The 2022 phones have a good price to performance ratio., But I think the moto G82 comes close to it. Its, not like 201819, where you had serious value for money phones., But its somewhere, quite close.. Its effective price is aroundless than Rs 20k. And for that price Id say its a balanced phone. Unboxing Theres, the phone upfront with the case, a 33W charger with USB Type C to A. Theres documentation, as well as a SIM card tool. Lets keep it all aside. Take the cover off.. This phone has a 10 bit display that supports upto 1 Billion colours. Design. The phone has a boxy design with flat sides a curve at the back. Its glossy. But if you see theres a pattern on the back, which is also a dust fingerprint magnet., Its a typical Motorola phone that looks good is lightweight as well.. If I guess the weight, it seems around 170 175g, Its 172.3g, so thats nice. It has a side mounted fingerprint sensor, speaker grills above so it seems like a stereo speaker, setup. On the left theres a SIM card tray, which would be a hybrid SIM card, slot2 sims1, sim 1 SD card.. It has a very nice in hand feel. The phone already started as I was talking. Display. This is the successor of moto G71. It was released in China as G71s., But while it reached India, it became moto G82.. It has a 6.55 FHD 10 bit pOLED 120Hz screen.

, So the colours are definitely bright. Saturated.. The phone is quite slim as well, since pOLED panels are slimmer compared to OLED. Thats why the devices thickness gets lower. Its 7.99mm thin. Specifications, Its got the most popular SD. 695 5G SoC. Its popular among phones around Rs 20k., Its a good SoC, but there are some shortcomings which Ill talk about later.. There are 2 variants, 6GB 128GB 8GB 128GB.. It has LPDDR4X RAM, uMCP storage type, which is above UFS 2.1, but below UFS 2.2. A UFS 2.2 wouldve been better.. It has a 5000mAh battery on the 6nm processor, which would last for 1 1.5 days easily.. It comes with a 33W fast charging. It goes 0 100. In about an hour. Performance. It comes on Qualcomm, SD, 695 SoC, its Antutu score is 408331, which is very respectable.. You can play BGMI on HD High, Smooth Ultra settings. It was fun playing. And you can also play CODM on Very High, Very High settings. From a performance perspective. It has absolutely no problem.. This phone comes on Android 12 out of the box. It has a clean, optimized UI., So its power efficient as well as performing.. Nowadays all phones have virtual RAM.. If you buy the 6GB phone, then youd get 7.5GB RAM. OS Features. You get a clean, Vanilla, Android experience, but you get customizations.. There are some unique features like Power Touch for quick launch, iconsshortcuts. Theres, a double tap to turn on Power.

Touch., You get ThinkShields extra layer of security. Along with moto gestures.. You also get a peak display which acts just like AOD. But being pOLED. It shouldve had AOD.. Also it shouldve had an in display fingerprint sensor, but its side mounted its ok keeping the price in mind. Sensors. You get all sensors, including the side mounted fingerprint face, unlock that work. Very well. Multimedia. You get stereo speakers along with Dolby Atmos support., The pOLEDs display quality is absolutely great., Youll have fun consuming multimedia.. The audio is quite loud. The overall multimedia experience is great. Hit. Like if youre enjoying the video Connectivity, You get dual band WiFi, 44 mimo, dual 4G VoLTE WiFi calling support BT 5.1 NFC support as well., And you also get 13 5G bands support, which is good Cameras. It has a 50MPOIS camera. The 2nd is an 8MP ultrawide sensor, theres also a 2MP macro sensor., But the 2MP macro delivers very different colours, so dont use it much.. Rather, if it were a macro in the 2nd camerawith autofocus that wouldve been great. So theres a 50MP main sensor with OIS thats click, good photos., In fact, the 8MP ultrawide has a very less colour shift, which is good too. All original quality photos are provided in GDrive, along with its link. On the front theres. A 16MP sensor which clicks decent selfies., The colours are good, with good skin tones are slightly on the softer side.. Interestingly, the phone clicks only 4MP photos by default.

. You also get slow motion, portrait mode, night mode, dual view mode, etc. Even the camera. Ui is great user friendly.. You cannot do 4K videography on this phone, which is an inherent problem with SD 695 SoC.. It can shoot up to 1080p60FPS, but not 4K.. The OIS works well on 1080p30FPS. Theres, no notification light no FM Radio., But you do get IP52 certification, so its water dust, resistant., Theres, Widevine L1 support Camera2api SAR value is within limits as well.. So in short, the moto G82 is a pretty balanced phone.. The display performance is really good. The stereo speakers are good for multimedia.. The battery is good. 6Nm is power efficient for the 5000mAh battery., So the main features are good, along with a 50MP OIS camera., So its good in these 4 5 departments, but smaller things, like storage type, 4K videography, HDR playback is lacking., So small things are missing, but overall for the Price, its a good smartphone. COMMENT below, if you have any questions. Thats all for this video until the next one Keep Trakin Stay Safe. It comes with Panda glass, so it wont be much of a problem.. It has plastic at the back.