I mean triangles and me and roberto bucco. I cant remember how to say it right ill, get those again and make adaptations. I only read it to the manga. I think, if ill check them out more im closely trying girls not babe on the show and jump apt, though so sadly, theres no way lucky is another way to read it, but i do not know if its ongoing or is it over. I really dont know this video its not really going to be long guess how short the chapters are. So all right lets begin. The chapter opened us with a worker man heading to a big company. Is he because hes been scout head hunted, hes, everything being super passionate about this big thing has come this company? Well, you know some crazy rumors about it. He makes the head whos the antichrist in the last chapter, whose name i forgot. I see how his seniors people who are loyal to him, even someone accidentally did something to this, make him mad. They quickly underneath apologize, so yeah, and so he has a top of the map in the room. Basically yeah it supposed to be take. Some people are going to exact details, but he just quickly. He asks man. Do you want? Does he want to be his friend hey great, so the man agrees thats a messed up so anyway, um gee, okay, his mothers, uh hes, just a rich guy, whos bored, think of lights, who was bored before running the death note? Basically, these are two represent uh.

These two characters represent the good and bad hearts and light you know if he, if which side he would which more psy was stronger when he found the death would have been death, though, would this be different, like im feeling, if light was more on the righteous Side, you know justice stuff. You immediately told showed his daddy and say its possible use against any dangerous criminal. Something like that use the death note for proper justice, so yeah so lets go anyway. This guys just bought – and this is where we get and has a lot of fun and hes – still such a smartphone user windows. Cue and after that comes i should we cut the queue you know, picking a boat trying to test it outside searching the super smartphone user. Actually, a new page has been unlocked security, social security, super smartphone user. So anyone who tries to locate him could never find him, so we start to wonder if he, it starts being more inspiring, still become more possible about the person the super smartphone user could be connected to his brothers to use this, to kill his brothers disappearance. All those years ago, well, what is why or whoever create a super smartphone uses choose, choose him along with another guy who has a personal connection with theyre getting rich and bored, but why would he kidnap someone theres? No, like you can just have fun, do what we want to people that kidnapping someone.

He must have a reason to be. Actually they could not be accused by that all those years ago. All right, he signs the chest pins out, but wait. Its done makes it look very suspicious, so the only way and well super smart. The other user could possibly find him easily but searching stuff she hasnt made. He wants to make a tough decision now. He needs to lie low, he should have a lie low, but that would mean him clapping up all the points and be a max level, but if he realizes that he tries his best to stop the guy, but also because identity you could end up dead. So hes think about this carefully. So the best way to have it is to have an ally. You know, search for someone, wholl be public help with him. They can keep a secret and stuff when he comes already that cop girl from before its possible, but he goes, he does a background check on her sees her emails, and then you say someone who sent them deliberately. You also use them. Obviously knows that the weird person reading it is a super smart phone user. You know again the stuff but thats these cue, the question things. The question is, he trust her or stupids on his own, because he cant be sure with that message: yeah he needs to be weary and well. The chapter ends with the guy saying thats saying people should hes gon na make sure people love being dominated over something like that and thats.

What ends 19 pages on yeah. I cant wait to check the box six this sunday. I keep im. Sorry, if i keep again, i really got started yesterday. I was busy watching entirely have an anime yesterday watching the tiding of it watch it again. Oh yes, dragon quest. Oh, are we back well be on the last arc of the original anime, so yeah anyway? What do you guys think of this series? Um? Do you? What do you think youll get anime adaptation, some, it was like an anime adaptation. Would you what should you think should be on that? Okay night, let me know in the comments below which two beauty big should be working on anime attention on this manga, if, because its definitely gon na get one someday, this is just recent. Its gon na be a world where we get um, i mean use. We know archaeology, china, girls get out of my adaptation of 2023, so i better make sure to catch up on the manga, because i dont know if theyre still going or not. Although what people meet me and roberto, this is also an enemy of the decision, but nobody stays being announced. Sorry for you guys watching. If you try, my contest hit the thumbs up button. I dont want to see more subscribe to the channel and click that location bell, usually all videos that comes out in the future – and i hope to see you guys next time for another long review before so.

I plan to review another deep. The demon slayer manga just want to get a chance guys. This could be a while before i do that, though oh yeah, a bigger, not im, not paying to watch that anime youre gon na binge watch bleach tomorrow.