I know its ironic to publish that on youtube, but there is no real alternative. Just yet i mean im on autosay and some of my videos are on puretube but thats just not the same audience. I have successfully removed a ton of google related stuff from my life from google search. Gmail google drive google docs, but theres still an area where i just cant find a replacement and thats android. I used eos or slash e os for a long while, but it was lacking a few features, especially safety net support, which meant that a lot of applications just wouldnt work at all. Well, this de googled android rom that i used to use now has a new 1.0 release and on paper it fixes all my issues with it and it also adds a bunch of privacy related features on top, so lets see if it can live up to its Promises what definitely delivers on their promises to keep your internet connection safe and secure, is safing todays sponsor this video is sponsored by safing. They make the port master, which is an amazing tool that lets you control and monitor your internet connection with a simple graphical user interface. You get block lists, you get profiles depending on your current connection, and you can even tweak settings per app. Its also completely open source and free safing also makes the spn or safing privacy network its a powerful vpn alternative, which spreads your connections across the globe.

Instead of rerouting all your connections to only one server with the spn, you can be everywhere at once, and no website can build a profile from your visits and your location. Of course, you also get all the benefits from a traditional vpn thats, something youd like to try and if you want to help support savings, open source work, you can subscribe to the spn right now or download the port master by heading in the link. In the description below so slash e, os or eos, while the name might be super dumb and basically impossible to look up on the internet, it still hides a very very nice android rom its based on lineage os. But it goes a lot further than this one. In terms of de googling, the operating system, they dont just replace the default apps with their own, all based on open source applications and the launcher with their own ios, like version, but they also remove the connectivity check that calls home to google as well as the Time servers that let google track you they let you change the dns servers, they removed the google play services and replace them with micro g and open source implementation. That now does pass safety net check reliably and they dont use a google account by default. But that leaves you without a lot of what makes google interesting right a lot of their services. Well, not exactly because slash e also offers a bunch of online services you can use, they offer users what they call marina cloud, marina being the global brand that regroups the os the services and the smartphones they sell.

Marina cloud is basically a next cloud instance complete with your own email, address your calendar and contacts, an online cloud storage space and an online office suite, namely only office. You only get one gigabytes for free as the non profit is pretty small and they just dont have the same scale as google. But you can go up to two terabytes, although the prices are pretty steep at 25 euros per month for that kind of storage, and now you might be saying thats just giving all your data to someone other than google so whats the point. Well, first, this account is optional. You can perfectly plug in any other services you prefer to use, and second, they dont scan the data. They dont log application usage, they dont use ads, and so they have no incentive or project to sell your data to anyone. Its all completely private and its also really well integrated right at the beginning, when you boot up your phone and its accessible from any other os, including linux, as a normal next cloud account basically its the promise of a fully integrated one login ecosystem. That ive been clamoring for for a long while, okay, so what does eos 1.0 specifically bring compared to other android systems? Well, the marina team was nice enough to send me a fairphone 4 as a review unit running eos, 1.0 ill. Take a look at the smartphone itself in a few minutes, but lets first take a look at the os.

The launcher hasnt really changed much since i last used eos a few years ago, its still a grid of apps, very ios like without an app drawer. I personally prefer this layout. Although the launcher defaults to the three button navigation layout, you can change it to the newer gestures which i think works better for me. Swiping to the left gives you access to widgets. You cant place them directly on your home screen. Theyre. All located in that side view now thats something ios used to do, but nowadays even they allow you to place widgets directly on your home screen and thats something i wish the slash e team put inside their launcher as well its just much more practical and powerful And customizable, by default, in that side view you get a search bar a view of how much storage youre using in your marina cloud account the weather and the new advanced privacy feature. So lets talk about that. This is a feature that, to the best of my knowledge, is exclusive to slash eos and that lets you hide your ip address, provide a fake location and denies all trackers. It will show you a graph of all blocked trackers, and you can manage these per app to see which app tried to track you and with what you also get access to the apps permissions, and you can select another location if you dont want it to be Randomized, your ip address can also be changed to appear from another country if you prefer, and you can enable or disable that feature for each app its an amazing addition to make sure that, even if an app manages to grab some data, its going to be completely Unusable it can be coupled with an alias email to hide your real email, and it just makes you feel safer and just more private when browsing the phone, it can also serve as a vpn of sorts.

Although weirdly the system uses map box which is detected as a tracker inside of this app privacy, page now thats all well and good, but what about the apps? What made me drop? Slash eos in the past was the fact that micro g services just didnt, cut it and a lot of apps didnt work because safety net didnt work either. If you dont know what it is, safetynet is a security solution implemented by google to ensure the integrity of the os. Incidentally, its also a way to ensure that manufacturers do make use of google services and of the play store. There was also the issue that a lot of applications werent available or failed to open without an error, turns out slash. Eos 1.0 claims to have fixed that, and in my tests they did instead of the google play store. You get the app lounge. It looks like the aurora store and its probably a fork of it, but it contains most, if not all the android apps youll find on google play, including paid ones. The app lounge allows you to log in anonymously or using a google account, the latter being here mostly to let you restore your purchases and to buy paid apps. If you dont want or need these things, then you dont need a google account on the app lounge and not provide any data thats the option i chose. I downloaded a bunch of apps, including my banking, app twitter, firefox, youtube game, pass freelance or youtube music, and they all worked flawlessly, as you would expect.

Even the samsung galaxy wearable app worked perfectly and allowed me to connect to my galaxy birds and my galaxy watch active 2, which didnt work previously on the the older versions of slash e. You would basically never notice that youre not using the google play services at all. The app lounge still retains its privacy ratings, giving a score out of 10 for each app powered by exodus privacy. So you can know before installing. If the app will try to track. You and with what its definitely a way better experience than when i use slash e before in the past. All my apps are there. Everything works out of the box, you just click install and it installs and it works. I guess using a 1.0 stable release does make a difference. The consistency of the os was also something that felt off to me back in the day, with default, apps having a riot of colors and different user interfaces and while things arent perfect, just yet theyre a lot better. Now all default apps use a light. Blue color and look more like part of a whole coherent experience than the disjointed collection of apps. They were before dark mode. Support is also fully implemented in all the apps which wasnt the case before, and you can customize your experience by choosing the style of the icons used by the system, an accent color the icons shape, and you can even save these styles to quickly switch between them.

Customization options: why didnt anybody tell me we entered kdeland here in terms of internals. Eos is still based on lineage 18.1, so its on android 11, but it does have all the latest security patches and gets updated regularly. Of course, the experience isnt as powerful by default as other android phones or oss, because the launcher is quite simple but theres, nothing stopping you from installing any launcher. You want to replace it like nova launcher, for example, they are only in the app lounge, so yeah. The experience with eos 1.0 for the past few days has been really excellent. Its all coherent its secure, its more private than alternative roms, and it just feels like a lot of thought, has been put into it and you can still customize everything to your liking. Its a winner in my book now im less excited about the fairphone 4. While i absolutely love the mission behind this phone, it doesnt feel like a device that suits my needs. So first, if you dont know about it, the fairphone initiative has very noble goals. At its heart, the phones are made with recyclable materials. They have a five year, warranty theyre, certified fair trade and theyre neutral in terms of electronic waste. The fair phones have an ifixit score of 10 out of 10., it doesnt use any glue and you can repair it yourself and buy the repair parts freely. Take that apple, its extremely nice, to see this initiative, and i love the concept of using a phone that you know will last a long time and have a very minimal impact on the world, including in how its made and how the workers are compensated.

But as a tech nerd that likes to change phones and devices regularly it just doesnt suit my purposes, you can really feel there are some trade offs here: first, its pretty heavy at 228 grams compared to 168 grams. For my already too big samsung galaxy s21. Second, the screen its full hd more than enough for a phone seriously 4k screens on the phone, its just a waste of battery life and youll, never notice the difference unless you pixel peep, with your eyes glued to the screen. But the screen doesnt have high refresh rate and after using a phone and a tablet and a pc screen that run at least at 100 hertz. The return to 60hz is brutal. Everything feels a bit sluggish and stuttery, and the size of the display is much too big for my tastes at 6.3 inches, although that will be a matter of personal preference. A lot of people love big phones, make smaller android phones, you cowards, 6.3 inches is too big for a phone. Its too big for a phone. The fairphone 4 uses a snapdragon with 5g support. It has 6 to 8 gigabytes of ram, depending on the storage either. 128 gigs or 256 gigs the battery is ’00 milliamp hours and definitely lasts the whole day without any problems, especially when you block all trackers that use your internet connection. In the background, the cameras are pretty good, with dual 48 megapixel on the back at f 1.

6 and f 2.2 aperture. So you get a wide angle and the selfie camera is 25 megapixel at f 2.2, with a small notch. They all produce good, clear images without most of the post processing. Most manufacturers apply, so they wont smooth your face, like samsung, does or tweak the colors again its a matter of personal preference, but i could absolutely live with these cameras. No problem. They even have an advanced image stabilization for video and night mode. The phone itself comes in green gray or speckled green. I got the gray variant and you can add a charger and cable optionally. If you dont already have them, it uses usbc. Obviously, what manufacturer in its right mind would not use usbc in their own smartphones in 2022? Oh wait! Now. The price is pretty high too, for these specs at 579 euros, but thats the price you pay for a sustainable phone with a huge warranty and repairability. You also get a fingerprint reader to unlock it. I love the idea behind this phone, but there are too many trade offs in terms of size of weight of bezel size of screen, refresh rate its just not for me. But if you dont care about these technical details and youre okay with paying a premium for a sustainable phone, then its really really good. What if you dont want a fair phone, but you like eos? Well, you can do that as well. After all, i used it on a galaxy s8 plus before also a phone thats way too big.

They have three ways to get eos. First, you have their online store where they offer a variety of devices, including the fairphone 3 and 4 galaxy s9s and s9s plus, as well as the terra cube2 and the marina 1, which is their own smartphone, thats, also mid range and currently out of stock. But very affordable, they ship these to the eu, canada and the us. Second, you can use their easy installer its available on linux and windows and only supports a few devices, but it will guide you step by step, download what you need automatically and do all the background work for you, its a 30 minute to one hour procedure. Thats really easy with graphics and detailed instructions. And finally, if your device isnt supported by the easy installer, you can just flash eos on a lot of phones. And i mean a lot from plenty of manufacturers, its more manual work and it might be trickier. But if youre already used to flashing android roms, it will be easy enough to follow the various instructions that are also pretty detailed. If youre not used to flashing android roms like me, things will largely depend on your phone manufacturer. If you have a samsung phone get ready to pull your hair as if i had enough to do that. So what do i think about this new release of eos? Well, i loved it before, and i only abandoned it because some apps didnt work now they do work and all my small issues with it are fixed.

I still think the default experience is great, as i always found android way too convoluted for my tastes with thousands of settings and things everywhere and eos fixes that so yeah. I could definitely see myself coming back to eos, but the fairphone doesnt cut it. For me, my samsung galaxy s21 isnt supported, so i would have to look specifically for a decently recent phone with high refresh rate displays and thats, not too big, but if i can find that and thats supported by eos, i will definitely move back to it. I just love it. Eos just has that safe feeling, you know youre in control of what data companies grab from your smartphone, something ive always struggled with on android and ios. The fact i can use my own next cloud account if i want to or that it has great integrated online services, is a plus and since it uses open source apps by default, i also feel a bit more free in my use of android. If youre looking to escape google even on your smartphone, then i dont think theres any better rom than eos its more private than other custom. Android roms its safe. The experience is really good and it has basically all the apps you might ever want its got. My seal of approval, just like todays sponsor tuxedo tuxedo, is based in germany. They make laptops and desktops that ship with linux out of the box, you can select a bunch of distros on their website along a ton of other configuration options, including your own logo.

On the back – and you can be certain that any other distro will just run on it, because the hardware is a hundred percent linux compatible, they have a huge range of devices from the smallest nuts to the biggest gaming, pcs towers or laptops or workstation laptops, like The stellaris 15 i just received as a review unit theyve, got basically every keyboard layout. You might want they ship worldwide and they have interesting project as well such as, for example, an external water cooling solution for the newest telarus 15 laptop. Basically, you plug it in at the back and its gon na water cool your laptop, so the dedicated nvidia gpu can work at its maximum potential, its pretty cool. So if you need a device that you can be sure, runs linux, a hundred percent head over to the link in the description below click it and grab yourself a tuxedo device, theyre really cool. So thanks everyone for watching the video. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, dont hesitate to like to subscribe to turn on notifications, to write a comment and if you didnt, you can also dislike it and tell me why, in the comments as well and if youre part of the one percent and youve got all that money, Weighing you down, you can give some to me using the paypal link in the description or the super thanks button at the bottom of this video or you can join my patreon subscribers and my youtube members.

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