But you cant ignore the fact that it can give us a perfect display of a full screen. As a leader in other display camera phones, zte has used this technology on their latest flagship phone, exon 40, ultra its probably the best on the display camera smartphone. You can buy ive been using this phone for a week now and while its square design is not destined to fit in my palm, i still love it. Its different from other phones in that top and bottom are flat. Much like the previous samsung note series, but you still can tell the difference between them by the camera module. The axon 40 ultra has a similar camera module to its predecessor, but because the camera has been upgraded, it is much larger overall. The sim lot is still dual sim: only theres, an infrared emitter and a steel speaker with dts support and the joint between the frame and back panel is smoother, making it better to hold than the axon 30 ultra. So the axon 40 ultra has little change in appearance compared to axon 30 ultra. But the details are better done. You must be very concerned about its under display camera. So am i so is this third generation on the display camera selfie better? No, i dont feel that its selfie effect has been approved, as with the previous under display camera phone. If you like to take selfies, i suggest you choose another phone, especially in low light.

Believe me, you wont be thinking about taking selfies. The upgrade point is mainly in the display part: exon 40 ultra can finally drive the pixels in the front lens area independently compared to exon 30. You cannotice that the resolution of the font will not be reduced. This time you really dont notice it when watching videos or playing games. It is also not darker than other areas at the highest brightness. However, we still found its weakness. There will be a black strike in the front lens area in the gray interface or at low brightness, but dont worry. You wont, find this problem most of the time you use. It lets hope that this problem will be fixed through the system when the global version is officially launched. The axon 40 ultra screen looks good overall with a peak brightness of 1500 nits. The default color is a bit greenish, but its good to know that you can manually address the screen, color temperature yourself. I think the visual impact of this complete and flawless screen is better than any specification. The axon 40 ultras camera system is not only very strong but also very interesting. Most phones use a 28 millimeter lens for the main camera, but the axon 40 ultra main camera is a 35 millimeter one. Many users who, like photography, should know the benefits of a 35 millimeter lens with less distortion than 28 millimeter and wider than 50 millimeter. It is one of the favorite lenses of many street photographers.

Simply put the photos, look better with a handful of shots. The colors are not overly bright, either very clear and very nice. What i like most is the way zte handles night seams. If you take a picture in auto mode, it will restore the seam as your eyes see it. If you take a picture in night mode, its just like any other flexion phone, the picture is very bright in scenes with more light sources, it doesnt pull up the exposure, even when the night mode is turned on still retaining the atmosphere of the night Music. This approach, which allows the user to make their own choices, is also reflected in autofocus. If you are seeing a vivo phone review, you know how much i hate it. When the system, ai, automatically switches lenses, the axon 40 ultra lets you choose whether lens is switched by ai and if you turn it off, you can lock in lenses shot, even if not pro mode. I super love this switch. I hope vivo can learn from it. It is rare that x140 ultra uses a large area sensor for both the ultra wide camera and the telephoto camera. Both cameras perform very well. The telephoto lens is particularly give very good image quality. Even at night. In my week of use, i can use any focal lens. I want without reducing the image quality, which is a very good camera experience. What surprised me even more is the axon 40 ultra support 4k 120 fps or 8k video recording for both main and ultra wide cameras.

The telephoto camera is also supposed to support ak. Video recording, as the official chinese website says so, but perhaps because we are the lab system version of the global version, so the telephoto camera cannot currently shoot more than 4k resolution. Even so, i have been very satisfied with this video performance. The x140 ultra is powered by snapdragon agent. One, the benchmark score, which you can pause to look at is the normal agent 1 level. What disappoints me is the gaming performance. Zte doesnt seem to want to let go of all the performance of the processor and let us play to our hearts content. If its a game like pubg that doesnt require full performance, exon 40 ultra can really run stable, but once your gaming needs gets high, then its frame rate curve becomes less than pretty just like vivo. The mobile games that look superb photos this year, didnt perform well. So were not going to blame. This gtes photo flagship. The x140 ultra global edition has a charging power of 65 watts, which is not super fast, but its good enough. 33 percent is charged in 10 minutes and it takes 45 minutes to fill. Unfortunately, theres still no wireless charging, the battery capacity has been increased to 5000 million power, except that when the game will consume more power, the battery life is basically the same level as other snapdragon agent 1.. In my personal use scenario, turn on the 5g network and do not play games, a full charge can be used for about 8 hours out the new.

My os 12 system has become much better, many features are available and the operation logic is very reasonable if the previous ios was not that good. This time, myos is really able to compete with other brand systems. Exon 40 ultra is actually an improved version of axon 30 ultra, the strength of each lens has been strengthened, the whole punch has been removed, the battery capacity has been increased and the system has become better. You can have many reasons not to buy it, but one reason to buy it enough. That is axon 40 ultra is currently the worst best on the display camera phone thats.