It aims to provide the high end gaming experience for under 30 000 rupees, but is that enough for you to stand up and take notice before i answer that question do smash that, like button and dont forget to subscribe to the channel Music, the iq neo6 is Both modern and minimal, looking i, like the plastic matte finish back and the two step design camera module. I even like the pinkish bluey color tones of my review model. The phone is definitely big, but its rounded corners offer a comfortable grip and the weight is evenly balanced. As for utility, the icon neo6 is pretty well stacked. It comes with a dual sim card slot type c port, well balanced, zero speakers and packs in 5g. Connectivity and while the in display fingerprint scanner performs well, its lower than usual position, turned out to be slightly inconvenient for me in day to day use theres, also no headphone jack, but you do get a usb type c to 3.5 millimeter headphone jack converter in the Box, like every other iq phone, the neo6 has a big display which measures 6.62 inches this time around its an e4 amoled screen with 120hz high refresh rate and a 360hz touch sampling rate. You also get support for hdr10 plus content. The display gets bright enough both indoors and outdoors, and can go up to 300 nits, which makes it readable in direct sunlight overall. This is a high quality screen and, with only a small hole, punch cut out its perfect for watching any kind of media iq.

Phones. Generally tend to be geared towards performance and its a similar story with the neo6 which runs on the powerful snapdragon 870 chipset, its paired with 8gb or 12gb of ram 128gb or 256gb of storage space. The phone is a pleasure to use for your everyday tasks like photo editing and video streaming, but it also excels at high graphic gaming. It hardly ever throttled and, more importantly, it runs cool, mostly thanks to an advanced cooling system. In my benchmark testing, the neo6 was able to complete the 20 minute 3d mark wildlife stress test with 99.3 stability, which is very impressive. Additionally, the phone comes with an x axis motor that offers stronger haptics when typing or interacting with the user interface. Speaking of the user interface fun touch. Os 12, based on android 12, keeps everything glued together iq promises that the neo6 will get two major os updates and three years of security updates. Now, generally speaking, fun touch os is quite far from stock android, which means theres a fair bit of bloatware to deal with. Thankfully, most of the third party apps can be removed, but you will have to put up with spammy notifications and spent plenty of time agreeing to permissions. Despite some of these annoying quirks software performance felt smooth with no sign of lag or stuttering. There are also some useful ui additions that regular gamers will appreciate like the ultra game mode. This allows you to pull up a sidebar during gameplay to quickly change the settings your phone is running on from here.

You can activate the monster mode which optimizes the hardware for maximum gaming performance Music in the camera department. You get a 64 megapixel main camera, an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle, lens and 2 megapixel macro shooter in outdoor lighting, the primary sensor, snaps images with vibrant colors, good dynamic range and shallow depth of field when it comes to mixed lighting conditions, photos arent, quite as Sharp and the cameras, ai didnt, always maintain accurate exposure levels in low light situations. The primary camera takes respectable enough pictures and the night mode is pretty effective at brightening things up. There is a 2x digital zoom option, but this is a simple crop from that 64 megapixel main sensor results at 2x, actually look pretty decent, especially compared to the 2 megapixel macro camera, which is mainly there for box ticking purposes. The ultrawide angle, camera brings a wider field of view, but has a different color profile when compared to images taken with the main camera. The rear camera can record up to 4k video at 60fps, and the primary sensor also supports ois that helps in stabilizing shaky footage. Lastly, the 16 megapixel front camera clicks decent portraits, but it does have a habit of smoothing out facial details to an almost unrealistic level. The normal selfie mode produces far more accurate results. Battery life in general comes down to your usage patterns with low to moderate usage. The 4700 mh unit on the iq neo6 should easily last you about a day and in my testing i got around seven hours of screen on time, which is very respectable.

However, if you do find yourself running low by the evening, the neo6 comes with a 80 watt fast charging solution.