Because im going to be testing out the fresh view. Black shark 5 pro this fresh new 2022 gaming smartphone, will cost you between 6′ quid and just over 800 quid, depending on how much memory and storage you fancy having chucked in there, and that is a couple hundred quid more than the regular black shark five. So whats actually been upgraded for this here pro model and is it worth a punt? Well lets whip it on out of the box. Take you on a full on tour and for more on the latest and greatest tech. Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers all right. So first up weve got some sort of little pony thing under the ordinary reality. An extraordinary journey shall begin through the mist and shadow i conquer, with my blade yada yada bollocks bollocks. So inside the box, youve got a one black shark 5. Pro of course, youve got an absolute monster of an adapter holy 120 watts. You could build a house with this thing. A good friend mr type c. Usb cable youve got yourself a prophylactic case to wrap around the black shark 5 pro and help keep it safe as well and youve even got some stickers, bundled in there in case youre six, and that, as they say, is very much that so lets check out. The phone, so here we have the black shark 5 pro and its another 6.67 inch beast pretty standard size for smartphones in 2022, and of course it is immediately apparent that it is a gaming smartphone because they cant resist just slapping a load of random gobbledygook.

All over that back end, all this random pattern action. You got the black shark logo down here and the brandon there as well and the o5 to indicate it is number five in the series – and you even have a actually surprisingly dinky bit of led action slapped on the back too more and all that shenanigans in A bit black shark didnt specifically indicate what materials were used in the construction of this smartphone in the press materials, but it feels like a glass back with that. Matte finish so, hopefully wont get too scuffy. Although i have noticed some little sort of greasy prints already cropping up on the arse, then you have a metal frame stretching around the edge, no mention of gorilla, glass or anything like that. So, im not sure exactly what this thing is constructed off, but at least you do get pre installed screen protector here up front. This right here is the stellar black model of the black shark 5 pro, but you can also pick it up in nebula white. If you want something a little bit brighter 220 grams, it is a bit of a heifer again, just like previous black sharks and most gaming smartphones to be fair. Have a quick whiz around the rest of the design down below youve got your bottom mounted speaker, type c, usb port and your sim tray. It is a double sided, sim tray, unfortunately, no space at all in there for a micro, sd memory card, though, on the top end, youve got another speaker and then over on the right side.

You have your shoulder triggers with the little pull out switches and its an edge mounted fingerprint sensor built into that power button, and that is mounted really high up on that edge as well. So its kind of awkward to reach to if youve got tiny little goblin hands like myself, you basically have to clutch the black shark 5 pro halfway up the phone in order to comfortably use this. Certainly, if youve got tiny hands like me, but otherwise seems perfectly fine, nice and responsive now. What we have here is the joy ui, 13 launcher slapped on top of android 12. draw ui 13, as you can see, theyre based on me, ui 13. So there are a lot of similarities. Similarity thats, not a word, a lot of similarities with xiaomis launcher so theres. Quite a lot of customization options: lots of themes to play around with oh hello, kitty, the usual quick ball one hand modes, all that good stuff, but you also do get a load of bonus gaming bits so, for instance, the led slapped around on the other side. Can be customized using the light effect app its not just a pointless game and gimmick you can use it as a makeshift notifications light when youve got incoming calls and other bits popping up. Youve got a variety of different effects you can choose between and you can also customize. The actual color have a little play around with this little slider bar at the bottom.

Make it anything you want basically and also change up the lighting effect, so it may be. Weenie but it is pretty clever stuff. Of course, you also have all kinds of custom, wallpapers and other bits as well. Game is real yall but, of course, the best gaming tool here on the black shark 5 pro is that shark space ui, which you can just activate with a quick tap and it very nicely, starts up. Otherwise, you know, if tapping an app icon, isnt cool enough for you, you can just pop out those shoulder buttons instead and hold both of those down, and this also will activate the shark space. This doesnt really appear to have changed up much at all over previous black shark version, so youve got fast access to whatever games youve got installed on the smartphone. As you can see, these covers popped up automatically, but you can change them and you can also change the game, configuration as well so, for instance, gentian impact because its a bit of a memory guzzler quite a demanding game. I have it started in ludicrous mode which basically throws all of the smartphones resources at that game, while culling other stuff in the background, etc, making sure that it runs as smoothly as possible. But as this little warning here helpfully explains, this may cause the phone to heat up faster and also absolutely muller. Your battery life and youve got a heap of other customization options thrown in here as well the likes of the refresh rate, for instance, the touch response very important for games like call of duty, mobile and pub g, where you want to get it just right.

Just the right sensitivity, you could also change up your voice and it looks like theres. Even an uncle spurt option, hello, im, uncles, burt and game is real. Yo hello, oh my god, thats freaking terrifying. Whoever designed that one clearly had one of those uncles that we dont talk about anymore and lots of networking options, tucked away in here as well, again very important for those online games like call of duty and pubg where you dont want to be losing your connection. Midway through but anyway, once you are good to go, just give the game a tap and then up it. Pops – and i got ta, say the first thing. Thats impressed me with the black shark 5. Pro is not only does it download files really fast, but just loading games is so so quick literally a few seconds and gentian impact is loaded up ready to go ive never seen it be this quick on any other smartphone. Now, before we get balls deep into performance and battery life and all of that good stuff, while gaming, you can actually drag out an in game menu by swiping from either top corner like so from here, youve got access to pretty much all of the main gaming Tools that you could possibly want so, for instance, you can configure the shoulder buttons more on that in a sec. You can actually dive into the game config settings from within the game as well.

If you need to change them up at any time, if you find you get bugged a lot, you can block notifications and calls and things like that loads of other stuff. You can clean out the uh. The memory youve got a macro tool as well. If you need it and the black shark, five pro can also keep full tabs on the performance of the smartphone as your gaming as well telling you how good your internet connection is what your current frame rate is, etc. But now lets turn our attention to the shoulder buttons which are mounted over here on the right edge, and this can be quickly and easily popped out simply by flicking these little switches and then go to that master controller. Section inside of the game menu youll be able to set them up, simply drag the little icons onto the virtual on screen buttons that you want them to control and away you go, and if you want it, youve even got much deeper customization than that. Its quite impressive just how much black shark has actually crammed into here youve also got that magic press feature as usual as usual. This allows you to push really hard on the left or right side of the screen in order to perform another action, and these little areas are fully customizable. Again again, you got strong customization here, including the ability to change up the sensitivity of the pressure areas, but i tend to leave this switched off, as i tend to like grip.

The phone really hard when im a bit anxious now as youd, expect at this sort of price point. The 6.67 inch oled screen is a bit of a stunner seems to be very similar tech to the older black shark 4. Pro youve got a full hd plus resolution 2400 by 1080, so nice crisp visuals its got full 10 bit color support as well strong contrast, wide viewing angles, all the sheers you would expect from an oled display. You do once again, however, have a selfie, cam orifice, tucked away over there on the left hand, side, and it is centrally positioned so its a bit more intrusive than if it was budged, away in a corner kind of a shame. As most gaming, smartphones dont have a selfie orifice, they tend to just have the selfie cam wedged into a big thick upper bezel youve got that 144 hertz refresh rate support as well for supported games, not gentian, impacts that tops off at 60. Sadly, and a 720 hertz touch response, and as mentioned before, you can tweak the sensitivity. I find it absolutely perfect for whatever game i was up against and yes, the black shark 5 pro. Does sport a stereo speaker arrangement, fine tuned with some hot dts action as well, nice sound quality for smartphone speakers, but they are a bit easy to muffle with your palms accidentally when you are gaming and while theres no headphone jack action here, the bluetooth 5.

2 connectivity Seems to work just fine, you got support for all the codecs youd expect bit of ldac action. You got aptx, hd, etc. Now the big upgrade when it comes to the black shark 5 pro model versus the standard black shark 5 is the snapdragon 8 gen 1 chipset, which runs the shore with that adreno 730 gpu packed inside this is backed by either eight to twelve or sixteen gigs Of ddr5 ram, my review model was the 12 gig, so certainly had plenty of power stuffed inside of that lovely sexy frame there and certainly no worries when it came to the performance. Gentian impact on the maxed out detail settings running at 60 frames per second. With that ludicrous mode activated. I didnt see a single stumble beautifully smooth throughout, even when the action got rather intense, and i was getting my ass handed to me by all kinds of different gribblies all. At the same time, i didnt see the frame rate drop at all. It was perfect and, as you would expect, from a gaming smartphone youve got some proper, clever coolant tech packed in there its actually a dual vapor chamber setup. But despite this smarty pants tech, i did find that the black shark five pro started to get a bit. Toasty up at the top end there, after playing gentian impact on those maxed out settings for a good half hour, or so thankfully, this heat didnt seem to impact the actual performance of gentian impact.

It all still played smoothly perfectly no worries at all, but for instance, if youre going to be plugging in this smartphone, while youre playing the likes of gentian impact on the maxed out settings, then it is going to get very, very hot. Indeed. There are a couple of possible solutions for getting around this. However, first of all pull out that in game menu drag down the extra little bonus bits here at the bottom, and you will see there is a bypass. The battery option when this is active. The battery wont actually charge when you plug the phone in the current power level will just be sustained. Definitely a particularly good idea if youre going to use that 120 watt super fast charger or, alternatively, if you chuck a bit more cash at black shark, you can grab their magnetic cooler accessory lets. Yank this bad boy out inside of here you get the magnetic cooler itself, which again has got a good heft to it quite chunky too, but its basically just a giant fan, as you can see there – and this does have a type c usb port, because it Needs its own power supply, so you can plug it into the phone, get it powered up that way. This basically attaches to the back end of the black shark 5 port, courtesy of a little magnetic sticky pad thats, bundled in the box does help to keep the black shark 5 pro cool under pressure, though, is slightly awkward, shall we say with obviously the usb cable Jutting out and everything like that, as well as far as the connectivity goes, youve got 5g and wi fi 6e support with the black shark 5 pro so perfect, stable online experience when youre gaming on the likes of call of duty mobile pub g, no worries whatsoever.

There and on the battery front its a 4 650 milliamp cell that theyve crammed inside of this lovely a little chassis here, thats the same size as youll, find in the regular black shark 5 and a might bigger than the previous generation. So dont expect this thing to survive too long when you are doing your gentian impacts from a full battery with gentian impact maxed out in those top graphics settings. I got around two hours, plus some dregs of gameplay before the battery was fully drained. Thankfully, things arent quite as dire with the likes of call of duty mobile that one reliably dropped at 15 per hour. So i got more like six to seven hours of use on a full charge, because youve got that 120 watt fast charge support as well. So you get a full charge in this thing in around 15 minutes at the plug, we do have a couple of different battery charging modes to choose from this is set to speed flash fill in uh by d4, which of course maximizes that 120 watt fast charging Support, although thankfully you do have some built in safety features to help prevent the phone from getting too hot and just melting in front of your very eyes. Otherwise, alternatively, youve got the constant temperature charging mode. This is the whoa lets, calm things down a bit more to uh, to make sure that the battery charges in a safer fashion. So if youre not super impatient wanting it to fill up as fast as possible, i definitely recommend chucking that on and sadly no there is no wireless charging support on this bad boy either.

As for the storage, youve got a choice of 128 or 256 gigs of space. This is the 256 model. It is ufs 3.1 in either case and, as i mentioned before, no micro sd support. So the black shark 5 pro offers a beefy bit of snapdragon 8 gen 1 chipset action, but another upgrade for the pro model is the 108 megapixel primary camera sensor? If you are going to use it as your full time, smartphone as well, and its always good to have a reliable camera and like xiaomis other smartphones, youve got all the usual camera features such as the ai scene. Optimization option youve got a bit of portrait mode. If you tap more, youve got plenty of other stuff stuck away in here like a night mode and a max resolution mode, and if you flip all the way over to this side, youve also got a pro mode where you can shoot again up to 108 megapixel Resolution images play around for the iso levels, the white balance, although im not seeing an option to shoot in a raw file format, and if you want to shoot some horror movies, where you can capture video at up to 4k ultra hd resolution at either 30 or 60 frames per second and also slapped here on the back. Youve got a 13 megapixel ultra wide angle, shooter your usual bug, standard effort there and theres also a 5 megapixel macro sensor. If you really want to get a bit of that on the go and then around front, it is a 16 megapixel selfie shooter again, i wouldnt expect too much out of this bad boy, but again youve got full portrait smarts all that good stuff and in case Youre wondering on the video quality that does top off at full hd resolution, no 4k option for the selfie shooter.

Unfortunately, and as you can hear, my voice has been picked up reasonably well by those built in mics and there you have it. That, in a nutshell, is the fresh new black shark 5 pro gaming smartphone, as i say, not exactly particularly cheap, compared with some of the sort of more mid range gaming blowers, but it does pack some incredibly good specs and some great gaming features stuffed in there Too, the only thing is perhaps not a massive evolution over the previous generation, and would you grab the pro model over the standard black shark 5? Given it is 200 quid more as well be greater your thoughts down in the comments below please do plug subscribe and dig that notifications above for more on the latest and greatest and have yourselves a bloody, lovely rest of the week.