Now, in todays, video were going to be checking out uh the magic 4 pro that ive been using for the past few weeks now and im just going to say it straight up that this is one of the most underrated flagships of 2022.. Now this device here just landed in malaysia for a very attractive price point of this rm’99 and honor is even throwing in a couple of freebies, which is really useful to someone whos actually purchasing their first flagship phone. Now, with that said, like i said, ive been using it for a couple of weeks now, and i just want to share you my personal experience before you make that purchase decision and, of course, that you know why. I think this is the most underrated flagship of 2022.. Now before we do that, of course, if you could just drop a like and sub to the channel, that would be super awesome for now just sit back, relax and let me share with you all about this device now, first things. First, i have to start off very quickly and talk a bit about that design. Now what i really like about this design here, is that not only does it have this very cool color at the back, the cyan color looks absolutely stunning. Apart from that, you also have this really nice. Camera color in this circular shape that makes it stand out from the very very common kind of designs were seeing in most smartphones today, its also curved at the sides here that makes it very easy to hold in your palm very comfortable, even though its a slightly Large device here last but not least, its also very solidly built, and what i mean about that is when you carry other flagship phones, you might feel like its a little bit plasticky and all that, but for the honor magic 4 pro.

It definitely gives you that solid feel you should go out to the shop at something like that and hold. It actually feel it to understand how it feels its definitely very rock solid here now. Apart from that, i think its also worth highlighting that this is uh. An ip68 rated smartphone and that basically means you dont – have to worry about water being splashed onto the device. In fact, you can actually bring it down to the pool and you know take some really cool underwater shots with the honor magic 4 pro so thats. Definitely great to me as well before i go on. I should also mention that the frames on the side here is all in this very nice chromaish, look that makes it very premium, looking its actually very slim on the sides here, and that makes it a fairly slim device to hold with as well so thats what I can say in terms of the design, just to conclude it really specifically its just a very premium, solid feeling device that ive held in quite some time now, all right so moving on were going to talk a little bit about that display at the front. Now this is also a very stunning display at the front, because what you do get here is not only a 2k display guys. You dont really see 2k, that often but its also refreshed at 120hz, and because it does come with ltpo technology. That means it can go all the way down to just one hertz to actually give you the maximum power efficiency on this display.

So its absolutely stunning here now the 2k display here translates to a ppi of 460. That means its going to be super sharp on this display everything that you watch doesnt matter, if its youtube netflix or just browsing on the device guys youre going to be getting the best viewing experience on this honor magic 4 pro now its also worth mentioning that Its slightly curved on the sides – and i know some of you guys dont – really fancy that, but its also definitely good to see that honor is making this a quad side kind of curved display here, because every side is actually slightly curved to give you that really Seamless kind of experience when youre just gliding through the device, everything just feels very, very smooth so overall, just in terms of the displays im saying this is one of the best one out there 2k display is definitely always a check on my list now. Moving on lets talk a little bit about the cameras at the back, because we do have this very, very uh. How should i say, intimidating kind of look? Well. First up, you must know that there are four sensors at the back and the first sensor here is the main 50 megapixel main sensor. Apart from that, you also get a 50 megapixel outro. That means everything is going to be crystal sharp uh. Moving down that list. You also have a 64 megapixel telephoto lens that does 3.

5 optical zoom, and it does come with ois now. The final sensor here is not actually to take pictures and all that it is a tof sensor, a time of flight, if im, not mistaken death sensor – and this is actually supposed to help – you know not just in focusing, but also to create a really nice depth Of field, when you take those portrait shots now, having said that, thats, what you can expect in terms of the numbers, uh of course, were going to see the actual images im going to share with you here. Overall pictures taken during the day obviously comes with a lot of detail. It also comes with excellent colors. You can see that you have very good dynamic range as well taken with the main sensor. Moving on to a couple of ultrawides. You also notice that again, because of the 50 megapixel ultrawide sensor, you are able to get very, very clear kind of ultra wide shots. Now one very cool hack that honor is actually putting in here is their ultra fusion technology, and what this means is that you are actually able to capture more details and how they do. This is actually quite clever. So what this does that in, instead of just using one sensor to take a photo whenever you take a picture, the device is actually taking on its own multiple shots with their different sensors and theyre, going to stack it together to create an even sharper photo, which You can actually see if you zoom in to that photo itself, so thats pretty cool there.

Now, moving on to a couple of night mode, shots again im very impressed with the amount of brightening this honor magic 4 pro is capable of even if youre in a very dark scene, you will be able to see pictures very very clearly. It also comes with minimal noise and im just going to show you guys a couple more photos here, so you can expect what to see in terms of night mode shots on the honor magic 4. Pro now in terms of the zooming effects, i did mention earlier on that the honor magic 4 pro is capable of 3.5 times optical zoom, but it actually goes all the way to 100 times and even at 100 times you are still able to make out the Kind of picture taken at that amount of zoom, so i still think its quite a useful zoom here in case youre, the kind of person who wants to stalk the person on the opposite side of your building, so thats actually great for those users out there now Moving on to videos, this is also very interesting here. You can get definitely 4k at 60fps. Very very smooth videos here, but whats really interesting here – is that if you go into movie mode, you can actually choose to record the video with log mode turned on so thats really cool, because if you are a content creator and you want to adjust your lights Or, in other words, your color grading, after that, you can do so using the honor magic 4 pro with his own inbuilt, editing, app, so thats also really cool here on the honor magic 4 pro alright.

So that basically sums up the cameras at the back here. Overall, its a very versatile camera, capable of taking very, very good kind of photos now, moving back to the device itself, we do have a snapdragon 8 gen 1 power processor built in, and obviously that means that you will have performance the top notch kind of performance That you are expecting of all the kind of flagships today now day to day use have been very fluid very smooth. I have never had any issues with launching applications playing mobile games. Everything is this expected, as you can think, of a flagship device, so thats what you can get in terms of the experience on the honor magic 4 pro now. Last but not least, we have to talk a bit about that battery life. As you can see, this is a very slim device, so we do have a 4 600 mah battery in here. That is good for a screen on time of approximately 7 hours. I still think thats perfectly fine, very similar to other flagships today, but whats more interesting is the charging speeds. So there are two charging speeds here and the reason i say that is because the first one is a wired charging speed of up to 100 watts. That means it will charge from zero to 100 in just 30 minutes. Apart from that, it also supports 100 watt wireless charging, guys so its really crazy, fast youre able to get from zero to 50 in just 15 minutes.

So very, very quick charging. I did have the opportunity to test out the wireless charger which even came with a built in fan to ensure that the honor magic 4 pro was kept cool at all times. To achieve those kind of wireless speeds, very, very cool, indeed, all right guys. So, at the end of the day, uh, what do i think of the magic 4 pro here by honor? Well, like i said in the beginning, i still think this is a very underrated. You know flagship device of 2022. uh whenever you go out and buy a flagship. Usually you hear people mentioning other brands here and there, but i really really think you should check out the honor magic 4 pro because it comes with a very good value proposition. Not only is it undercutting, you know, other brands in terms of the price honor is also throwing in a lot of freebies. Like i mentioned earlier on, one of the more important ones is actually that two year warranty, which i think is actually quite valuable here and apart from that, just in terms of the features and the functions and all that its actually a very capable device. Uh right here, so at the end of the day, let me know what you guys think about the honor magic 4 pro. Is this something that you might consider do you have any further questions? Let me know down in the comment section below id love, to hear what you guys think and thank you for staying all the way to the end.

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