In fact, the processor is the same thats, the snapdragon, 695, 5g and again. Yes, this also supports 13 bands of 5g, so you dont have to worry, but i feel this g802 uh adds three major improvements compared to the g71. First thing is now that the screen thats a p oled screen is actually a 10 bit panel and, as you can see, it now supports 120 hertz, refresh rate, which is not the case with the g71. Second improvement that we all have been asking. I have been vocal about this. One uh is regarding stereo speaker. This finally has stereo speakers and they say this is going to be having dolby atmos and the third improvement, i think so, is the main camera thats. A 15 megapixel now comes with optical image. Stabilization. So lets have a look at this uh smartphone from motorola and uh lets open it up quickly and like earlier moto phones. Also, this one. The case is pre installed, as you can see, and it says that oled with 120 hertz display uh play and its not a massive screen. I like its manageable, its a 6.6 inch screen earlier moto used to put 6.8 inch screens. I would say so so you get this case in the box and lets just remove this also and uh guys. The back also looks like a glass. This is not glass. This is like that uh, a clear like uh finish that you get on this one again.

We have a triple camera setup uh. This is very similar to what we have seen in earlier. Moto phones, also, 50 megapixel will have ois uh. The second is 8 megapixel thats ultra white, and that also does the job of depth and the last is that 2 megapixel obligatory macro, and let me give you a physical overview. Uh so looks like we have a secondary noise cancellation microphone over here, and i think that this went might be for that stereo speaker. That is interesting and we have the volume rocker over here power on off button. So it looks like side mounted fingerprint scanner on this one also uh bottom event for the speaker, your type c port uh. Fortunately they are having a 3.5 mm headphone jack. They didnt remove it, giving the excuse that they gave a stereo speaker. So i appreciate thats a thumbs up, and here we have a sim frame uh. I believe this will come in two variants: guys six gigabytes of ram and eight gigabytes of ram and storage would be 128, its umpc 4 storage. So this should be very close to the ufs 2.1 uh, so it does have a rubber gasket, and this is actually ip52 rated, so hybrid slot that we are getting on this smartphone lets see what else do we get in the box uh? So we still get that 33 watt fast charger, which is im happy to see that motorola is bundling.

This 33 watt fast charger, and this is also having a 5 000 milliamp hour battery. So you get this type, a to type c, cable in the box. So thats what we get in the box ill just keep this to the side and the handset actually uh. First impressions guys does not feel that uh heavy in fact uh this uh motorola claims. This is just 173 grams. So not that heavy and also not that thick if you notice. So let me do one thing: let me just power this on guys and uh uh. We ill set this up and then we will continue so guys. Ive set up this device and in fact its actually the next day guys. So i have also used this device a little bit so ill also share some camera samples that i have taken with this smartphone, and i also got the dummy unit of this one. Uh – and this actually shows you the two different colors and which are this welcome. This is the dark, grayish color, and this is the whitish color that youre getting so apparently in india. These two colors will be available ill. Just put this one to the side, and the first thing that i wanted to talk about this smartphone is actually the screen its a 6.6 inch screen that we are having and actually uh motorola has put a very good quality screen its a 10 bit uh screen, Guys not an 8 bed, hence it can produce up to a billion colors.

Also, the refresh rate is that 120 hertz and i forced it to 120 hertz and another thing that is improvement immediately, that i noticed compared to prior uh, motorola phones, even that came with the uh uh. What do you say? Oled amoled screen is this: one is significantly brighter and i checked a little bit with the specs and all these things this one is definitely brighter. This can go up to 700 nets and maximum is thousand nits, so thats actually really good. Even when i was taking some sample shots outdoors and direct sunlight, i kept it to auto. It was good, actually its so bright that i have to keep it at half brightness while shooting this video. Otherwise the video is getting blown out. So that way i would say, uh motorola has put a pretty good quality screen on this one. Let me just lower the brightness a little bit and again its a 120 hertz, so thats a big a difference. Again. The fingerprint is still here, uh in the power bar on off button guys and its adequately. Fine, i would say it does the job i wish they kept the in display fingerprint scanner, but this is what we are getting with this smartphone again clean ui. Another small thing that i have noticed is that, and i was very on this motorola g82. There was no bloat fare or anything recently motorola had started installing one or two bloatware apps in some of the earlier phones, but on this one there was no bloatware whatsoever uh, some of the apps i have installed because i have told you i started testing this Phone but no bloatware, so im happy that motorola has again cleaned up the ui and again complete stock kind of an experience that you are getting on.

This one gives that pixel vibes, i would say, thats the big thing of the motorola phones and if you go to about the phone uh, it comes with android 12 out of the box, guys so thats. What youre, getting and motorola team told me that well be getting next one more android update, but next three years of security updates uh, let me go to the display and show you uh. If you notice the adaptive brightness thats, auto brightness is on ill just switch. It off otherwise my camera will go crazy. Okay, and if i go over here – and one thing to note – is that we have this flicker prevention – and this can. This is actually known as dc gaming guys, and this can be an issue if a amoled panel does not have this feature sometimes at night. You will notice that flickering, but this has that flicker prevention option is there and display refresh it. As ive told you uh, you can keep it at 120 hertz im, forcing it to 120 hertz by default. It was at auto, but ive been using it with this 120 hertz. Hence, everything is very, very responsive on this smartphone. Another small thing is that uh. This is the base variant that i have guys, not the eight gigabyte ram variant and by default. This ram boost option was enabled on this. So out of that six, you get 1.5 gb extra 7.5, but i have disabled it for my testing.

The ram boost option ill show you some of the camera samples and the handset does not feel that heavy. In fact, the weight is not that much as ive told you so wheels feels actually comfortable to hold in the hand uh regarding the storage type, its umpc 4. So this should be between uh ufs, 2.1 and 2.2 thats. What we are getting uh battery life guys its too early to comment on it, but i feel the battery life would be good. Based on my experience with the g71, which came with the snapdragon 695 uh, so thats good, and we are getting that 33 watt fast. Charging in the box – and this does have nfc so thats – actually a nice thing, as you can see, we have nfc and even fm radio is present on this uh smartphone. So we have those features and again that gets the basics rights. Also that 3.5 mm headphone jack is good uh. I completely forgot the stereo speakers are actually surprisingly loud on this one. Just keep it im going to increase the volume. This is the max cache ill block this as you can see, and we also have that dolby atmos effect, so its actually pretty good. I would say 60 of the volume comes from this one 40 from this one, but the because of the atmos. The experience is actually pretty good on this smartphone now lets move to the camera on this one, and the camera interface is exactly the same as earlier motor phones.

Nothing has changed so here we have that ultra wide ill actually show you some samples later on, and also we have the dedicated button for macro uh. We do still get all the modes and even the pro mode is present on this one. I thought they might remove that so thats not the case. So we have all these options on uh this smartphone and even dual capture was there. I didnt expect that it will be there on this one, but yeah even have dual capture on this smartphone uh. So slow motion, all those things are available and front facing is 16 megapixel again, as you can see, and we also have the portrait mode and you can adjust the background blurring from here on this one. So let me do one thing: let me actually show you some of the sample shots taken with the smartphone some outdoor samples first and, as you can see outdoors, it actually does a good job, but this ultra white there is a color shift. Uh some samples taken in indoor lighting conditions inside the house, and here also, i feel its actually doing a pretty decent job. These were taken completely artificial lighting. The skin tones are produced well, and these were actually taken in the portrait pokemon now taken in completely very low lighting conditions. And yes, there is an improvement and the ois does help, but i feel it can be further improved with software optimizations. These were shot with the 16 megapixel front facing camera and, as you can see, it does a good job.

And now i enable the portrait bokeh mode with the front facing camera, recording this video with the front facing camera of this moto g82 and, as you can see, im just walking around to give you an idea. How is the video recording – and this is a very cloudy outcast kind of day today – im recording the video with the rear facing camera and looks like software stabilization is switched on, but, as you can see, im just walking normally and at least in the preview, the Video looks pretty stable, but you guys, let me know what do you feel about the same now again recording one more sample. This is one x. The earlier was ultra wide, so you can set it during before shooting the video other thing to note is that it supports 30 and 60 fps, but no 4k recording on the same but uh even in this one. As you can see, the video looks to be actually pretty stable, so guys this is the moto g82 smartphone and i did ask the motorola india team. What would be the pricing of this smartphone and in fact they send me this uh image, as you can see, and according to this one, it says it starts at 19999, so about 20 000 for the base variant, and they told me that the 8 gigabyte variant Will be 1500 rupees more so thats? What we have and looks like from the screenshot as youre, seeing uh well also have some extra offers.

If you have a jio sim or something like that again, what ill do is guys ill leave all the links in the description once i have all the info so that you can check it out and looks like it will be available on flipkart and also reliance Stores and it seems its going to be sold from 14 june onwards. So what do you feel about this moto? G82? Smartphone? Do, let me know in the comment section below i feel: motorola is moving in the right direction for mid range, smartphones, uh. They have given the three uh. What do you say? Uh stereo speakers on this one and they have put a very good quality amoled screen, which is actually pretty bright, and also, though they are adding that stereo speakers they havent removed the 3.5 mm headphone jack, and i like that optical image.