Counterpoint research says that samsung sold more galaxy s2 ultras than apple sold, iphone 13 pros and 13 pro maxes in march in our country and anecdotally, ive seen more s22 ultras in peoples hands this year compared to s21 ultra last year and for what it is worth. Ive been using the s22 as my primary device, and so has been around so here it is finally, my long term review of the samsung galaxy s22 ultra, where im gon na be keeping it very practical and bringing out my usage experiences in this video, as opposed To getting into the gory details like, i usually do, and you know what you will benefit a lot if you stay till the end of the video, because im going to be asking arun on his specific usage experience with the samsung galaxy s2 ultra as well. So, without wasting any more time, if you dont know me yet im airshot youre watching track in tech, english lets go Music now, first things: first, the design of the phone is a head turner. Anybody who looks at it takes a second glance for sure, and the phone is also built very well with conical glass, victims, protection on the front and the back so much so that ive dropped it on more than a couple of occasions, and i think aaron has To and we have managed to keep it intact without it, you know breaking at all, but i will say this: i have not been using a screen protector with the phone and it does, you know, get those micro abrasions on the screen, but its not too much To worry about, and one of the points that a lot of reviews raised, including myself, is that those individual camera rings the area around.

It would gather a lot of dust, but that didnt happen too often in the long run, and even if it did, it was very easy to wipe it off by the way. We also got that green variant of the phone, which i was really excited to see, but in sort of an antique climax, it was pretty meh. If you ask me the best colors of the samsung galaxy s2 ultra are the phantom white and, of course, the burgundy that weve been using, and you know whats another great color its that red subscribe button down there when you hit it itll turn gray, even greys. A nice color do it and maybe even hit the like button and comment below for the sake of the youtube algorithm. But one cannot deny the fact that the galaxy s22 ultra is a big and heavy phone and add curves on the inside. The curves on the outside and you realize that its not easy to hold and use as well and the icing on the cake, not the good kind, is the fact that the you know: frosted glass back on the rear is actually kind of slippery, and, like i Mentioned before it does cause the phone to fall down a lot from your hands now to negate that issue, i did initially buy a 500p case from amazon and used it, but then it added a lot of bulk and it took away from the look of the Phone as well, so i decided to add a fabric skin which does look good but takes away from the original premium, look and feel of the phone.

Considering that you cannot see any more of that burgundy and in general for people who know me and who have followed my work for a long time, know that i prefer rocking my phones naked, and this is not the ideal way to do it. But considering that this phone is big, unwieldy and slippery, i have to use the skin with it so yeah. This has to be my biggest gripe with the galaxy s22 ultra is that the ergonomics are not the best, but then you start using the phone and realize that theres so much packed in it that all of it goes. You know in the background, on the other hand, including the s pen within the body of the galaxy s22 ultra was a great move and to have reduced the latency to nine milliseconds is also a master stroke because i genuinely used uh. You know this s, pen more than i did with the galaxy note. 20 ultra. It feels very close to pen on paper, and once you see the display of the s22 ultra and compare it against any other amoled panel. Everything else feels inadequate im pretty certain that samsung keeps the best batch of super amoled panels that it produces for its best. Ultra premium flagship phones, whats even more appealing – is that the degree of curvature on the edges of the samsung galaxy s22 ultras display is not too pronounced, and therefore you know you dont face too many accidental touches either anyway.

Coming back to this, gorgeous display ive spent hours and us scrolling through reels on instagram and watching youtube videos and, of course, watching certain shows on netflix in hdr as well, which is actually fantastic on the display, because the peak brightness can touch 1700 nits. And you know the experience is further elevated by the dual stereo speaker setup, which sounds really loud and with support for dolby atmos. It sounds really good too, but i must mention this. Xiaomi is the only android brand out there that actually offers dolby vision, support on many of its premium phones, some mid rangers and even the xiaomi pad 5 as well to be entirely honest, dolby vision is actually a far better, probably the best hdr. You know video watching experience out there now talking about multimedia experience. Samsung actually supports every single bluetooth, codec thats, available ldac uh. You know sbc aac, aptx, aptx hd and even it has its own very scalable coded too so using any truly wireless earphones with the samsung galaxy s22 ultra. It works like a charm and not to mention ive used external dax too, with the phone and it works. Like a charm, absolutely no problem whatsoever, so if youre an audiophile that will matter to you too, another aspect of the phone thats great is the software experience, especially when it comes to daily usage and regular software updates. The samsung galaxy s22 ultra in my hand, is running the may security patch and, of course, android 12, based on one ui 4.

1. You know every time i came back to the samsung galaxy s2 ultra after using a review phone, because i generally use my review phone as a primary phone every single time i had you know an update waiting for me on this phone. Samsung has been really fast and quick in patching the phones, patching the problems on the phone and, of course it has also patched performance issues as well, which i will come to in a bit. What i like about one ui specifically, is that it is feature rich and samsung has actually tuned it to be smooth and agile and nimble, as well, of course, its not as fast and fluid as something like color os or oxygen os, but its still pretty good. These days and of course, you also get android 12s native theming engine as well, where you know the colors of the icons and you know, system ui elements change according to the wallpaper thats been set, plus, you can add good lock on top of one ui 4.1 To add more features and its probably one of samsungs best, you know well kept secrets up there, for example, using good lock. I actually made the icon sizes smaller to make use of all the real estate thats on offer and added more icons per row too, plus, on top of that, ive also changed the way the multitasking carousel looks. But yes, i would have liked it if samsung had integrated all of this by default, because i dont want to jump through hoops to make even simple small changes like adding third party icon packs.

By the way, another uniquely samsung feature is decks and im pretty certain that a lot of people already know about it. Basically, with dex, you can use your phone as a computer itself once you hook it up to any monitor with an hdmi cable. It works seamlessly for the most part and its extremely fluid too, but i didnt find it to be a full, fledged desktop experience, because i couldnt find a way to actually run two instances of the same app. At the same time, for example, i wanted two instances of gallery running at the same time, so i could check uh, you know comparison samples together, but thats not actually possible or thats, something that i couldnt find out regardless to have a pocket. Computer in your hands is actually a godsend, because there was this one situation where my macbook pro stopped working and i had to quickly edit a document, and i quickly connected it to my monitor, and it was really really helpful to actually sort of get access to That document and start editing it increasingly, what i feel is that samsung is pushing the limits of snapdragon 801 inside the phone compared to a lot of other phones out there, which brings me to the performance and thats been sort of a mixed bag. Really, firstly, we were all so elated that samsung is finally launching a premium flagship phone series in india with the latest and greatest qualcomm chip only to be undone by the problems with its very own foundry process.

As far as the snapdragon agent, one inside the galaxy s22 ultra goes its not the most powerful snapdragon agent, one nor the best tuned one. Either it throttles performance after long gaming sessions and can get hot too, but its still better than what it was at launch. After you know, users in south korea, samsungs home ground, raised this thinker about samsungs aggressive battery management. With its game, optimization of jos service. There was an update to actually fix it and, in fact, after the update, i noticed that the android score was much higher and the performance was actually better too and interestingly, i got slightly better battery life as well. I got about five and a half hours of screen on time, as opposed to you know the five hours that i was clocking initially with the phone, while thats good enough, its still not as good as the iphone 13 pro or the 13 pro max. Two phones that ive been using extensively alongside the galaxy s22 ultra as well. In fact, other snapdragon 801 phones, like the vivo x80 pro and the motorola h30 pro – are tuned better to offer better battery life than the samsung galaxy s2 ultra and another problem with the samsung galaxy s2 ultra is that the 5000mah battery supports fast charging speeds of Only up to 45 watts, where you know other brands have gone up to 120 150 watts as well now 45 watt. Charging speeds are also not that much faster than the 25 watt basic charging speeds.

With the 45 watt charger, you can charge the phone in about an hour and with a 25 watt charger, you can charge it in about an hour and ten minutes that eight ten minutes of difference is not really going to make a huge difference. Having said that, the one area where the phone has actually nailed it is in being a mobile phone, its very good with 4g network performance 4j carrier aggregation performance is fantastic. The call quality through the earpiece is crystal clear. Its one of the best out there wi fi performance was really really good too, with support, of course, for wi fi 6e as well, and i also managed to use this with 5g in dubai, and it worked really well too now coming to the cameras – and i Generally feel that samsung has worked a lot to improve the kind of pictures that you get from the galaxy s2 ultra compared to the galaxy s21 ultra last year, but theres one major issue, and that is that galaxy s22 ultra shooters are slow to shoot compared to Other flagship phones on many occasions when youre shooting action shots, especially like moving pets or people moving around you end up with blurry subjects, but when it manages to lock focus and take a picture, you sometimes get some stunning detailed shots and great dynamic range performance too. In fact, with multiple patch updates uh, you know that samsung has pushed out. It has also improved that you know over exposure issue that was present initially in the shots that i was taking, so the dynamic reach performance has definitely become much better.

Having said that, i will definitely say this: the color performance is not as good or not as natural as the iphone 13 pro and the 13 pro max portrait shots. Look fantastic, the ultra wide shots, look very crisp too, and the ultrawide shot also, you know, doubles up as the macro camera when you go close to a subject very similar to what the iphone 13 pro max does, and the kind of pictures that you can get With it are really really good, but my most favorite camera in the stack is the 3x telephoto, because the 10 megapixel camera has optical image, stabilization phase detection, autofocus a nice big sensor and a nice f by 2.4 focal length too. I got such creamy natural bokeh in certain shots that it really looks like it is captured using a dslr, and if you want, you can stretch even further with the 10x optical zoom camera and add more digital zoom on top of it as well. Up to about 30x, the images look usable, but i did notice a weird bloom effect in the 10x shots low light performance has largely improved too, but you have to wait a bit for the night mode capture to happen, but what has definitely become better? Is the video recording quality compared to the s21 ultra, especially at night? You get some fantastic quality footage and samsung stabilization and sound. Recording is incredible too now, while the iphone 13 pro max has a slight edge when it comes to video recording the s22 ultra does come close very, very close.

Essentially, i enjoyed shooting with the s22 ultras cameras, but didnt use it as often as i would have expected myself to, because it was slightly slow to shoot, and you know what, by the way, ive forgotten to say this. Is that all the cameras in the stack can actually shoot at 4k 60fps video recording? In fact, i just remember that i have to speak to our own, so lets just do a selfie video at 4k 60fps using the phone and go talk to him Music. Hopefully arun is in his cabin Music, looks like he is busy. I have to record you okay, so arun is here and im going to take his opinion on the samsung galaxy s2. Ultra of course, shot on the s2200 youve been using the phone as well. Okay, you put me on the spot. I love doing this. You love doing this. I love doing this as well. Okay, go ahead! So uh. What did you think about your usage? Very slippery yeah thats, true its very slippery, but how many times have you dropped? It uh three four times four times in three months and that too, from a proper height which one that was uh. But what i have to say is cameras. I was surprised with the camera, especially telephoto boss. I mean i was. I was not expecting it to be so good, but it was really nice. So that is something that i have to say that uh performance and everything else im not going to talk about much, but camera was definitely very good and updates.

There have been regular updates. Im so surprised with that samsung is continuously, you know, sending us updates and it is improving. I think uh other brands should look at that as well. That is something and across across its different phones and phone price ranges as well. Yes, so that was aruns uh. You know take on it, so lets go down so that was aarons take and, of course we matched in our opinion, primarily because weve had shared experiences and have been sharing notes, while using the phone as well. But now you must be wondering, but ashar you mentioned, that this phone doesnt have the best performance or the best battery life, and yet you think this is the best android phone out. There now thats a very, very valid point, but you must understand that this phone is the sum of its parts and some more with the extra features that are on offer, making it a truly premium luxury android phone experience. I mean at this price point you can either go for the s22 ultra or one of the folding phones, or you pick the iphone 13 pro max, or you know, of course, the iphone 13 pro now, while the iphone audience will swear by the 13 pro max. We must not forget that india is a predominantly android market and users, like myself, have been waiting for a truly premium luxury flagship experience and after a point of using the iphone, it does get boring, doesnt it and thats, where the s22 ultra steps.

In with all the extra features that are on offer, especially with the fact that you get more zoom range, you get s pen within the body itself and support for something like decks. These are genuinely great value ads, but what i want samsung to do in the next iteration of its phone is ensure that the performance is the best too. Hopefully, snapdragon 8gen 2 will be on tsmcs process and it will be far more efficient as well. Until then, im gon na be using the iphone 13 pro max for all my apex legends sessions. So what do you guys think of our long term review of the samsung galaxy s22 ultra. Do let me know in the comment section below until the next video.