. You can already see the crazy new, lock screen with complications and fonts im going to give you guys a preview of whats to come. So many new things to talk about in ios 16. So if youre excited drop, a like down below hit subscribe for more and lets, take a look at everything new in ios 16., alright guys so lets start off with the lock screen here. As you can see, you can now press and hold to enter this new customization view, and if you tap this button down here its just like the apple watch, where you can mess with pretty much everything tap up at the top where the date is to change. It out with whatever you like same with the time below dont, want it to look like that. Hey lets make the letters look like this or like that. Youve got all of these different fonts and styles, and what about colors yeah? You can make this any color. Any shade any hue that you want on your lock screen the customization of course, though wouldnt be complete without new widgets on your lock screen, just like apple added to the home screen a few years ago, youve now got new stuff like the home climate. All these different options here, you can go down to news and get a nice news widget to just see a snippet of whats happening. Probably most useful is weather. You can now see the weather temperature from the lock screen.

I think this has been in every ios concept as long as ive been alive and guys now stock on ios 16. Look at my look at this its my lock screen with the temperature, but its not just customizing. The lock screen thats new its that your notifications. Now float in from the bottom down here now, im not proud to say that ive gotten a notification from a dating app, but i am proud to say that this is a new feature in ios 16 that it comes up at the bottom. Nothing too crazy about the functionality of notifications is different. You can still highlight it or, of course, swipe it over to get rid of it, but its a really nice way to focus on whats important like the time and the date and your widgets up top. And then your notifications are at the bottom below. But you know what im actually bored of this lock screen already so im just going to go over here by tapping and holding and then switching to this one and watch this animation. When i swipe up guys, did you see that the earth just zoomed, because its not just the lock screen, thats new guys, its all new dynamic wallpapers, which we can check out by heading over to settings and wallpaper? And you can see it looks quite a bit different lets, go ahead and tap and add a new wallpaper, theres so much to jump into here from the featured ones up here at the top to weather and astronomy which have all new animations emoji.

You guys want to do a cool, emoji, wallpaper, just tap done and when i go back to the home screen, look ive got a brand new emoji wallpaper pre made by my phone apple has put in so many options and, of course, some og stuff as well. How could we forget the ios 7 bubbles wallpaper that does still live? Of course, all customizable once again, with widgets just tap and place them and youre good to go again. It is insane how easy it is to switch between these lock screens. As you can see, you just press and hold and weve got new stuff right there and for this one again, a crazy cool animation, a spiral but apple didnt, stop there, because there are also new home screen. Customization options. Look here down at the bottom youve got not only the ability to legibility blur, meaning that when you do that the home screen background will be blurred automatically by your phone. You dont have to do it manually anymore, to really make your app stand out. You can also do a simple color gradient that you can configure like. So look at that you can change the hue. The tone i mean this is customization. I never thought id see on my iphone. I mean just look at the quality of that blur on my home screen. It feels so fresh anyway lets move on to what else is new in ios 16, which has to continue with the messages app.

It looks the same right, apple, didnt, change, anything here, but look a little closer, and maybe i regret sending that message. Maybe i didnt want to say thanks man. Well, if you tap and hold here now on ios 16 theres, a few new options number one. I can just edit it, i can say thanks man and do like a different emoji look thanks. Man approve it and, as you can see, it says delivered, but edited or maybe i didnt mean that at all tap and hold again and you can unsend messages its gone now. Look. It says that they have unscented and of course they might still be able to see it if theyre, not on ios 16 like me, but maybe you type a bunch of gibberish, maybe theres some things. You regret saying you hit the send button and then youre, like. Oh man, i shouldnt be texting right now, tap and hold undo send and the message is gone guys. This is not a prank. This is built into imessage on ios 16, and i believe this is the biggest change to imessage in history, but, honestly guys, my new favorite feature is the ability to mark messages as unread look at this. The number right now is eight, of course, if you tap on it and then you go back, it says you read it. It goes back to seven, but what if i said? Oh, i actually didnt want to reply.

Yet. Let me mark that as unread just like that, and you guys will see the notification badge changes as well. Mark messages is unread again at stock in ios 16., but messages is only one place that we communicate. What about the mail app? I mean ive used this constantly. So, first of all, while it looks the same initially, you say: okay, theres actually nothing new here whatsoever. But what if i want to schedule a message rather than replying right now, maybe letting the person know that im up, i can tap and hold and well i can send it now or tonight or tomorrow or send it even later. I can pick the exact date and time that i want this message to be delivered. I mean this is the definition of a power user feature, so lets say, lets send it now. You know i want to just get it out there. Oh, but theres a typo. Okay, sweet ill just undo send and the message is back and i can say: oh you know for real, because i dont want to mess up my very important message to apple. Okay. Look at that now again, i i want to send a little later. Okay, now im going to send it at 9 pm tomorrow there you go. I have now scheduled a message and also unscented, and then re sent it again with ios 16.. This stuff is nuts all right now, if somehow youre still watching this and youre, like i havent, seen anything impressive, yet just watch this all right.

This is a guy right here and i want to turn them into a sticker. So i can just tap and hold like so and it says copy or share what im going to do is copy this, like so im going to head back to the messages app and now i can paste it like so, but its not the whole image, its Just me yeah in real time my iphone it cropped me out. This is zero editing. This is literally, you saw me. Do it im in the photos? App lets do another one right here like so i can copy it go back to the messages app and again. I can paste it in just like that. Guys again, this is no photo editing. This is on my phone. No computer required this used to take a third party image editor and it is one of the crispiest cuts ive seen i mean i dont know how they do this, but its a full png of me stop looking stop objectifying me though, and while were in the Messages app, let me show you guys the new dictation now. Normally it would take over your entire keyboard right, but now in case youre wondering why the audio cut out its because i can switch between dictation and typing. I mean. Is that not crazy? All right now? Jumping into maps right here lets say i want to go to a few places. First, i want to go to the cupertino crossroads.

I dont know what this is, but i know that i want to go here so im going to tap on that to direct next up lets go into the maps app where i can right here, go ahead and navigate myself like so, but i can also add A stop now so before i go to apple inc, i think i want to go to apple park and before i go to apple park, i want to go to wendys and before i go to wendys, i think ive got to stop at this amazing korean barbecue Place as you can see, it has now navigated me to all of these stops and it shows you how long it will take to do all of it. You can just start here. You can share your eta, like always, but it shows you until your next stop. It even gives you an estimated time so listen, i know. Maps has had a rough start, but its actually gotten insanely good in recent history. Next up lets head over to the wallet app. Of course, youve got all your cards in here like normal, but there is a new button for tracking your orders. Apple is automatically when you make purchases with apple pay, going to integrate the tracking and shipping info into wallet. So you can look at it from one place from here, so you no longer need a third party app to track anything. You can do it straight from the wallet app now.

Of course, this is an early beta at this point, so its not fully properly optimized, but when its working, its gon na be pretty sweet. On top of that, apple also announced a new feature called apple pay later, which is obviously based around the wallet app too, and i dont think its working or rolled out just yet, but itll basically allow you to split any payment into four purchases and theres no Interest or additional fees so a great way to afford something a little bit earlier than you normally would be able to now. If i could give an award to the most improved app on ios 16, i would definitely give it to the home app here. Not only is everything more consolidated and in one location, ive got a pretty basic smart home setup, but on apples website they show you something much more complicated, much more complex where your individual products on top of scenes and even security cameras, just all in one spot. Its just way less segmented than before and makes better sense next up, if you own an apple watch, you know that the fitness app is nothing new. This has been around forever, but now, even if you dont own, an apple watch apple will include at least the basic move ring for free. So you can track your steps. You can even get recommendations about what to do better to slightly push yourself, basically tracking. Your steps and calories on your iphone is just really good.

Now i mean it was fine before, but now you have specific data like if you had an apple watch now, following that this year, like every year apples announced some big updates to carplay, but this time they took things a step further. They said beginning at the end of next year, so still some time away, they are going to have a full car operating system were talking every display in the car, your speedometers, your mileage, your main center console everything will be fully managed by apple, and i have To say the images that theyre showing i mean this is confirmation of the apple car and, while those are all the big features in ios 16, there is so much hidden below the surface. Of course, ive got an ios 16 hidden features video just around the corner. So subscribe for that, in case, you havent already guys ios 16. What are your thoughts on it? Personally, i am blown away, i think its incredible and uh again, while it kind of looks the same. Its not a major redesign just starts happening around play with it and youll be amazed to see how much is new here like this new ui and weather per day. You can see stuff and, of course all my wwdc coverage wouldnt be possible without the help of one password who sponsored my trip out here i mean, if you guys, have not used one password. Yet it is the definitive password manager on your iphone ipad mac and more.