With improvements across the board were talking improved speakers that puts it right at the top of dxomarks audio chart improved pop up gaming triggers a new flagship, chipset, faster ram and storage, a new and improved cooling system, larger battery and, most importantly, a new camera system that May just make the black shark 5 pro the gaming phone to beat when it comes to taking photos and videos. This is technic, and this is my unboxing and review of the black shark, but wait theres more black shark have also sent me their latest. True wireless earbuds that packs in active noise cancellation, their name, the joy butts pro, the joy buds pro costs just 80 us dollars and can be picked up in either black or white, which of course, matched the color ways of the black shark 5. Pro you can get up to 30 hours of playback with the included cradle and a 15 minute charge in that case, gives you up to three hours of playback, not to mention. They also have an ipx4 water resistance certification. They have large 12 millimeter dynamic drivers, their snapdragon sound certified. They have a 40 millisecond low, latency gaming mode and lets not forget about their 40 decibel smart, active noise cancellation, which can be adjusted to your preference based on four different anc profiles with that said its finally time to get back to the black shark, but wait Theres more, they have also sent through a mini figurine, a black shark mascot.

I guess you could say, and her name is shark chan. Talker naught, i think its a fitting name. Since you know, shes, apparently an astronaut theres, not much really to say about this figurine other than that shell prove useful when we test out the black shark 5 pro cameras, speaking of which i think its about time. We unwrap this guy, the black shark 5. Pro comes in two main color variants that being nebula white or the color that i have with me today, known as stella black, and i guess its black, but it kind of has a tint to a hint of blue over there. I really like the diagonal lines. All the lines that you see at the back here and the camera module is fitting in with those lines so neatly, and of course we also get that case in the box, which does the phone even more justice, because now its even more gaming like. But this phone can do a hell of a lot more than just gaming, speaking of which, aside from the design inside of the device, sits a larger 4 650 milliamp hour battery 120 watt wide charging a snapdragon 8gen1, chipset, 5 320 millimeter squared vapor chamber cooling system. Enhanced lpddr5 ram and enhanced ufs 3.1 storage, the front and back, is protected by gorilla glass 5 and we have an aluminum frame wrapping around, not to mention that that back camera module is actually protected by wear resistant, corning glass.

Speaking of the cameras, we have a 13 megapixel ultra wide and 5 megapixel telemacro cam, but the star of the shoya is no doubt the upgraded 108 megapixel isoscell hm2 main sensor, which is a huge step in the right direction. For gaming smartphones, the ultra wide camera looks as a 13 megapixel wood on this gloomy day here in shanghai, the 108 megapixel sensor takes fantastic photos, binding it down using nine to one pixel. Binning looks even better thanks to ai. We also have two times and five times: digital zoom, which is unfortunately, the max zoom, and we have a close up and personal five megapixel macro cam, which does a fantastic job, not to mention. We can also take some seriously classy photos of our little black shock. Mascots, we also have 720p at 30fps portrait video mode to complement that portrait photo. We just took – and we also have 1080p at 30fps macro video mode, which looks nice and crispy clear though it is a little bit wonky. We do have 4k 30 fps ultra wide on a gaming smartphone, most gaming smartphones using the ultrawide cam cap out at 1080p 30fps, and we have 4k 60fps using the main 108 megapixel iso cell hm2 sensor, which looks absolutely fantastic. The cameras on the back of this phone do a better job than any other gaming phone ive ever tested period on the right side of the phone. We have another huge gaming centric feature that being magnetic pop up shoulder triggers.

They have 160 grams of trigger pressure. A level 7 pressure resistance rating and you can use them up to a million times. Well, they actually say more than a million times of trigger life. If you plan on gaming that long, which is pretty insane, we do have a power button mixed up with a fingerprint sensor on the right hand, side on the left. We have a volume rocker, which is non split and at the bottom we have a dual sim. 5G standby tran, no theres, no ip68 certification. There is still a water resistant seal. Unfortunately, no expandable storage over here we do have a usb 2.0 type c port at the bottom and alongside that is the first dual stereo speaker, the second one being at the top, and they have reached the top of dxomarks audio chart with a whopping 86 points And at the top of the screen, we have a tiny punch hole for the selfie camera, which is of course a 16 megapixel snapper. The selfies come out crystal clear and look more than impressive. If you ask me not to mention the portrait mode looks pretty fantastic. Thanks to almost perfect edge detection whats up guys, this is technic recording a 1080p at 30 fps video on the brand new black shark 5 pro. Of course, this is the global variance, and it is indeed capped at 1080p and 30fps, when recording with the selfie cam. Bear in mind, i am using frontal audio over here, so its only picking up audio from the front of the selfie cam.

So let me know your thoughts on the audio quality as well as the video quality, and we also have portrait video using the selfie cam. No, its not perfect, and it is capped at 720p and 30fps, the selfie camera isnt, really a mixed bag, its actually pretty decent for a gaming centric device and powering on the device we get to that wonderful black shark logo. We do have an always always on display and using that side mounted fingerprint sensor, which is, of course, a physical, no under display fingerprint sense over here, despite it being an amoled panel, it still does a very snappy job as well as 2d face unlock, which utilizes The tiny selfie camera at the top – also nice and snappy. We have a 6.67 inch e4 amoled display. It is full hd, plus with ‘5 ppi. It has a billion colors. It is 10 bit. Has a 100 dcrp, 3 color gamma, not to mention that its peak brightness can reach up to a whopping 1300 nits lets get one thing out of the way here. This is not an ltpo display, though we can choose between 60 90 or 144 hertz refresh rate options. It is sitting at 144 hertz right now, so it will be fixed at 144 hertz, no matter the application that you use. We also have a 720 hertz touch: sampling rate 8.3, millisecond touch, delay and 0.004 touch accuracy, which is apparently the worlds lowest on a smartphone.

We are kitted with joy, ui 13, which is based on android 12, and it is identical to me why it has all the google goodies packed in thanks to it being the global version of the phone and honestly, its just super neat and clean and quite optimized. These days, we do have a light effect editor tool to adjust the led im, not sure if you guys noticed at the top over there, its a pretty that the black shark logo in the center of the back doesnt illuminate. But that led is pretty cool. And we do have these wonderful triggers that pop out and yes, they can be used for gaming, but they can also be used for shortcuts, such as turning on the flash taking screenshots and you can click them super quick to do more shortcuts, such as opening up The camera, and by the way you can customize these to whatever you want, and i chose one to go straight into settings so that we can check out that wonderful, snapdragon, 8 gen 1 cpu based on a 4 nanometer architecture, and it does a fantastic job. Getting us a score of 1 million 24 180 points on antutu, which is way higher than the average snapdragon 8 gen 1 powered smartphone ive, seen on my channel and sees a massive jump up from its predecessor when it comes to geekbench. Its single core score is not exactly the best when compared to other phones with the same chipset, but the multi core score is one of the highest i have ever seen and when it comes to 3dmark wildlife testing out just gpu performance, the black shark 5 pro Got a score of 10 018 points and a rock steady, 60 fps, which is well above its predecessor and other snapdragon 8gen 1 powered smartphones, ive personally tested, but of course, at the end of the day, its not about benchmarks.

It is about gaming when it comes to such a gaming centric device that being the black shark 5 pro holding down those two triggers at the top. Once they popped up, bring us to shark space 4.0, where you can adjust the actual triggers, you can change the performance mode. You can customize so much within it and bringing it up in game with an osd over here. You can adjust those settings on the fly as well as do things such as show a monitor tool, though it shows 144 fps in generation impact, and we all know its capped at 60. So it is best to turn on the frame rate, monitor tool within developer options, which ive only really seen on xiaomi devices anyway and now were getting a solid 60 fps. So lets go ahead and turn off that monitor tool. We also have bypass power supply over here so that you can play your game directly from the wall socket its plugged into and it doesnt drain the battery at all, and we also have a game macro mode over here. So you can pop in a bunch of inputs, save that macro leave it as a single touch button on your display, and it will run through all those buttons that you previously touched making it super useful for mmo games. We also have master trigger over here, where you can adjust multiple different things that youd, like your top triggers to do i like to keep it nice and simple, with each one, just binding to one button on the screen and it works nice and snappy and feels Super clicky.

We also have a magic press over here where you can hold down on each side of the screen, that being left and right, and you can bind this to another button on the screen, say, jump or run like you can see over here. Very responsive and, of course, you can adjust the pressure level of that, which is great, and we also have motion sensing where it can also be bound to something else, such as looking left or looking right in in game, probably more useful. In a first person, shooter and using them all together is pretty seamless, even in a game like tension impact which is already very graphically demanding and talking about graphics. We have upped the ante over here, highest possible graphics, max fps, and we got an average fps of 55, which is the highest ive ever seen, come out of a snapdragon 8 gen1 chipset the average on my channel. I usually get about 43. It also had a much higher minimum fps of 46, as opposed to the 32. I usually see and a max of 60.. This is a proper gaming phone through and through, and it keeps nice and cool thanks to that new cooling system and moving on to bullet force over here with ultra graphics, max fps. This game has an unlimited frame cap and were just making sure our master trigger magic, press and motion. Sensing are all enabled over here so that we can get the most out of this gaming centric device.

We got an average fps of 117 frames per second, which is actually a tad bit lower than the average snapdragon 80 in one part, smartphone ive tested on my channel, even though those devices arent exactly gaming phones, they got about 120 fps on average. I think it might have started heating up after gauntian impact im, not too sure it also got a much lower min of 95 as opposed to 112, but a much higher max of 145, because obviously the actual panel can hit up to 144hz, which actually exceeds my Expectations, but what about those speakers, since they hit the top of dxomark, can they hit the top in my testing and now its time to test out the speakers when racing away in real racing 3. Applause and when playing real racing 3, we got an average fps Of 145, with a min of 144 and a max of 146, which is absolutely insane but getting back to those speakers, lets, go ahead and give them a listen while playing some music Music. The black shark 5 pro is everything i was expecting and more. It has an insanely good set of speakers. Like honestly, you need to hear this thing in person. It has a very bright and colorful 6.67 inch. E4 amoled display that packs in a silky smooth 144hz refresh rate and 720hz touch sampling rate with impressively low touch, delay and touch accuracy. It has an improved cooling system to keep the snapdragon 8gen1 chipset at bay and has a set of reliable pop up triggers which have multiple uses, making it easy to jump right into your favorite game.

And if your favorite game drains your battery youll be happy to know that theres now a larger battery and extremely fast 120 watt charging that not only fully charges your phone up in just 15 minutes but can be used as a power source thanks to bypass power. Supply which will keep you gaming, 24 7., but gaming is not the only thing you can do on this beast, since it has arguably the best camera system. Ive ever come across on a gaming centric device. The ultrawide and macro cams do a more than decent job, but the true star of the show here is that massive 108 megapixel iso cell hm2 main sensor, which takes impeccable photos and videos. The design is stunning. Thanks to its gaming, centric appeal slapped onto an anti glare gloss finish and lets not forget about its subtle. Yet stylish rgb led light, making the black shark 5 pro appealing not only to smartphone gaming enthusiasts but to any gamer out there. That also enjoys taking class leading photos and videos.