Is it well? This is already watching techwizer and we use the xiaomi tablet for 10 days. Also, we have minal, who is an ipad user, because you guys wanted a comparison with an ipad. So i shared the tablet with him for five days. So if you like this valuable review for the user, six thousand likes and well continue doing this more. But right now, if you want to buy a tablet, why not an apple ipad at 30, 000 right? Why uh xiaomi tablet! Well, after watching this video, you will have a clear idea. What is this tablet about and who is it for lets? Go okay, so, starting with things we like now, i really like the build quality of this tablet, because you have the metal frame but honestly build quality is not that important for me because anyways, you will be using it with the case now when it comes to Performance, the xiaomi mi pad 5 runs snapdragon 860 6gb of ram with either 128gb or 256gb internal storage. I have the 128gb base variant now i can show you all benchmarks and number. This is geekbench and throttle test, but let me share a practical example when i was amazed at its processor, so multitasking web browsing and day to day tasks work like a breeze, even heavy games like gentian impact and smoothly, but it can even handle a lot more Complex tasks, for example, see im on a google meet call.

I shared my screen took a screenshot and then shared it on slack, and this was everything was buttery smooth, theres, no overheating or lag another example. So i have created two profile, one for me and one for my nephew. So when he enters the password1234, it opens my nephew profile where hes playing a youtube video and if i log the tablet, and if i type my profile password, then it will open all my existing apps now. The interesting thing here is: it opens a tablet at the last use position and there is no lag at all. Now you might be wondering hows the lcd display. Initially even i was worried about the lcd display, but the display is very, very good. It comes with a 10.9 inch ips lcd display with 1600 by 2560p, that is quad hd, plus resolution 120 hertz refresh rate and dolby vision and hdr 10 support. The volume is pretty loud for the size. I watched the recent season of panchayat 2 on prime video on loudspeaker, even in a large hall, and the experience was really great overall for watching netflix and youtube videos. This is one of the best display and speaker combination, its bright, sharp and colorful. It feels super smooth while scrolling through menus and web pages. Of course, 120 hertz. Also some people were saying that netflix doesnt run at full hd. Well, it does support you and l1 and dolby vision, as you can see so netflix and most ott apps run at full age.

Now the front camera is pretty decent. Most people dont take pictures with the tablet, so the back camera isnt that important, although you do get a 13 megapixel main camera and heres a bit of pictures that i took. But what i would say the front camera could have been better on xiaomi bad file. Like hang on mine had a really good example. See here is the video quality on me pad 5, and here is the video quality on the apple m1 macbook air, and not just that look heres the video quality compared to my real me laptop, so the front camera quality is definitely better than laptops and really Good for video calls and all of that, but dont expect to dress up and click insta selfies on this, like nah dont, do that now for the software part over to you, so this mi pad 5 is still running android 11. With me, ui 13 right out of the box and the company did confirm the arrival of android 12 in some time now with software, i have mixed feeling i like few things and i didnt like the other, so i will mention both of them separately. Okay, so first thing: first before using it, i was worried about miui on it and i usually prefer stock android or even samsung one ui on tablet. But honestly after using it, miui didnt bother me at all theres no lock screen wallpaper, no app installed scanning page and no bloatware as well.

There is only netflix switch company install and that too, is even useful, so overall, its a good, clean software experience. Of course, android 12 would have been nice, but it will come eventually now. The most important thing in tablet is the android experience see. First of all, you have floating windows, so you can long press on the file manager and then you can convert it into a floating window, move around resize it. The floating windows, are quite usable. It also has a double tap to wake up feature which is quite useful for tablet, but it wasnt enabled by default. So you have to turn it from the settings, and here is my favorite one. You can set up multiple profile using the space option, which is nice on a tablet, unlike on a smartphone overall, if multiple people are using this tablet, everyone can set up their own profile with different set of applications password and everything. Also, i edited a lot of photos on adobe lightroom on the xiaomi pad 5 and ill show you. This is adobe lightroom on android see the menu is at the bottom. Now, if i open the same here on xiaomi pad 5 see all the menu is on. The side almost how this app looks on pc, so adobe lightroom is well optimized and i can even connect my mouse and edit the photo and the performance was smooth and proper. Now lets talk about the things that i didnt, like it supposed 33 watt charging, but ships with a 22.

5 watt adapter. So i charged it with a macbook charger and i checked now you can see its charging at around 27.3 27 watt, meaning it can go up to 33 watt. It still took around like three hours to totally charge it, which is understandable for an 8 720 mah battery its like two times the battery on a smartphone. Also, on the good side, the battery lasts at two to three days easily. A typical phone gives you five hours of screen on time, so this one, you can easily get 10 hours of screen on time, which includes heavy browsing gaming and watching a lot of content. But one thing that bothered me was no fingerprint sensor like most people who use a tablet before going to bed and in low light conditions ill have to type the password. Every time i want to unlock the tablet, which is not convenient, yes face, unlock, is there but thats just gimmicky like here. Let me show you its kind of janky like works, not works. Now the app support, which is the most important thing in a tablet so see over here, ill open hotstar. It opens in portrait mode again see here. Instagram will open in portrait mode only but thats, not a big problem, since once you play the video, it automatically goes to landscape mode. Also, remember nina talked about floating window. It only works for selected apps like see here. If i try to open google chrome in floating window, see theres no option, let me just drag and drop it see, it shows floating window, but now boom full screen, but other apps, like xiaomis own xiaomi nodes that opens in a floating window.

Google keep also opens in a floating window, so that is there and now that the floating window is open. How do you close it? You tap here, drag it back now. You have to swipe up and see its now closed, so the gestures are not very intuitive. So this app and ui is more of an android problem rather than me ui problem, but hopefully the software experience should get better with android 12 l. Also, there is no wi fi, six nfc wireless charging, 5g or lte version, but these things are rarely used in tablets. So i would say its good that you dont have to pay for the extra for these things which you rarely use. They also remove the headphone jack. You can use bluetooth headphones or a dongle, but i didnt get the reason why xiaomi removed the headphone jack like it could have been easily added. So now is this the best tablet for the price? Probably not. That would be the ipad. For example, the ipad 9 comes around the same price during the sale, and this is manus ipad 6 gen see here it has the latest ipad os 15.. So this thing is four year old. Still going strong and apple provides updates for six years, and the apple, pencil and apple keyboard are far ahead compared to the xiaomi, pencil and xiaomi keyboard. By the way xiaomi hasnt listed the keyboard as of yet and the pencil costs somewhere around 5000 6000 rupees.

While we are making the video so no idea about both of them, but what i did is i connected my logitech wireless mouse with the xiaomi pad 5 and, as you can see, it works smoothly. It works well also. Productivity apps, like procreate and apple nodes, are also a lot more polished than android apps. But if you change the question a bit – and you ask me, is this the best android tablet for the price? I would say: definitely you see android tablets, arent really a thing. There are some tablets from lenovo one from realme and some budget samsung tablets, but mostly mac. The good android tablets are from samsung, but they are also too expensive, like almost as expensive as an ipad. So before this, if someone asked me pratik, which android tablet to buy, i wouldnt have a bang on answer, but xiaomi pad 5 changes that its a very solid tablet that we can feel confident recommending for display performance and speaker sure. There are a few things like theres, no fingerprint a better front facing camera could have been better and better software, optimization of miui for tablets or android in general, but even now for the price. This is the best android tablet right now go for it techwise.