And no. This is not the S 23 Ultra from the future.. This is a limitless phone Axon 40 Ultra with the latest third Gen under display camera that you absolutely cannot see. Snapper. Again, 18 one chip plus triple 64 megapixel cameras. Ive, been using this phone for almost three weeks. Now. Lets see how good the under display camera has gotten in 2022.. Is it finally time for brands to move to UDC from hole punches and notches? Well, I have all the answers, but first lets start with the unboxing experience, and this phone actually comes with pretty much everything that you dont see with the expensive phones, which means you get all the dongles, the 65 W fast charger and even a protective case right From the box., When you first boot up the phone, you will be delighted to see the display with no interruptions, no notch no hole punch.. It is such a fresh feeling., Its rocking at six, eight inch full HD, plus 120 Hz OLED display with very minimal bezels and curved sides.. We also have a pretty fast underscreen fingerprint scanner.. Without a doubt. This is definitely the most beautiful front design on any smartphone out there. Now. Looking at the back, you can see it is very inspired from the Galaxy S 22 Ultra, which is not a bad thing, because the S Ultra has such a good design.. So I like that they adopted this look.. We have a nice triple 64 megabyte sensor now with a telephoto lens as well.

. It feels really good at hand thanks to this carbon matte finish. Now lets turn our attention to the third Gen under display camera, and personally, the visibility has improved so much that you cannot see the sensor at all. In almost most lighting conditions. You can only see the shadow fit if you fall the light on the sensor in a certain angle. Now what about images? Well, this is a 16 megapixel sensor that has a much larger, bigger Pixel size to have the light pass in and well, you can see that the result is looking pretty acceptable.. The X 140 Ultra actually has a dedicated UDC Pro chip along with AI. That is doing a good job, enhancing the detail and colors of your selfies plus also managing the HDR.. Now, obviously, the more light you give to the sensor, the better results you are going to get. As you go towards more of a low life scenario., The quality. Definitely takes a hit.. What it shows me on viewfinder looks pretty durable versus what I actually get thanks to AI and processing in low light, which I think is still pretty impressive.. Overall, the images have definitely improved, but theres, still quite a bit of journey towards that. Traditional selfie camera quality., Now videos arent regulated by AI, so they look very noisy in low light situations.. So in order to get a decent result, you have to make sure that theres enough light, and even when theres enough light, it looks a bit softer.

. So youre definitely not going to get a perfect front. Camera video out of this UDC sensor. Theres. Also other limitations with UDC, like you cant, do touch to focus theres no night. Mode. Hdr also has a pretty tough time managing the light behind the subject.. Like I said, theres a lot to be improved so obviously not quite there yet., Not at least until 2024 or 2025, but its definitely improving each year.. Overall, I can say that this might be the best year to see that Ive tried out so far in terms of visibility in terms of just taking selfies. But video is definitely a big big part of using the front camera and theres quite a bit of journey to improve., But where it is right now, youre not going to see companies like Samsung or Apple jumping on this bandwagon and use UDC on their flagship phones. Not until 2024 or 2025. Now what about back cameras? Well, they are noticeably improved compared to last year.. First up, it has a ridiculously fast, auto focus., Like Im, genuinely shocked at how quick and efficient this autofocus is.. It uses dual Sony: IMX 787 sensors, which are flagship level, camera sensors for wide and ultra wide as well. So you get pretty even detail on both sensor.. It actually takes sharper ultra wide angle photos in low light than my iPhone 13 Pro Max.. You can shoot videos up to eight K or shoot pretty good.

Looking four K: sixty FPS video., Very nice., Decent stabilization as well. The daily photo lens, has a hybrid five X Zoom that can be extended up to 40 times. Overall, its a nice Zoom range and its also being used to take portraits as well.. I got to say back: cameras are pretty flagship level with Snappering Agent, One handling the image processing.. As for the performance, it is top notch.. I mean Snapdragon Agent, One with eight gigs of Ram. What can you expect? As for the software, we have Android Twelve with ZTEs custom skin that has some one UI inspiration going on with one handed friendly menus, plus iOS type control center. Look of the quick toggles., Its definitely a very plain, looking UI for the most part, with not a lot of features, but with zero to no bloatware, which is nice. Theres, a 5000 milliamp battery that is running the show so on board with other flagship phones when It comes to the battery size, but something that is good with this battery is that it supports 65 Watt fast charging, so its definitely going to charge faster than the S 22 Ultra.. Overall, the Ztex 140 Ultra is a dream fun with a very beautiful limitless design.. If Samsung ever goes under display camera on his ultra phone, it probably will look like this.. Zde has definitely taken a bold risk, big respect to them. This is probably the best UDC that I have seen in a traditional smartphone.

. Hopefully they will continue to improve this. Each year and will not give up on this technology, because we want to see this, because this is the eventual future for the smartphones.. Let me know what you think about this in the comments section and below. With that being said, Ill see you guys later.