one of the stupid effects look at how it enlarges the eyes, then joking photo and nothing of that this is the photograph Taken in the evening, in this case, with the standard photo can be seen very well.

I tried to use the function to lighten the photograph and actually you can see a little bit of the noise, so it is definitely not the best for some souvenir photos. It can be fine, but if you want to take beautiful photographs, you can print this effect. Certainly in the paper, you will see much much more look at what difference. I prefer these in which there is the black sky rather than this one with this noise, but all in all, even zooming. You can still see the details considered. There was practically dark, see how you notice this noise photographic a bit annoying. This is another selphy. I have done so many you have seen that the barrel is unleashed at the shot of the concussed phone, then actually shooting the photos that I show you are united by. These are therefore other selphys and lets go further. I did several tests now. Instead lets look at the videos I shot. This is the same place where I took the photograph eg. As soon as I was interrupted by the passage of a truck. There was a nice view, its ok, nothing. The truck passed in front now lets instead watch this other video. In the same evening, in which I took the photos like the that, even the videos can be seen well as well in the evening fluids, the lighting adjusts automatically when we pass from the bright area to a dark area. What people are here along frame them this? Instead are shots taken with a torch that you will see as well, but on the channel it is a torch, the inter rossi, then with the infrared mobile phone.

I can also frame from afar using this particular function among the particular functions. We also have the possibility of first camera by pressing the power button twice and then we can take the photo with the side, smart button, so very fast. In case we intercept what subject we would like to photograph or a pet. In short, something we want to photograph on the fly, just press twice then, with this touch to take the photograph for mere very useful, then guys. I know it is more fun with mobile phones shown them when I actually show their resistance rather than a few launches. Here on the counter, but I want me to be interested and show me their performance. Therefore, the possibility of taking pictures with excellent resolution, the possibility of taking the picture quickly with the combination of the keys me. The fact that it is waterproof and the fact that it has night vision and all the other functions that a mobile phone showed me, which, in my opinion, is worthwhile for those who need an indestructible mobile phone. That is also beautiful. To look at not to who knows what particular function, in addition to the night camera, it is simply a nice phone that resists well, that has good performance. I would have preferred if it had the memory expandable, some other small features, but all in all for the price and for the performances it gives us. Having said this, I just have to thank you for having seen this video to the end.

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