This is unboxed. I had one before that. I know what to do so open it up, and you got these things right here. It goes in and out focus close on that because ill be doing something to it, because thats when i had, i still got it. I just enhanced it. When you put this on it, these start the way out it will out really fast, so we can get it. Let me show you how you how you can keep it for a very, very long time so um. So you got this where you put your phone at open it up, and you put that on your mirror and then your phone just sits in there. I will show you but im using my phone now, but what you do is open it all the way up. This, if you want to keep it for a very long time and not without buying another one, so what you do is get some super glue now make sure when you get the super glue that this isnt all the way back here, make sure its already up There so when you do this, youll be good, got the sizzle. I make sure its all the way up im about to show you put it on the end. Put it on the end. Dont put it at the top because youre gon na stop your youre gon na stop from going back. So, as you see im putting it on the end right here, im putting it right, there im not putting it up here, because if you do youre gon na stop this from moving im trying to see how much is on there – yes, im on there.

So what you do you doing on each end now im about to flip it hold that hold up and now im about to flip it, and i like to do it on the other side, but doing whats that make sure you dont go all the way up Up with it, just keep it near the end. This is how youre going to keep this for a very, very long time super glue. So and then you let it dry, let it dry and once you let it dry, i guarantee you that this redhead itll always catch. I always catch and itll. Never it never get bad or wear out because you got traction with the glue, so you got tracking for this, so it always catch all right.