, But if you want to buy the best phones from the ones that are available in your budget, Then do check out our Under Rs Smartphone series. Videos., Like this one Today Im going to tell you about my top 5 picks for best smartphones under Rs 30k. Remember, we keep a proper criteriabenchmark to rank the phones accordingly.. If youre budget is Rs 25 30k, then the phone should have a fast refresh rate. Amoled display should have Antutu scores around 5L fast charging a decent size battery.. These are the minimum benchmarks that are kept for phones under Rs 30k. And, according to the recent phenomenon, weve included phones that are without offers. Nowadays, the introductory offers go on for 3 4 months., So the prices of the phones mentioned can be less than what it actually isif offers. Applied.. In fact, Id recommend you not to buy if there arent any offers. For the first time in such a video. All phones have a different processor, Otherwise theres. This 1 processor that gets famous there are 3 4 phones on the same SoC., 5 Samsung Galaxy M53. It comes on Dimensity 900 SoC with an Antutu score of 4.5 5L. It has a big 6.7 sAMOLED screen a big 5000mAh battery with 25W charging, a 108MP quad camera setup, And it has a 32MP selfie as well. And Samsung being a trusted brand. It has a good camera setup, a Samsung phone with timely OS updates. So you can definitely look at it.

. Its 6GB 128GB is priced at Rs 26.5k, but it gets lower with offers. And if you buy it, youll get a very slim box since you dont get a charger with it.. So if youre buying it get a charger along with it, so that its cheaper. 4 realme 9 Pro It comes on Dimensity 920 SoC, the 6GB 128GB is priced at Rs 25k.. It comes with a 4500mAh battery, a 60W charger., Its very shiny. If you look at the design., Although the Samsung Galaxy M53 has a 108MP camera, this has a 50MPOIS camera, which is very consistent.. In fact, if youre looking for a camera phone, then you should definitely look at the realme 9 Pro. It has a 50MP 8MP 2MP triple camera setup, a 16MP selfie camera. And you get realme UI 3.0 thats based on Android 12.. Earlier only flagship cameras used to get OIS.. Now these top 4 phones all have OIS in rear cameras. 3 OnePlus Nord 2, Its 8GB 128GB variant, is priced at Rs 29999.. It comes with Dimensity 1200 SoC. There are 2 3 standout things.. The OnePlus brand brings value. Dimensity 1200 is a capable SoC.. You shouldnt have any problems during gaming. It has a 4500mAh battery with 65W fast charging. And yes, you get the adaptor inside the box.. It includes a 50MPOIS 8MP 2MP, triple camera setup., Along with a 32MP selfie which clicks decent photos because Id say realme 9 Pro is better in terms of camera.

But its a nice package overall, the OnePlus Nord 2 5G.. If your preference is display, since you consume a lot of multimedia, then you should definitely look at 2 moto Edge 30. It has a 6.5 FHD, 144Hz pOLED screen. And its great as pOLED is better than AMOLED Its also sleek stylish, just like other Motorola phones.. So its display is a highlight its needed on Qualcomm SD, 778G, 5G SoC. And its Antutu score is above 5L, so its performance is also good.. Yes, it has a low battery of 4020mAh, but you get a clean, UI experience. And the battery lasts a whole day. Even under normal usage, because the optimization is great., It has a 50MP 50MP 2MP triple camera setup, but its slightly inconsistent. On the front theres a 32MP. I really like this phone in terms of specifications., Except for the small battery pack. All other things are really good.. Its price is Rs 27999; it gets even less with offers., So you can get it around Rs 25k. For that price. The moto Edge 30 is really great. At 2, 1 iQOO, Neo, 6 Weve already done its unboxing, so do check it out.. It comes with Qualcomm SD 870 SoC, which is one of the best processors in this price. Range., Its 8GB 128GB variant is priced at Rs 29999without offers itll get even lower with offers., So you get 8GB 128GB an SD 870 SoC a 4700mAh battery with 80W fast charging.

And the battery wont cause any problems even during daily usage.. But you also get 80W fast charging.. It comes with Android 12 out of the box., Some people like FunTouchOS, while some dont. You get an in display fingerprint sensor, 64MPOIS 8MP 2MP, a 16MP selfie sensor., Its camera may not be the best, but its decent.. Overall. Looking at the total package, iQOO Neo 6 is at 1, So these were my rankings. What would be yours why., Like I said they were all different phones. Each phone has its own strength. Samsung has its brand image realme 9 Pro is for camera OnePlus. Nord 2. Also has brand image processor. The moto Edge 30 has a clean, UI experience. Finally, iQOO Neo 6 for performance display all other.