Today i got to try out a brand new phone from zte. It is the zte axon 40 ultra. This is a brand new phone that will be out next month from zte. It is amazing you guys im. So excited about this ive been using it the last couple weeks and i am in love with this android phone. If you havent heard of zte, they connect the brand with continuous innovation through smartphones, smart watches, mobile broadband routers and more the axon 40 ultra is the third generation under display camera smartphone from zte. So i have really loved this phone. You guys, like the colors, are incredible. It is so bright and pretty and just vibrant, beautiful colors, which i really love and then, of course, the screen is amazing. This beautiful waterfall wrap around screen and that has fingerprint and face recognition and it works flawlessly and smoothly. I found so thats been really great. It is really user friendly as well um. I have not used many android phones in the past, so i was a little nervous, but it is super easy to navigate. I had no problem with it. It runs really smoothly and flawlessly, and i love that a charge lasts me about two days but hands down. My favorite part is the amazing camera. There are three cameras back here and you get awesome beautiful video and photos like pro quality photos without knowing what youre doing so. It is really fantastic.

The cam the pictures have just turned out really well for me. I really love the filters on them as well. I love the beautiful sleek design of this phone. It also has great sound, has a speaker on top and bottom, so movies and music are great and it has high volume which i love. I also love the built in apps that come with it. The calendar feature the google map, google apps, of course, google assistant and then also the zte – cares app right down here on the bottom, where you can connect and chat with them personally to get answers if youre having any trouble with your zte. Its also been really easy to pair with bluetooth or to screencast onto my tv, and it has amazing wi fi connection. I sit in the backyard and i dont get wi fi connection on my phone very well, but the zte has no problem. I, for some reason it connects so much better than my regular phone, which is awesome, so i always have that great wi fi. The zte brand is also really well known and theyve been out there for a long time. So you can find, if you have questions on how to do anything you can use the zte. Zte cares app, of course, like i showed you, but you can also just google, like i didnt know how to screenshot on an android phone or a zte phone. So i just googled it really quickly.

How do i screenshot on zte super easy to find? Zte has been around its common enough people love it. There are great reviews on this phone, so you can find answers really quickly and easily too. The axon 40 ultra smartphone is amazing, with beautiful, perfect, integrated design. I love the large curved waterfall style surface of this phone. It also has super powerful performance and an ultimate gaming experience as well, as also has stereo dual speakers, one on top and one on bottom. An x axis, linear vibration, motor nine layer, heat dissipation system and a 5000 mah 65 watt fast charge. This fast charger provides amazing, fast charging for more power and juice for well over 24 hours. It has a 6.8 inch full screen without any notch, flexible curved display and 64 mp hd triple camera. It also has dual ois optical anti jitter and eis anti jitter and does 8k video. The battery on this phone is also an incredibly powerful mah battery. My favorite part of this amazing camera is the incredible photo quality. It has 64 mp hd triple primary cameras in this to capture the most epic moments. It has a dual sony: imx 787 35 millimeter equivalent focal length and a classic golden focal length for humanity, photography. So you get full pixel omnidirectional focus: dual ois optical anti jitter and eis anti jitter for amazing, 8k video as well. The primary camera on this phone is a 64 mp periscope telephoto camera with focal length and optical zoom for faster and more accurate focus, as well as better composition.

It also has full system wide stabilization with three microphone. Stereo sound tracking. This way its easy to track. The main source of sound it records 8k video with all three primary cameras and has a customized adaptive shutter exposure, so you get the best photo with a 70 increase. It also has professional cinema camera grade video system with multi camera filming functions. It allows you to open three screens and get three different focal lengths of video shooting with just one click. Each primary camera can preset focus distance before shooting and shoot directly without having to focus so it does it automatically cameras shoot simultaneously. It also has the capability of taking amazing photos in the night and the darkness. It also has a smart moon feature which magnifies the moon to the right position to match the same beautiful perspective as the human eye, so pretty amazing there. It also has stars photography, algorithm and humanity filters as well, so you can really capture some amazing photos with this amazing camera. You get a flawless full size screen with zero holes surrounding the display. To give you infinite, uninterrupted views embedded within the display is an upgraded 16 mp front facing camera with outstanding image. Quality accent. 40 ultra has a 120 hertz display and a brightness of up to 1500 nits. So it works on the sunniest days and will never dim it is 120 hertz refresh so its way smoother for scrolling, and it has swift, touching and seamless viewing as well.

It has a snapdragon, 8 generation, 1 chipset for the latest and greatest qualcomm. This chipset pushes performance to the next level. It has amazing, high pixel density for a better view and 44 pi flexible technology, with a udc pro chip and under display selfie. So here are some incredible photos i took with the zt axon 40 ultra. I am not a photographer by any means, i just kind of pointed and shoot it and let it do its thing. As you see here, i did the macro lens. This is the street lens, which i also love for content creation. My overall experience. I have really really loved this phone um. It has been amazing, you guys, i have always been an apple user and honestly, its got me rethinking my apple. You get just as much quality in it as the apple and, dare i say, even maybe some better photography than the apple phone. The wi fi definitely was better, as i found the brightness the image. The vibrant images were better as well and, of course, half the price of an apple. So pretty amazing you guys my boyfriend also has the samsung galaxy, the brand new 22 and ive compared it to his phone, and i had him use this and try it out as well, and he was super impressed and loved the zte as well. So were both rethinking our purchases and just head over heels with the zte, so im so excited about this.

You guys im so excited zte. Let me try it out. It is amazing. Axon 40 ultra will be available next month. Like i said it is available to purchase. Now you can pre order from june 8th through the 21st, and you just have to pay a dollar 99 and you can get 50 off the zte axon 40 ultra. So very cool would make a great gift for fathers day as well, so yeah so be sure to check my link in the description below to pick up the axon 40 ultra pre order that save that 50 thats. Amazing. Let me know in the comments below if youve used a zte phone, i would love to hear your experience with it. This was my first time i am sold. I will definitely be looking into zte in the future. I love this phone im very excited that i get to use it as well. It definitely is a really great quality phone, especially for the price youre. Not gon na beat that so thanks so much for watching, you guys be sure to check out zte again. Um see the link in the description below to purchase, get that pre order, save that fifty dollars thats, amazing and comment below. If you like this video, please give it a thumbs up share with anyone. You think would be interested and subscribe for free, weekly, awesome content.