My name is dara mansoor ali and today i have the vivo x80 pro for you now. The vivo x80 pro is the phone where vivo has put its best foot forward in all aspects, especially the camera. Now in this video i will talk about what i like about the vivo x84, what i dont like about this smartphone and finally, if you should spend your seven nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine rupees on the vivo x80. But before we begin, please dont forget to like and share this video and hit that subscribe button. If you want to stay updated with all the tech happenings in india and across the world, so well start with the design. Now the back panel of the vivo x80 pro is very interesting. There is this huge camera chunk which takes up a big part of the whole panel uh. Some people might like it. Some people might not like it. I personally like it, because it gives this different. Look to the whole vigo x80 pro and it adds a little bit of a character to this back panel. The back panel is ag glass. Vivo has used ag glass which is matte to the touch, but it shines when you throw light on it. Um up front things are rather simple: there is a hole, punch curved display. Now i personally prefer the flat edge displays like the iphone 12 and iphone 13, but of course this adds to the whole premium theme of this smartphone.

Now, since we are on displays, this is one of the best displays out there at this point now. This is a samsung e5 amoled panel with a 2k resolution and hdr 10 plus support. It also supports a refresh rate from 1 hertz to 120 hertz using ntpu3 technology. The display is vivid and its super bright. In fact, its one of the brightest displays that i have tested so far with 1 500 nits of peak brightness watching videos on netflix on the screen was a pleasing experience and it plays youtube videos and netflix videos at a full 4k resolution. Color accuracy wise. It might not be as good as the samsung galaxy s22 ultra, but its still one of the best android displays out there. At this point coming to performance. The vivo x80 pro has everything that makes it a solid performer. The smartphone comes with snapdragon 8gen 1 processor, with 12gb of ddr5 ram. That is enough to make it handle any task to throw its way. Vivo has also put a separate camera chip called the vivo v1 plus, which takes away all the cameras processing from the snapdragon 8 gen 1.. During my usage, i experienced no lags or slowdowns with the vivo x80 pro and in fact the smartphone is a super performer. Now there are other impressive things like a super fast ultrasonic under display fingerprint sensor now. Vivo says that this is the largest fingerprint sensor on any smartphone and in my personal experience i have never used an under display fingerprint scanner that is so fast and so easy to set up now, while playing games like battlegrounds mobile india, the vivo x80 pro was Able to run the game at a high frame rate with maxed out graphics.

It did heat up a little bit and despite vivos 27 layer thermal protection, the snapdragon 8gen1 still tends to heat up by doing tasks like gaming or charging or recording videos. On the x80. Pro now, one thing that remains a caveat with all vivo phones is the fun touch os android skin. Now there is no improvement and it feels the same. The os feels exactly the same as it does on any other mid range. Vimo smartphone. There is a bunch of bloatware apps and you have to and go through a lot of permissions to do even the basic of tasks, even the logos and the whole ui just takes away a little bit from the whole premium experience that this smartphone otherwise provides further. The battery, also on the vivo x80 pro, is great. Throughout my usage. It easily gave me more than six hours of screen time, which is almost more than a day of usage. The charging is also super fast. Vivo has bundled an 80 watt fast charger with the x80 pro during my usage, it charged from 0 to 75 in about 20 minutes, and it took 38 minutes to charge from 0 to 100. The only caveat here is that full 80 watt fast charging is only possible if you use the bundled vivo charger with the x80 pro. It also supports 50 watt wireless charging, which is a good thing to have now coming to the main thing. The usb of the vivo x80 pro this thing, the camera now lets, get the specs out of the way.

First, it uses a 50 megapixel samsung gmd sensor, a 48 megapixel ultra wide sony, imx 598 sensor, a 12 megapixel telephoto lens and an 8 megapixel very smooth camera. So the camera performance on the vivo x80 pro is impressive to see these vivo has given a bunch of cool, never seen before features that come with the x80 pro taking a very good picture, or this phone is the easiest youll ever find. You just need to pull your phone out point at the subject and click. There are also times when the camera actually blows up the light around it, but even despite that, the results are quite vibrant and beautiful those times now. One thing id like to mention here is that vivo has actually addressed all the feedback that its gotten from journalists, influencers and users, and it has actually tuned down the over processing that vivos cameras are known, for there is also a new feature called the zeiss natural Color turning that on will actually get rid of all the processing and it will give you as true to life colors on your camera as possible. The portrait mode on the vivo x80 pro is also brilliant and there are a bunch of features built inside the portrait mode like cinematic portrait or night portrait, and the images out of these two are almost like straight out of a dslr camera. Now, in terms of video, also, the vivo x80 pro really impressed me.

This is one of the best stabilizations that we have seen on video on any smartphone. So far, vivo uses gimbal stabilization techniques. To achieve this, this smartphone also records videos in 8k resolution and there is also cinematic mode which adds a bit of a bokeh effect to your video, which looks absolutely brilliant. There are times when the ai actually struggles to cut out the edges in cinematic mode, but that is an issue we have also seen on the iphone 13 pro and the iphone 13 pro max. Now. The coolest feature on the camera, according to me, is the horizontal line stabilization, so it basically, you need to just point your phone at the subject and you can move it in any way around, but the image will remain stable. You can even move the camera a whole 360 degree, but it will still remain straight. This should give you a decent idea as to what this camera is actually capable of for this camera. Vivo has done a brilliant job in bringing together the best of the features and hardware in partnership with zeiss. This camera, according to me, is one of the best cameras on any smartphone in 2022. So far now this is undoubtedly one of the best android flagships out there in the market. Currently it does come with its shortcomings, like the fun touch os, which offers a sapphire experience, but apart from that, they are actually. I actually had difficulties finding faults with this smartphone.

The build quality is solid, its a proper flagship experience, and it has one of the best cameras out there so coming to the question that if you should spend 79 999 rupees on the vivo x80 pro now, if you are somebody who cares deeply about the smartphone Camera and dont want to switch to an iphone.