This is the successor of last years a95 and it is packed with new features and also has some downgrades from the previous year. According to oppo, this is a gaming smartphone, so lets start testing its gaming performance Music, as always in all of our gaming reviews. Here are some quick specs. The display has a 6.59 inch full hd plus ips lcd panel paired with a 90hz refresh rate, a 50 megapixel dual camera setup. It is also powered by a snapdragon 684g chipset, with a 6 nanometer process paired with an adreno 610 gpu. Our unit comes with 8 gigabytes of ram with 5 gigabytes of ram expansion, and it is paired with a whopping, 256 gigabytes of storage. It is backed with a 5 000 milliamperes of battery 33 watts fast charging, along with a reverse charging feature. Unlike its predecessor, this one doesnt come with an amoled panel. Instead, it is replaced by a 90hz refresh rate, even though the amoled panel is a more power efficient display, rather than an ips with the 90s refresh rate, the chipset offers a smaller architecture later on. We will see its battery performance now lets begin. Our gaming tests lets start with moba games and first on our list is mobile. Legends by default. Refresh rate is already set to high, along with high graphics quality, but we will set the graphics quality to ultra to fully maximize its capabilities upon opening the game. We are already experiencing a smooth 6 fps performance.

There are no frame, drops or stuttering all throughout the game. I can pretty much say that i can play this game on this device without any issues. It is great, especially in team fights, since there are no frame drops occurring so for mobile legends. With the max out settings we get 60 fps with 100 stability. Music next is league of legends while drift. I noticed that on pretty much all the devices that i tested on and off the camera upon opening league of legends wild riff, this game always has a hard time optimizing. The games, introduction heavy stuttering is always visible before you can get to the menu. Although performance wise inside the riff is very different for wild riff, our settings are set to 60 frames. Super high graphics, quality and resolution plus high effects quality. Just like mobile legends, even with the bump up settings performance, is at constant 6 gift. Yes, in heavy team fights, there are no visible frame, drops or even stuttering, so we also get a stable 60fps along with a 100 stability Applause. So, overall, if youre playing competitively on both moba games, oppo e96 will surely deliver now lets move forward to fps games and start it off with call of duty. Mobile graphics. Quality can be set to very high, but unfortunately we can only go high for the frame rates so lets test the low plus high frames. The gaming experience is good. We get a smooth performance with no frame drops or stuttering all throughout the match.

Aiming down your sight is smooth and even explosions dont give out frame drops for casual gamers. It is a good choice if you are looking to play competitively so for call of duty mobile with low graphics, quality plus high frames. You get 45 to 50 fps with 99 stability. Next is pubg mobile in game. Settings can only get to high frames if it is paired with smooth graphics. Quality. High frames are equivalent to 30 fps, which is quite a bummer, since we cant fully utilize the 91st refresh rate, although we still get stable gameplay upon landing, we stick with a low plus high frame since, if we set it to balance, it can only be paired With medium frames, so with the low plus high frames, we get 34 to 37 fps with 98 percent stability. Now, testing games from mihoyo devs first is tonkai impact 3. global display settings are set to quality by default, but we will set it to max settings to actually see it in a heavily loaded performance upon starting a mission. You can already see the performance drops, although there are no drastic stuttering, but the frame drops are very visible. So if you are opting to play, this game might as well stick with the recommended settings and just adjust the frames to fix the fps for a smoother performance. However, the device will start to build a p. So, with the max settings we get about 27 to 35 fps with around 94 stability, while with the recommended settings plus 60 frames, you get 40 to 45 fps with 97 percent stability.

Music. Our last game for today is ganshin impact. Playing gangshin on this device is quite decent in game. Settings are set to smooth, but we paired it with 60 frames. Although there are some frame drops from time to time, there are no visible stutterings in combat. You will notice some minor performance drop, but i pretty much enjoyed the gaming experience. If you are opting to play this game as well, i would suggest looking for another device out there in the market that offers better performance so with the smooth plus 60 frames turned on. We get about 30 to 35 fps with 95 percent stability Music. Now, for the oppo in 86 battery performance, we didnt record the performance of its battery in all our gaming tests due to internet problems. However, we did test its playback afterward. The 5 000 milliamperes of the oppo a96 offers us a 16 hours of playback for internet surfing video streaming and light gaming. If you are going to play non stop for us, battery life lasted about 6 and a half hours. As for its charging, the 5 000 milliamperes of battery paired with a 33 watts fast charging. It took us about 1 hour and 45 minutes to fully juice up the device, which is quite long for a 33 watts fast charging. Again, it can run a smooth gaming performance for mobile legends and league of legends, wild riff, acceptable performance for first person shooting games. But when it comes to mihoya devs games, it is starting to struggle so for competitive gaming.

It is surely a win, but if you are looking to play a graphically demanding game, you will have a hard time enjoying those games on this device. So for the price of 15 899 pesos, those are the specs and gaming performance that you will get. I know there are a lot of smartphones in the mark that offers more at less cost, but let us know in the comments, if you think this device is worthy to be in the gaming category. Thank you guys for watching be sure to subscribe and ring the bell, so you will be updated with our future contents. Also dont forget to visit for more tech, news reviews and comparison of the latest device.