7 inch display the unisoc t 310 cpu, never heard of that. I think its um rebranded mediatek – perhaps i dont know i dont – keep up with that stuff nowadays, but lets get right into the unboxing as usual. I love their presentations back. Looks nice feels nice too, even though its plastic. Ah, there you go and then here we get our usual uh yeah semi ejector tool in our manual charging, brick charging cable. It is usb type c, all right. First impressions, the display looks very nice. Bottom bezel is almost non existent. Looking it like how im looking at it uh so im gon na set this up and get back to you all right, so the phone so far so good just hopping here between the settings and everything is nice and snappy. The only complaint i have is no fingerprint unlock phones. Nearly a hundred bucks ive seen them on cheaper than this, and no fingerprint scanner really all right lets. Try seeing how fast the play store is because thats a usually a good indication how these phones are not bad at all. All right, no fingerprint unlock for some strange and bizarre reason, so so lets do face unlock instead, all right this that works, alright lets test. It out not bad. Oh sorry, i looked away for a second now close up all right when its when i put it close to my face it unlocks way faster, so yeah face unlock, is pretty Laughter, good, wow knife.

It runs perfectly now lets see what adds what now it lags all right enough. It runs perfectly its funny how it started lagging as soon as i turned off the ads. If you guys dont know, then these ads that run on these games make it lag on these cheap phones so thats. Why i try to disable them whenever i can wow rent riders thats just a perfect 60 fps, its not the most stable. As you can see, those stutters there, but overall gameplay is pretty nice yeah see that ad down there thats making it lag. So if you really want to play this game perfectly, then i would just uh disable turn on airplane mode. That way, the ads can connect and you can play no. You can play better all right, so i downloaded the high graphics pack just to see what this phone is capable of and, as you can see, oh its about to start already. Oh theres a little bit of stutter but for the most part, its pretty decent. Actually so for the most part, i think gaming on this phone is great. I guess you see. Pubg runs perfectly theres a few starters, but other than that, its perfectly playable all right, rear camera is 16 megapixels front. Camera is 8 megapixels, rear videos, full hd front. Video is also full hd thats, our first selfie and lets go outside were rear facing video all right, not bad front, facing video Music.

Let me know what you think yeah that is pretty much it so should you buy this phone? Well, i think, for under 100 bucks it performs very nicely. The display is very good. Performance is very exceptional. Cameras are decent speakers, not that good, but for the price. What can you expect? So i think overall, this is a pretty solid phone, so yeah. Thank you.