We take these. We drop these people drop things on them. They get kicked around, they get kind of a lot of trouble. It can be awkward. So what i highly recommend is a screen protector now i know that, like with the iphone 13, this is already gorilla, glass and its pretty tough, but i figure why not have another layer of insurance for a few dollars? Why not have the screen protector crack and then be replaced rather than having to actually deal with the screen itself? Now i recently actually took off the screen protector. I had from the very first day i got this because i noticed it had a little crack in it and i was really happy when i saw that because i thought ah thats why i put the screen protector on so it protected. The phones screen directly really handy so all right, then you get into the world of what screen protector and i have chosen this. This is the zag glass elite vision guard screen protector and its really fantastic. It is a blue light. Filter filters out. Forty percent of blue light from the screen and, honestly you really dont, even notice its happening. It just makes it a little bit healthier for your eyes. It has an anti microbial treatment, anti fingerprint technology, reinforced edges and its five times stronger than just piece of tempered glass, its also case friendly. What do i mean by case friendly? Is that it doesnt go all the way to the very edge of the phone.

It goes just slightly in from that, so you can put a case on it, which i do and still have, that screen protector, stay nice and snug and not start to get lifted off its really annoying. So all that we need to do is install the darn thing and i have to tell you this is anxiety provoking. So i understand other people when they get one of these and they like are concerned about it or they decide to actually have you know someone else install it for them. I understand it is anxiety provoking, but zag has done a really remarkable job of making life easy. So i open it up. There is a install tray, well see how that works and then theres a sort of limited warranty, whatever boxes packaging, at least this is all recyclable, so props to them. Then there is. There are two envelopes lets see so there that one is actually the screen protector itself ill leave it in its safe envelope and then in here were going to have all the little bits and pieces that are part of the modern application process. Now, what zag will tell you and what all these screen protector companies will tell you, is that your first step is always to go ahead and start cleaning the screen, and i will argue with them. The first step is: go wash your hands, so if you have hands that are dirty or oily youre sort of defeating the purpose of trying to get everything pristine and clean now, people also tend to turn off their phones.

I dont do that. I just will lock my screen, but i leave my phone on because i like it to illuminate, so i can see where parts need to be a little bit improved now in terms of the steps. First step is to take the little cleaning wipe all right. The second step, the first step, was to wash your hands. I have opted not to do that on camera. You know what it looks like to wash your hands heck over the last couple years: weve all become experts at hand, washing unexpected consequence. Now. This is a pretty small little wet wipe, basically but good enough. So the goal is to get your phone screen to be absolutely clean. You dont want any dust, any fingerprints, any smears, anything the cleaner. You can make this, and this could take a tiny bit of patience. The cleaner you can make it the better. The results will be so that looks good, so thats the first step, then the second step is to take their little invisible shield sticker, and actually you know that might be the third step. I think the second step is to take the microfiber cloth and give it a wipe. And unfortunately, my house is a little dusty at times, so i can see some dust has shown up, but we have that and then we have our sticker and that looks like i did that wrong. Well, do it this way its basically a sticker, but take that and very carefully use it to get all of the dust off and now.

This is where it gets fun. So now im going to push all this aside and were going to take the tray and it has tabs on the end, were going to have those facing up and then im going to drop my phone into it and one of the sides should say top. So this one does, it says top right there, its very small. So i want to make sure that the top of my phone goes there and it is a perfect fit which is reassuring and now that ive done that and ive moved around im going to do. One more pass with this all looks good. I will cancel whats going on and, of course, one disadvantage of having it stay on is that it does see me touching it now. Heres our screen protector glass and you can see theres a little tab with the one and what you do is you peel off this layer and now there is a cutout on that side and that should go to the top and then all i have to do Its super easy is put it on the tabs and so now youre looking at it and youre like well, okay, but hopefully you can see its literally self installing its you know once that started to adhere, it literally started to spread out. So all i have to do at this point is they say, do it across so here and then like that, but it already started working for me and then i peel the top layer off and were almost done now.

I go back to my microfiber cloth and all i have to do is use this to get rid of any spots or any bubbles. I i like that. Zag refers to them as micro bubbles if they are micro bubbles im, not sure how i would see them, but thats, basically the entire job its installed. It looks absolutely perfect. I can take it out of the tray and there we have. It is, as you can see, the colors on the phone dont look any different right, so i know some people hear blue light, filter and theyre like ill, never see blue again or everything will be blue but, as you can see, it really doesnt change the color Very much at all, and that is just about perfect theres, a little spot on the top corner that i think ill, probably like fiddle and worry a little bit, and that will end up being perfectly adhered. But im going to declare that a job well done and a screen protector well installed, so not that onerous. Now i also want to point out. I have something else from zag right now and thats my wrist band. So this is the zag gear. 4 braided watch band on my 45 millimeter apple watch and i got ta say i really like it. It comes in three wrist sizes and two watch sizes. You want to get that to match so that it fits properly and smoothly, and then it comes in four different colors.

This is storm which is just grays super easy to work with, in fact, heres a close up. So you can see what the heck im talking about. So all we need to talk about now is we need to talk about prices, but before i get to prices im going to ask if you could subscribe to my channel a click or a tap on that subscribe, button and dont forget to turn on notifications too, And were connected great now, let me see ill pull the box out. I suppose this is the zag glass elite vision guard its the top of the line of their screen protectors and its 49.99 at zag.com. You might hunt around and find it for a lower price somewhere else. I am a big fan. It was absolutely a breeze to install and it looks perfect. It looks like its something that could easily have been part of the original glass design. So big fan of that now separately, this is the zag gear, 4 braided watch band and, like i said this is in storm. They also have it in navy blue forest, green and white and its also 49.99 at zag.com. So i have to say i have a lot of different wristbands and a lot of different watch bands for my apple watch, but this one is absolutely the easiest to work with and i get a lot of compliments on it. People see that and theyre like ew, where did that come from thats really cool, so good choices, all around my phone is better protected.

My watch is comfortably on my wrist.