If i slide these little buttons at the top here, they pop up the magnetic triggers button goes up, button goes down, bed goes up, bed goes down, this is the new black shark 5 pro and its combination of super duper high, end specs, but also a very Reasonable price, i think, makes this stand out and definitely worth considering. So black shark have launched two new phones, the black shark, five and the 5 pro, which is the one i have here and is their new flagship and actually its a decent upgrade. Even over the 4s pro that came out back in october, so not even that long ago, with a new processor, a better camera, faster charging, a refresh design and also all new accessories, speaking of which black shark also sent over their magnetic cooling fan to go with The phone and also a pair of their new active noise, cancelling joy buds, pro earphones, which are actually surprisingly good, their snapdragon sound certified. They have a special low, latency game mode and you get about 30 hours of combined battery life. Now, a big thank you to black shark for sending this over for me to have a bit of a play with ive, been testing it for a couple of weeks now, and also for offering to sponsor this video. But as always, all opinions are my own. Its tricky, what makes a good gaming phone, i was gon na, say theres like three core key features that you have to have, but really its like five or six.

Its got to have a comfortable design that you can use for a long period and also with shoulder triggers those are pretty fundamental these days also, i do think you need a fan or some incredible built in cooling to prevent throttling, obviously, all the best specs possible For the highest frame rates, as well as a high refresh and also a high touch response screen, so the inputs feel immediate and you also need solid battery life and fast charging. So you can enjoy gaming sessions without worrying and i can tell you this checks. Pretty much all those boxes, i only have a couple of minor gripes, so lets get those out the way first, and i think the big one maybe is the battery life, because while it is fine and we have actually a decent sized 4650 million power cell in Here, which is actually a bit bigger than the previous 4s and 4, which came with a 4500 but not best in class, some of the competition do have bigger batteries and will last longer. However, the upside of this new battery is its a new dual cell design, which means thanks to this guy as well. We have much faster charging 120 watt charging. In fact, you can fully charge the black shark 5 pro from 0 to 100 in just 15 minutes, which right now makes this the fastest charging gaming phone you can buy. So charging has had a big upgrade, but in terms of actual battery life, well, half an hour of gentian impact at max settings used 17, so were looking at around three hours of battery life for demanding games.

Of course, regular non gaming use is gon na be a completely different story. This will easily get you through a full day and really it does depend on what games you play if youve got roblox or candy crush or angry birds or something running, then its going to last a lot longer than gentian or apex now specs wise. This boasts a snapdragon 8 gen 1, as well as 8, 12 or 16 gigs of ram ive got the 12 gigabyte version here, along with either 128 or 256 gigs of storage. Although no 512 option here like we used to have and also no micro, sd card support, but both models do use faster, enhanced, ufs, 3.1 storage. Now, sadly, we dont have qualcomms just announced snapdragon 8 plus gen 1. Their naming conventions are just awful uh, but that only has just been announced actually right now there are no phones that support it, and those that do come out are likely to be a lot more expensive as well, and the entry level model, which i reckon is All you need eight gigs, around 128 storage costs just 6′ pounds, which makes it one off, if not the cheapest, snapdragon 801 gaming phones that you can buy right now now for any gaming phone, the screen is kind of just as important as the specs and the Performance and with this were getting a 6.67 inch, 144 hertz 720 hertz touch sample oled display and it is gorgeous and, as youd expect, incredibly responsive its, not an ltpo panel, so it doesnt actually dynamically adjust the refresh.

Although you can choose the refresh, you want in the display settings, so just how fast is this? Well, lets start with a couple of benchmarks now for some context, lets bring in the galaxy s 22 ultra, which has the same chip as this and already you can see a pretty big difference between the highest and lowest 3d mark score and that stability, which is Actually, remarkably impressive, given that wasnt using any kind of active fan, cooling that was all down to the new anti gravity, vapor chamber, cooler that youve got inside here, thats what they call it and to be fair. While i did notice, the phone still gets quite warm, especially around the edges playing some very demanding games for longer sessions. It did at least on the inside, keep things nice and cool and prevent it from throttling. Now, as i mentioned, black shark also sent out this magnetic cooler fan accessory thing. The only trouble is that this is primarily designed for iphones with magsafe. There are adhesive attachments, so it can stick on the back of the black shark or any other phone, but even with that, there actually wasnt enough power coming from the usbc port when i had it plugged in to actually make it work. The good news, though, is that there is a whole arsenal of black shark accessories, that you can buy controllers active cooling fans and, while i dont have them here to test, if you want to regularly game in the ludicrous performance mode, then it does recommend you use A fan with it so ill withhold judgment on fan performance until i can get one that properly works with this now any good gaming phone has shoulder triggers, but as far as i know, black shark hardly any brand using magnetic pop up triggers you simply toggle the Switch beside the triggers to make them pop up and black sharks, say: theyve tested them over a million times for durability.

So, while youre gaming, you can either swipe in or long press both triggers to open up the new shark space. 4.0 game center, then tap on master control, and you can map the a and b triggers to any on screen virtual buttons. You like for say, aiming down a scope for jumping reloading handbrake, turns whatever you like. If youre wondering, can these slider buttons be used for anything else? Well, the answer is yes: if you jump into the settings menu, you can actually customize what those slider buttons can do after theyve popped up or retracted the shoulder triggers, but wait. There is more because we also have a dual zone pressure, sensitive screen, and so you can get some seriously precise inputs with up to seven levels of sensitivity. Now there is no doubt this is quite a big phone. As i say, six point six seven inch screen its also nine and a half millimeters thick and it weighs 220 grams. We also get some incredible sounding stereo speakers. Sadly, we dont get a headphone jack, but the black shark 5 pro is in fact the number one phone on the dxomark audio rankings, which is very cool, although to be fair, i still mostly use earphones when im gaming Applause also, unlike most gaming phones, the cameras On this arent half bad actually weve had a pretty big upgrade, particularly on the back. We have a new 108 megapixel main camera lens theres, also a 13 megapixel ultra wide and a 5 megapixel macro, plus a 16 megapixel selfie camera up front, and while i havent spent a great deal of time with the camera, so far, ive mainly been playing games On this, in good light, the black shark 5 pro can take some really nice shots Music.

Now, in terms of the software, this runs black sharks, own joy, ui, 13 software on top of uh on top of on top of android 12. Although, if i bring up the recently used apps uh menu here, theres only one other software like this – that goes vertical and that is of course xiaomis miui. This is very heavily based on miui 12, and that is absolutely fine. No complaints from me. There is surprisingly little bloatware, its nice and fast theres, a good amount of customization, but it really is that shark space 4.0 game command center. Whatever you want to call it, that is the real software highlight not just for mapping different triggers, but you can also program macros in games. So if theres any repetitive actions in games, youd rather automate plus theres motion sensing, which uses the phones gyroscope to track its movement, so you can actually assign up to seven different gesture inputs, which is pretty nifty. So that is just a quick look at the new black shark 5 pro also have a look out for the black shark 5, which uses the snapdragon 870, which is still a very capable chip and is cheaper than this, of course. But if youre after a good flagship phone that does not cost a fortune which a lot of them do and gives you top notch performance, some actually very impressive, internal cooling thanks to that vapor chamber. But, on the whole, it is a really good all rounder and there were just so many input methods with this that you can really customize how you play the games that you play.