They tend to produce affordable entry level. Phones, money can buy the itel p38. Pro is an example of a well made low budget smartphone for 61, 000 naira or a hundred dollars with an increased processing power when compared to the predecessor. You also have bigger batteries here and storage without significantly increasing the price of the smartphone. Let us take a look at what itel has to offer here with the p38 pro, also known as the vision, 3 plus, and so without taking much of your time. Yo guys lets get started. The itel pfet8 pro comes in a custom, itel box, just like other smartphones. In this series inside the box, you get the sim ejector the hard plastic case. Obviously, the smartphone itself, an 18 watt, fast charger and the small form factor you get the red and black earpiece and a micro usb cable done. This is a low budget. Smartphone! Okay, so you shouldnt expect a groundbreaking design with this one. However, it has a really good design for the price and thats for sure it is made entirely out of plastic and the front here has a glass obviously, and there are kind of vertical lines on the rear of the smartphone to prevent it from collecting a lot Of fingerprints, the p38 pro has a data teardrop notch, unlike other smartphones in recent times, that have this smaller dot hole notch, and you can of course, notice the significant bezels on the front side display of the smartphone.

I mean you should expect these things for the price you pay. When you flip over to the phones back panel, you notice a rectangular module that contains the phones, camera and also the fingerprint scanner, which is quite snappy and theres. Also, a face, unlock and pin feature used as supplementary verification options. I couldnt find any pattern unlock feature on the smartphone, though so just pin face and the fingerprint scanner. The itel p38 pro has all the essential phone port connections, which is not surprising, given that this is a frequent feature in mid range phones. There is also a 3.5 millimeter jack port for those who prefer wired earphones and a micro usb connector for charging this device here. Micro usb here the power button and the volume rockers are precisely positioned to the right of the smartphone, while the dual sim and dedicated micro sd card slots are to the left of this device. As with low budget devices, there is no ip rating or screen protection on here, so dont go around dumping, the smartphone in water or without a screen protector on. If you want to use this for a long time, this one is available in night, black, the ocean, blue color and the mint green colors. The ital p38 pro has a huge 6.8 inch ips screen with a resolution of 720 by 1640 pixels, which is hd plus and a water drop display notch. It has some nice display features which are vibrant and colorful enough to keep you entertained.

This is no amoled right, but it is sure that you get your moneys worth with this display. The p38 pro is powered by an octa core unisok sc9863a cpu running at 1.6 gigahertz, and this chipset on here has a power vr ge8322 gpu. Now two gigs of ram plus one gig, which makes it three gigs using the internal storage as a volatile memory, and also you have a 64 gigs of internal storage. Here, if you run out of memory here, theres also a slot for an external microsd card slot, which you can use, upgrade the storage here up to 128 gigs in terms of the performance here, you just have to come to terms with the fact that this is An entry level smartphone with a basic chipset, so dont expect to play high end games smoothly and efficiently on here. You may, however, play simple and intermediate games without hassle on the p38 pro this phone runs on android 11, with a couple android go apps pre installed on this device, which brings some noticeable improvements to the phones performance now moving over to the camera department on this Smartphone, the itel p38 pro has two rare lenses. The primary lens is a 30 megapixel sensor, while the secondary lens is a qvga ai depth sensor on the back, there is a single led flash. While on the front side, you have the single 5 megapixel selfie camera. This smartphone strength is not in its cameras at all, so it performs just like any other smartphone in this price point.

The 13 megapixel rear camera has autofocus and takes good images in well lit conditions. So the front facing camera, which is a 5 megapixel sensor, also shoots usable photos for its price range. You have this ai phase, beauty, bokeh effect and one click sharing and many more interesting features are included with the itel p38 pro camera video recording maxes out at 1080p, 30fps on the rear cameras and 720p on the selfie camera. Basically, you have decent cameras for the price. The major selling point here, as with a lot of itel devices on the series, would be the six thousand milliamp hour battery capacity you get here with support for 18 watts fast charging. Now the battery capacity is definitely the most notable thing about this phone. Now i saw on the box 15 watt charging, but i think it supports 18 watts, since the charger in here is an 18 watt charger. This battery capacity is definitely the most noticeable or notable thing about this phone. It is simply amazing that a smartphone of this price point has such a huge battery capacity, plus the fast charging support, which is one thing most people looking for devices around those price points. Look out for and item really did have to cater to their needs, as always, without a doubt, the battery capacity is the major selling point here and also the fact that this is about the first itil device with a fast charging feature, if i recall correctly, for A price tag of 61 000 era, roughly a hundred dollars, the itel p38 pro – definitely packs all the basic features.

Anyone in search of a low budget entry device requires, plus you get an excellent battery life good and large display for your entertainment, and i dont actually see you going wrong with this device at this price point.