You know: okay, wait, wait, im, sorry, im! Sorry! I promise thats all of the singing in this review. 100 dead, cert, the honor magic 4 pro has hits the uk and it costs a little less than a grand, so its almost as pricey as those samsung and apple flagships, but is it packed with enough innovative features and clever tech to make it a worthy purchase? Well, ive been playing with it for quite some time now had my sims slapped in there full time for the last week, using it as my personal handset, so heres my in depth, honor magic 4, pro review with guaranteed no more singing and for more on the Latest and greatest deck, please do poke, subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers so lets start in typically shallow fashion, with how the magic 4 pro looks, and it does sport a mostly symmetrical design front and back which definitely pleases my chaos ridden brain. The curved screen is surrounded by impressively skinny bezels and slopes around the edges to a just as skinny metal frame separating the front and back layers of glass. It does look and feel like a premium smartphone. That is, at least until you actually pick it up and then immediately tint that shiny, rear end with your disgusting filthy human hands that mood back in absolutely hoovers up. Scum and dust like its life depended on it. So you will have to give it a buffing up regularly and also the honor magic.

4 pro is seriously big at 6.818 inches. We are talking comparable to samsungs behemoth s22. Ultra an honor does help out a little bit in this department. So, for instance, you do actually have a one handed mode that you can call upon at any time with a quick swipe. However, you cant, unfortunately drag down the notifications bar from anywhere on screen and swipe down, simply reveals the global search, absolutely no way of changing that up in the home settings. So i said the i was constantly calling on the one handed mode just to swipe down the notifications bar and see what was sat in there waiting for me and the honor magic 4 pro isnt, just a big heavy bastard, its also slippery as out thanks to The shiny surfacing saw again one handed use, good friggin luck got ta, say, though this is definitely one seriously tough handset. It is a glutton for punishment. You can quite happily chuck it in your pocket with some keys, just bung it in a backpack with zero protection whatsoever. Itll be absolutely fine, because this thing seriously still looks pristine once you do actually get the cleaning cloth out and give it a serious buffing. No scratches at all to speak of on that or sandy you have a pre installed screen protector as well, and its ip68 water and dust resistant to boot as well, which you kind of hope for from a premium smartphone these days now, as far as the software Goes well its android 12, with a good bit of magic, ui 6 slathered on top, and the big whoop is that yes, google services are back hippie bazaar now that honor has disengaged from huawei, so yeah google play is back in action here on the magic 4.

Pro so much easier than downloading endless apks and, of course, using web based versions of googles. Apps, however, do not expect any more than just a couple of years worth of os and security updates here on the magic 4 pro as honor isnt, quite as committed as some of its rivals like oneplus and samsung in that area. Magic ui is ok, but personalization options are rather limited versus many other launchers, and also this phone comes packed with crapware, so youll need to spend some time deleting all of that rubbish, but much better news when it comes to the ultrasonic in display fingerprint sensor. One of the best around right now, almost as good as those on samsungs galaxy, s22 phones and thats, backed here on the magic 4 pro by a dependable bit of face, unlock action as well and the reason thats so good is because youve got a secondary timer Flight sensor, alongside the primary selfie shooter, which is why this selfie blob is so bloody big now on. It is also very proud of the fact that its packed an independent security chip inside of the magic 4 pro, which stores all of your biometrics, your passwords, your tap and peer details. All of that really confidential stuff in an encrypted form, not really sure. Why theyve done this, though, because the snapdragon 8gen1 chipset, which powers this thing, has exactly that same functionality. In fact, snapdragon 800 series chipsets been doing this for absolutely years, could be their testing the waters for a future venture away from qualcomm could be there simply flipping the bird to qualcomm, who even knows but its a thing on this phone.

What i am more concerned with on the magic 4 pro is the number of bugs and quirks that ive seen in my time with the phone so far, so, for instance, when i first set it up the likes of whatsapp and deezer wouldnt perform downloads or backups, While connected to my wifi network because they claimed they were only connected to a mobile network, the only way around it was killing the mobile connection and then it would perform all the backups and downloads over wi fi, as expected. Thankfully, that particular bug was squashed. After just a couple of days, touch wood ive seen a few other little quirks as well, some of which i will mention later in this video now media and the honor magic 4. Pro packs in an almighty, 6.81 inch amoled screen with a 2848×1312 pixel resolution and, despite that grandeur size, the picture quality is still pin sharp, while vibrant scenes are proper eye. Candy youve got hdr 10 plus video support with upscaling for crappy. Looking content, all the usual features, youd expect from a premium flagship smartphone and the screen top is offered around a thousand nits when you are using it outdoors or the visibility. Absolutely fine and youve got full control over the refresh rate as well. You can either manually set it to 1690 or 120, otherwise, let the magic 4 pro decide on your behalf and it can drop as low as 1 hertz as well, because it is ltp or tech.

One of my only complaints for this mighty panel is the obvious one. The double selfie cam up front thats, a big whopping chunk of your viewing space, thats obscured when youre watching flicks or playing games, although thankfully its still nowhere near as bad as that obscene mustache notch on apples iphones. As for the magic 4 pros stereo speakers. These are absolutely fine for video quite loud and reasonably clear and theyre, not even too terrible for music, but, as always, i would highly recommend headphones or a bluetooth speaker for a quality experience there, but subtle issues when ive been streaming. Two bluetooth speakers, bluetooth, headphones when ive been out and about has been absolutely flawless. Now. Power comes courtesy of the four nanometer snapdragon agen, one chipset from qualcomm, backed by eight gigs of ram and for most part. The performance here is as slick and smooth as youd hope. However, i have seen a few little issues with everyday shenanigans. For instance, the camera app is dreadfully slow at times, sometimes switching camera modes from photos, video vice versa. Whatever can take a matter of seconds by which point your subjects probably got bored and wandered off if theyre a kid or a cat, although to be fair, thats likely just an optimization issue with the camera app rather than a problem with the actual everyday performance. Likewise, some of the ui animations are occasionally not quite smooth and slick, as youd hoped for sometimes pulling up.

The apps tray can be a little bit janky, for instance. Overall, the gaming experience is absolutely fine on the magic 4 pro, though the likes of gentian impact. Another demand on android titles are perfectly playable, even when you bump up the graphics settings, although ive got to say more than half an hour or so on, the likes of gentian does get the honor magic 4 pro a bit hot under the collar honor has packed The usual game in smart scenario, including a tsd but a gpu turbo x, which promises lower power consumption when youre gaming and certainly the drain wasnt, actually too bad. All things considered, and while the battery life again isnt quite as strong as some of the magic 4 pros biggest rivals its perfectly decent. I did make it to the end of most days with around 20 battery life left in the tank thats generally, with around sort of five ish hours of screen on time, plenty of podcasts and audio streaming. In the background, as well and thankfully this phone powers back up again in a jiffy when needed as well, you got support for honors 100 watts, supercharged tech when you plug in a type c, cable, otherwise, youve also got support for honors 100 watt wireless supercharged. When you uh you dont bung, a cable in it, of course, for that one, you will need to chuck a bit of extra cash in honor for its dedicated qi, wireless charger and i got ta say it as well.

I did try using a couple of my own qi: wireless chargers with the magic 4 pro and the performance there was a bit iffy. One of these charges worked absolutely fine. The first night i tried it but the second night, the honor magic 4 pro powered up to about sort of 60 percent, and then it actually started draining charge as well. Despite the fact that in the battery settings it claimed it was still charging just bung that one on the list of again yet more random, bizarre behavior, now flip over the honor magic 4 pro and you shouldnt have much trouble spotting. The freaking enormous camera setup somewhat dramatically dubbed the eye of muse. This consists of several sensors, the primary one being a 50 megapixel effect, thats, absolutely fine for your everyday shenanigans. Despite the somewhat bizarre lack of image stabilization, the magic can deal with testing conditions without soiling its jaws, strong contrast generally isnt a problem at all its rare to see any kind of color bleaching, flaring or other light based. Shenanigans photos are packed with finer detail and portrait picks come out beautifully, as always. Honor phones have always excelled in that area and its good to see that nothings changed. I did see some blur in my test photos when i was shooting a living breathing subject in more ambient light, but that complaint aside, my indoor shots generally came out well, were talking sharp results, not much grain and reasonably accurate colors once again on show, and when Night falls: the magic 4 pro does a respectable job, yet again, of course, youve got that night mode on hand to brighten things up.

If you need to the second camera sensor, slapped on the back, here is yet another 50 megapixel a sensor and this time its an ultra wide angle shooter, although apparently the magic 4 pro uses both the primary and the ultra wide angle sensor to shoot those ultra Wide angle picks, apparently, that primary sensor is just used to enhance the overall quality, not really sure how much difference this makes. To be honest, my ultra wide angle test shots pack just as much fine detail as standard photos, but you do get darker results. Less accurate colors, at least its always an option, though, if you need to fit more into frame and that lens position right in the central bit of the eye of muse is a 64 megapixel periscope telephoto shooter, offering a 3.5 times optical zoom. This supports up to 100 times maximum zoom, just like samsungs galaxy s22 ultra and just like the ultra, you get pretty grainy results once you crop in beyond the sort of 20 to 30 times level, plus when you do zoom. In that far, the lack of dependable image stabilization here means that that picture is going to be shaking all about the place on the screen. So good luck actually capturing a shot of what you want, and that was when i was completely sober too. I had no chance, after a couple of pints of best, still its a reasonably impressive telephoto shooter, and it certainly helps when youre, shooting kids, wildlife and, of course, just far away stuff.

So far, so pretty good. But unfortunately, when it came to shooting video on the magic 4 pro, i experienced some pretty dire problems. You can, in theory at least shoot 10 bit 4k clips at 30 or 60 frames per second, but unfortunately, when i was recording, the phone would occasionally freeze up on me, and this was the result. When i actually behaved itself. My footage usually looked and sounded great, but the jittery performance i experienced some other times is a serious worry, especially for a flagship, smartphone flip to the front end and that dual selfie camera composed of a 12 meg sensor, as well as a depth sensor, can spark Out some good looking picks, although, like the eye of muse, you do get blurry results in softer lighting. If you and your hand arent perfectly still – and you can actually shoot 4k resolution footage using that front facing selfie camera as well, and i didnt experience any issues in this particular area nor freezing or anything so thats a relief and that right there in a nutshell, Is what i think of the honor magic 4 pro ive used its my full time smartphone for over a week now and ive got to say i like a lot of stuff about it, but just some of the little quirks and bugs and weird behavior have really Put me off, of course, it is still very early days for the magic 4 pro its only just been launched over here in the uk, so fingers crossed a lot of the little quirks will get ironed out in future updates.

But anyway, those are my thoughts.