The new visit will not be completed without having a new product to review for you guys. So today i have a brand new product, zuyun, smooth q4 fresh out in the market today, in this supremo bar super light bag, which im sure you can use it in any other way you desire there is this super travel friendly, smooth q4 safely, packed with this Elastic band and im going to quickly assemble here, i usually like having this tripod, because it is super duper wide, giving a very safe surface for my gimbal as well as it is actually super light, and this foldable design is fantastic. All i need to do is just unfold and also unlock. So all the three xs move very freely now, with the mobile phone ready. All i need to do is unlock the mobile phone hold holder part and this holder is super, duper extendable. So anything that can fit this range. The smartphone can hold it. The payload is 280 gram, which means it can pretty much hold any phones out there. My good old samsung, galaxy, s10 plus ready to go and the silicone actually holds the mobile phone nicely in place. So, as you guys can see, this is in the vertical setup, which is useful for all your insta story: tick tock! You name it. However, if you prefer using the horizontal and im gon na, usually keep it in the horizontal for this youtube. Video all i need to do is press the trigger button three times and youre in the horizontal mode.

The really awesome thing about zoom, smooth q4 is that it can be extended, so this gives another 21.5 centimeter, which means another sort of half arms length. So this is without the extension road stretched out. You dont get a huge frame, so this is with extension, stretched on and it actually makes a huge difference. Dont you guys think. So what do you guys think compare the two frames and yes, it makes a big difference. You do have selfie stick within the gimbal, so you get stabilized video as well as a nicely framed. So your face is not overwhelming, like here but nicely framed extended. So you can get your friends here here and probably there maybe sort of five six friends inside a frame. So one thing i realized if you want to get a really perfect selfie. Of course you want to get that angle right, so you can actually tilt the angle to make it perfect to the surrounding that you want to take selfie in so im actually here in another panoramic viewpoint, there is a rock and also the seaside, so lets take Selfie and one thing i have to say, i really actually love this grip. It feels super nice, this silicon and it surrounds roughly 70 of the entire holder. So it gives you really safe nice grip, and here you get the access to every single button. The power joystick mode button record button and the light button and scroll Music Music.

This extension is really handy Music. The extension rail does not scare the butterfly. This extension road is so handy and you can always get very cinematic by turning around to the low rise shot and with the touch of the button. You can go back and forth to different gimbal mode and, of course, there is the vortex mode: Music, Music. Okay, so i am a little hungry, so i actually came inside this restaurant. The reason why im indoor rather than sitting outside is because i want to show you this special feature so zuyun smooth q4. It does have a very, very special light. Okay, just need to attach it here and its all magnetic and also this side as well. So in the vertical setup you would probably have the camera facing you. So if you just put the light this way, oh it just automatically turned on theres no suspense long press set aside to switch on. There are four steps into the light, so press one more time brighter brighter, and this is the brightest and then i press one more time to go back to the dimmest level of the light burger time – and this is my current setup – and i love it where There is the extension rose, so it can actually go above my face really handy and you can really see that light is really really helping in this indoor environment. This is no light. Doesnt make my burger very juicy and with the light it can really focus on the bug.

I think the led light really brings out the color in a darker indoor environment now time to eat, burger and also dont forget to use the full colored filters. Red orange, yellow, blue, so im back outside and inside zuyun, zy, kami, app and theres, so many different functions that i really want to show you guys. So, first of all, here there is the beauty mode, and i want to set that on so that i can look prettier. I just put the earther, and can you immediately see that my skin looked like it has become 10 years younger and my eyes got bigger too. The app is great. If you want to track any subject and if you just press the trigger button once then, it will immediately pick out the subject and start following me around very reactive. So im gon na go out sort of in a distance to see whether its going to follow me at a distance just need to make sure that your face is facing the camera. I think its still following me right perfect. The one thing about the zoom cami app, it says, 1080p, if its using the front facing camera. However, of course you have the freedom to use the native, the phones native camera. If you turn around the lens hello, but if you actually use the turnaround function and use the front facing camera or the back camera, however, you name it. Of course you can go all the way to 4k resolution and, of course, inside zykami app.

There are so many different functions, so this is obviously the video function and with the gesture mode it will start recording with the v mode swipe a little bit up. You get the smart moon and it will tell you exactly what timing you can to create a little video clip lets. Try something here. I dont think its a great location inside cameo. You can do live stream and photo and lets use the gesture mode and give the v sign and also the panoramic picture so that it can use the panning gimbal xs, with three xs moving around. Of course you can set the motion time lapse with zuyun smooth q4 and of course you can go and do the hyperlapse, and here you can see that the resolution 1080p totally sufficient for social media and you can go speed. 5. 10. 15. 30 times. The final feature you dont want to miss the scroll at the side. It allows you to zoom in and out all the way up to eight times. I had fantastic time with zuyun smooth q4, especially with the light, as well as the extension road, which is super handy. I showed you so many examples, because i was really using the extension road pretty much in all situations. So if you are looking to get a smartphone gimbal for your traveling season upcoming in the summer, i definitely think soon. Smooth q4 is worth your consideration. Do check out the link down below for more information.