There was not much options to make this transition more smoothly, but i did see this one manga that at least sounded very interesting to me relatively new. Also. It started since may 8th, which is only like a couple weeks as of the making for this video, which is currently may 29th, for me, at least for this video. Currently. As of this recording for those who dont know, the manga is called super smartphone uh. The basic premise is a genius kid named q sagarata, nicknamed q. As in, like a the literal letter, q stumbles on to a magical smartphone that can answer any question with the gogu app or gogu app its hard, its a little hard to pronounce, but its like its kind of like google, its a very simple setup. As you might have guessed, the manga makes a couple references to google within in universe comparisons between google, i think, thats. I think i did better at that time. Google google app its its very hard to pronounce and the search engine almost everyone uses. You know i do appreciate the attempt at having the name follow up with the joke regarding other well known apps, the name guru is very similar to websites like twitter yahoo bing, where its just a dumb made up word. That has no real meaning, like some last minute, name change to avoid copyrights or trademarks, and they they could not think of anything real clever before the deadline.

While the story has a really good premise, the character designs are incredibly weak. In my opinion, there are. There is no real visual elements that help q stand out among other manga protectors, not just shonen manga protagonists, but manga protagonists in general, like hes, got a pretty generic hairstyle that just screams some other kind of manga publication. If you were to give me a silhouette version of this kid, i would have assumed it was that guy from toco ghoul does not help that his obligatory childhood friend looks like an older version of uraka from my hero, academia, which kind of just cements at how Bland character designs can seem in this manga. Despite that, q does feel like a very compelling character on a narrative perspective. Hed lost his younger brother named shu seven years ago and after a long search attempt to find him becomes strugg comes to struggle with his interest. In the concept of science, as it was unable to help find his younger brother and within the first chapter, the established goal of the character is to find out what happened to shu all those years ago and by the end of it, you are given youre. Definitely given an indication that this isnt some random backdrop to establish his motivations for being the hero of the story. This is the main protagonists overall goal. This is the literal equivalent of naruto going. I want to be king of the pirates, but les bland or generic, but by um by any means, no, no, not even close to that.

So when it comes to character design, the manga gets to c minus at best, but when it comes to plot structure and direction, the manga actually deserves a huge, a plus. Now i am mostly talking about chapter one and i will probably do the next chapter for a separate video. I was not sure whether to make this video for my swordman channel as well. You can definitely see superhero elements within the manga, with the protagonist being an unquestionable good guy who wants to help people for the sake of it to call super smartphone. An actual superhero manga definitely feels a little bit of a stretch just a little bit but, like i said my death of superheroes video. I have been wanting to move away from pure superheroes due to my frustrations with marvel and dcs weird business practices. I want to say dumb because well to fear it is kind of dumb, but i think its much more polite way to say weird weird, i guess and thats just me being polite. I still want to make videos that are very superhero related. Hopefully i will find an anime or manga that features them, but doesnt seem oversaturated in terms of youtube content. Creators, like i felt tempted to just go ahead and make a fate apocrypha video talk about how much i like it, but im quite sure there are countless other youtube channels that cover fate related stuff and i dont. I dont want to be mixed up with those guys i kind of want this to be like for my channel.

I want my channel to stand out among the other people, if you, if you know what i mean same with digimon, though uh, that one deserves maybe one or two videos because of for a tear, purely because of frontier thats as superhero ish, as you can get Within the digimon brand anyways, i think ive talked just about enough for this for today and i hope to see you next time.