Finally, a rugged device for 100. Maybe the best buy right now in 2022, for this price range super cheap rugged device and a lot of people want to have maybe a secondary phone that is rugged to take it for construction work, maybe for jogging, maybe for camping. Here we go guys a cheap, cheap, rugged device with a really great specs and decent chip. Thats, of course, still important to have a decent chip for this price range. You can buy it on, this hot wave, its a new brand. I never reviewed their uh smartphones and im really honored that i have opportunity to do a review of this device. Uh t5 pro model. It has a halo, p22 chip. It has a 7005 mah battery, guys 6 inch screen, which has 480p resolution very low resolution. So obviously, i think with the helio p22, it should handle a lot of games with the smooth frame rates or at least close to the smooth framings because of this low resolution. Uh almost 400 in this brightness guys 380 nits, i think so, which is really good for its price range, almost 400 nits, its very good brightness for a rugged device, waterproof the certified dustproof ability grade so ip68 and 69, waterproof certification and thus proof certifications. It has also closed headphone jack types, usb port fingerprint sensor on the back face id of course, speaker itself, 4g supported device. What else we can tell you? 32 gb of storage, 4gb of ram a lot of a lot of cool stuff about about this device.

It has two cameras on the back one single camera on the front, and i love love. How compact this rugged device guys is unbelievable. I would never thought it has a 7500 image battery man. It doesnt feel that it doesnt feel that heavy and its very thin and slim for one hand use obviously because of the tiny six inch screen, disclaimer uh, tiny, still six inches is really large display man, six inches is still large. Remember those days when we had four inches anyway lets begin with the quick hands on enjoy this video and watch it till the end. There we go guys finally hands on with this beautiful hot 12. T5. Pro, like i said there guys very nice compact smartphone for one hand use usually these rugged devices are very heavy and thick and large, since they have a larger displays and everything sinks into a compact display im in im in guys anyway. So what do we have? Very beautiful design seriously very beautiful design, not that you see unique its not like. I didnt see something like this before, but again its a new brand guys. I dont expect it as like some wow wow factors in italy here from them, since its also a cheap rugged device. 100 bucks tabs usb port on the bottom microphone speaker is on the back. We have also small holes for at attaching some strap straps fingerprint sensor is on the back check it out to welcome back welcome back fingerprint sensor uh.

I didnt saw fingerprint sensor on the back for a while man, a 30 megapixel back camera samsung sensor, dev sensor, which is lets just say, uh useless the dual uh. We have a flashlight on the on the top believe it or not. We have a 3.5 millimeter jack, a waterproof, so its covered power button volume, rockers shock, proof. Some logos, like you, see that stuff over here and on the left side. What we have here tims add tf sim card dual sim acceptable slot waterproof feature: yeah thats. It guys thats it very beautiful design, front five megapixel sensor with the earpiece and the light sensor. If im not wrong, well be testing sensors later on so far design wise its a pass pass for me lets go over the screen review there. We go guys this display its uh. What can i tell you immediately its something? So we have a six inch screen uh. I see the ips panel 19.5 with nine aspect ratio, its a 480p resolution, guys very low res uh display, obviously, for some of you, maybe gon na say what 480p in 2022 guys believe me or not. I barely barely can see its even impossible to see a difference between 720p screen and 480p of this one im not sure how theyve done that, but this display looks uh. It looks like it has. It has a higher resolution, so it has a whole punch. Like you see myself over here yeah, if i can see its a whole punch or no – maybe i cant say its a whole punch man its just that the camera is here, yeah, we cant say its a whole punch because its not in the screen itself.

My bad anyway screen brightness is up to 380 nits, almost 400 nits. For this price tag you cant get better. This is the standard of rugged devices. Uh. We have 1001 contrast ratio, corning, gorilla, glass protection. I repeat again: this is on maximum brightness, guys and im more than overwhelmed by the display quality. I thought what 480p, when i saw the specs thats gon na, be very very bad res, but i mean you guys can judge myself that this is good. This is seriously good bro for 100 bucks plus im watching this at 70p 60fps this mode over here yeah anyway, remember the thickness of this device is 15 millimeter thick, so its a big, it is a thick device and its 280 grams again for rugged devices. This is completely normal, but what is specific about? It is very nice to use with one hand uh. We went ahead with one hand for 100 users anyway. Lets go now and try to type something lets check it out here. The touch sensitivity so far completely fine dont see any problems whatsoever and when i check here, the maximum brightness is maximum brightness lets go now to the lowest brightness and just try to zoom down Music. So this is minimum very nice for nighttime use. I love that this is 50 for indoor use its just more than 50, and this is the maximum for outdoor use awesome. I also give it a pass pass for the screen guys pure pass man for 100.

What do you expect lets? Go with the audio review? One single speaker on the back Music from one to ten guys are giving it six and a half cheap device. Cheap speaker. You know i got something amazing, especially since this is a rugged device. So youre not gon na get a loud speaker. Six and a half is a decent scoreboard. Music lets check the headphones lets, go max volume – nice, not bad guys for one to ten, also giving it six and a half score for its price tape. Price range, so we do also have fm radio. So if i connect it with the headphones lets, see, can it work without the headphones, so it cant it doesnt work without the headphone, okay, its fine and for the end were going to test the microphone lets check it out. I recorded something one two one two: this is the mic check quality with the hot world, t5 pro rugged device. My amount is 40 centimeters away. One two one two, my mouse is just a few centimeters away right now for the microphone. The range quality mic test mic test mic test, one: two: okay, guys for the price tag im, giving it seven score for the microphone quality and loudness seven score beautiful, all together, guys, sound and screen is a pass pass for me. Uh guys, sorry for my small uh mistake correction, the beginning: i thought that this device comes with the hero.

P22. No, it comes with the helio a22, so mediatek 6761. I got confused by 6762, which is the hiro p22 code name. Nevertheless, this is the same chip built on basically a similar chip built on 10 nanometer jet technology, not the same chip, but it is built on 12 millimeter chip technology. It has a power vr ge8 8300 chip, because it must have here. The resolution uh guys performance wise. Let me just show you right now: the geekbench five score there you go for low and chip. This is completely normal. Im gon na show you some devs information by the way: uh yeah, hello, a22. You see just small correction and what i want to tell you 4gb of ram 32gb of storage. It does have sd card expansion. It does also have a gyroscope, so thats a good thing. Man gyroscope for 100 bucks, magnum meter, proximity, light and accelerator sensor. So it does have a light and proximity sensor, beautiful okay, so a little bit here, opening reopening the apps and scrolling around browsing uh. So what can i tell you? Obviously here a22 is a low low end chip here for 100? I dont even expect something else guys with all these specs. Remember that you can have uh lags these, which are very noticeable. Of course. It just uh it just just the low and average chip guys thats it. You dont expect something super super fast with this phone, and this is completely acceptable.

You can see myself here, im opening reopening these apps so far. For now this is decent. Decent performance, not super smooth 60 fps constantly, but i hope we can survive with this one and remember this is also 4g device can accept two nano sim cards in the same time: okay, well cool about uh, cool things about this rugged device that does have a Tool bag guys big, pick hanging a sound meter compass, so you can use all these info. All these super handy, uh apps, which you dont get with the normal device, uh fresh out of the box, that is, nice isnt, it uh. What also it has it has a child mode, guys remember that it has a child mode, thats, also absolutely great uh. Basically, simply, you can just uh disable uh limit the use of device by your childhood, so you can just simply set up here 10 31 hour or unlimited reward them with one hour and obviously i would always advise people who have a small kids, guys dont. Let them use phones as they want. This is a really bad thing to do as a parent. Remember that, of course you are your own parent, you can decide what you do, but just lets leave the kids alone a bit from technology. Let them just play around with normal stuff: man leave the phones when they grow up isnt it uh yeah lets go next now were gon na go with the face id then were gon na move to the fingerprint sensor.

Lets just use face id awesome, awesome guys for halo 82, its its its fast enough. Its fast enough lets go now with the fingerprint sensor. Women should work. I need to hold it. I need to hold it sorry for that, so i need to hold it a little bit longer. I wish that it has option to immediately recognize, while touching i does have. I just need to press it a little because its inside you can probably notice that the fingerprint sensor is a bit inside. That is fine, so its reliable and opens completely fine completely fine lets do next. Okay, so of course battery life of this device. One of the main setting points is the battery life, since it does have a very uh lets just say: a battery efficient chip, its not powerful it doesnt drain the battery crazy, since it can give you amazing performance, 7500 image battery in this device. Um good thing is the battery capacity. Bad thing is that it still has a low uh, basically lower charging speeds, the 10 watts the old old technology, but again guys its not 150 or 200. Then i would be complaining a lot, but for 100 bucks i cant complain that much. I know that a lot of american youtubers who suddenly they get these kind of cheap, four chinese phones and while using iphone 12 pro max or samsung s22 ultra and immediately they bash slash these kind of devices uh very stupid of them and its very, very childish.

Unbelievable that a reviewer can even that they exist like that. They should just leave their job and seriously. It makes no sense they, they cant separate their own world of disclaimer, rich, rich legislative phones, success and phones uh, and do basically projecting it over a cheap, cheap phone from china. Its import thats super stupid to do man super stupid, so guys screen on time. You can get around the play time for videos 14 to 16 hours depends if youre gon na put the brightness down and depends if youre gon na have mobile data or gps on. If you disable everything and just leave the wi fi and brightness on. I think you should get around 15 hours, uh audio. They say around 22 hours gaming. I think youre not going to get more than 10 hours for the gaming, and that should be good. Nevertheless, if i find free time later on to do a battery test with this device, i will do it guys uh for now lets move next to camera department were gon na find here the camera. I wish that its easier to find it, but its not its just over here here we go so with the camera, like i mentioned in the beginning, its samsung sensor, 30 megapixel uh, with aperture of f 1.8. I hope that is correct and a depth sensor. A single really small, dev sensor 2 megapixel guys while the front one is 5 megapixel pixel with aperture of f 2.

4, and what i love about it that the front selfie camera does offer 1080p resolution. Video recording and the back camera also offers 1080p video recording again guys. Just average cant praise the cameras at all for 100 bucks. Of course you should be satisfied. What do you get anyway? Lets go and i will show you samples, okay. This is right now: handheld footage test, 1080p resolution, walking phone average cameras, guy guys, nothing to say good about it to be honest, average average, and just this is right. Now the first selfie camera test uh with this hot wave. I hope im pronouncing the name, rugged device, selfie, camera 1080p. Handheld footage not bad guys, not bad. Okay, its medium passable password ill get a pass, hey guys, a small short test with the hero 82 and hot 12 t5 pro. What is cool about it that he does have a gyroscope? So all gyroscope, supported games with the aiming uh are running just really like superstars bullet force is one of them. Uh. This feature is absolutely good. So far, these kind of games run just fine here. The a22, how he killed me im, not sure just a small short test, so ah almost killed using fpp camera mode. The game runs better guys check this out. I think you guys notice this it does. It does run better. Has a more steady lets just say here: can even reach 30 fps check this out, guys 29 30 fps with this camera? So maybe you can just stick yeah, okay! So for the end, should you buy this cheap rugged device uh? What i noticed uh what they could improve and obviously the good size about it, were going to begin with, obviously with the good sides, just really a really great compact device, good battery more than good decent screen, like i told you, uh lets just say, a passable Audio side of this device, the cameras are also just passable average.

For this price tag. I cant man, especially now guys when everything went up with 50 100 up with the prices im, not sure how they can sell these phones for 100. I dont know man. I dont know how they earn, how they can uh pay the, how they can pay the staff and the workers and everything i just dont get them and 100 man 100 im, not sure how much its going to be shipping for the specific country, but hey ho Uh nevertheless, i wish that it does have a slightly better chip instead of the halo 82. I wish that they had had halo, p 22, but thats it thats it thats. The only thing guys thats the only thing it doesnt have nfc – does have waterproof dustproof shockproof military grade features. It does have an sd card expansion, it does have headphone jack, absolutely beautiful man, absolutely beautiful seriously. Fingerprint sensor works, face id works. Camera is just fine on the back. Battery is more than good uh. Regarding the gaming, of course, youre not gon na be able to play apex or lets just say, fortnite or asphalt, mono with the 30 or 60 fps full speed frame rate, but hey ho. Nevertheless, i do recommend this device guys since its very hard to find a better device that offers better specs for lets just say: cheaper price uh.