Here are six reasons why you should consider getting it right now and stay till the end of this video as ill. Let you know how you can get the vivo x80 series from only 60 ringgit per month, so keep watching Music. Now, before i go into the reasons to get the phone, let me go through the unboxing process, but before that, a huge disclaimer that this particular review unit comes with a media gift box. So its not the exact package that you would get so keep that in mind. So the media package box comes with a very huge size with an x logo in front with the vivo x80 series and co engineered with size stacks below. Then there is a tab on the right to open the box cover easily. Once the box flap is open. There are five individual box marked with text where firstly, theres the an elevated day box, where in there youll find the essenzo coffee, sashes and some earl grey tea from twinnings, then at the give yourself a break box, theres a nice vivo, x80 black color mug. Next, the a continuous connection box has the vivo 50 watts vertical flash charger nice. Then the im director box youll find a premium looking vivoki keychain below that the box title for midweek fulfillment has a tiny box of eureka, popcorn and finally, youll find the retail vivo x80 pro box over there and a movie like ticket at the back, and this Is to signify about vivo malaysia producing their short flames since the vivo x50 series until the x70 series, which ill link all those short films at the description below in case you havent seen it where all of these films were all shot using the vivo x series Smartphone then, taking a look at the retail box, there is the x80 pro and the co engineered with zeiss stacks in front and the phone specs at the back of the box.

Now opening the box youll immediately see the phone over there then below towards the right. There is a smaller box which has accessories that you could never imagine in year 2022, where firstly, theres a vivo, earphones and ear tips, a usb, a to usbc cable and an 80 watt. Flash charging adapter then towards the left other than the ceiling film. For the phone spots theres another smaller box, which has the same ejector, pin and a black premium, looking hard plastic case, wow guys what an unboxing experience right now as for reason, number one is the amazing cinematic camera. So what do you get when you bring together? A renowned optic specialist and a cutting edge smartphone maker. Well, you get one hell of a smartphone with a pro level imaging system as the vivo x80 pro camera system has been co engineered with zeiss for a few years now, giving you a fantastic cinematic tool in your hands now theres so much to say about the Phone but first lets start with the camera system on the rear, which uses the zeiss vario tesser optics with zeiss t star coating lens. Now when it comes to the camera specs. First, there is a 50 megapixel f 1.57 portrait lens that comes with the added micro gimbal for a groundbreaking image. Stabilization then theres also a 48 megapixel f, 2.2 ultra wide lens, a 12 megapixel, f, 50 mm telephoto lens and an 8 megapixel f, 3.

4 periscopic telephoto lens that is capable up to 5 times optical zoom and up to 60 times hyper zoom and based on my Quick test shots using all of the camera arrays. I love how real the images look with the size, color mode turned on where it produces a more realistic color, instead of adding that crazy amount of saturation and the unnecessary sharpness that other smartphones tend to do now. This optics also comes together nicely with vivos v1 plus chipset, and the 50 megapixel ultra sensing gnv sensor produces impressive, low light performance and details and with the ai video enhancement, you can even see lots of details even under a very dark environment. Now, what youll also enjoy is the very unique size camera interface, which makes shooting a pleasing experience, whether or not youre taking stills videos or even both the ui is very easy to understand and simple to navigate around then the zeiss cinematic video bokeh feature creates a Very unique bokeh shapes that you usually find on anamorphic lenses and with that it really raises the quality of your videos, and one could not even tell or even guess that it was shot on a smartphone Music now whats. Also impressive is vivo x80 pros active centering ois system, which optimizes stabilization for each video frame as seen over here and to push the stabilization further theres also the 360 degree horizontal leveling stabilization, which is only found on certain action cameras like djis osmo action, and this Gives you a super steady video? Even your whole world is shaking or even upside down as well now, while the vivo x80 pros key strength lies in the cinematic video lets not forget about the amazing photographic capabilities as well, because if you love those delicious blurred backgrounds, then the collection of zeiss bokeh Filters will be your best friend: where can you swipe through design, cinematic style bokeh like biota, cinematic, sonar, planner, distagon and other modes for that unique vocalicious? Look Music now moving on lets talk about the performance now the vivo x80 pro packs, with the top of the line: processor, the 4nm snapdragon, 8 gen, 1 chipset and, of course, coupled with vivos v1 plus chipset, which was customized by vivo, as mentioned earlier, with qualcomms Best, you can expect a tip top performance, especially silky, smooth gaming and, of course, very good power efficiency.

Now the phone also comes with a generous 12 gigabytes of lp ddr5 ram and 256 gigabytes of high speed, ufs 3.1 storage, which means theres ample amount of memory. For multitasking or playing games like pubg, mobile or even heavier games like engine impact and because of the high storage volume, you can store all that amazing cinematic videos and photos that youve taken without having any storage space. Anxiety. Next lets talk about the battery life and the charging capabilities. Now the vivo x80 pro comes with a built in large 4 700 milliamps of battery, which ensures a whole days worth of use and based on my usage, i always got a great screen on time of one and a half days, maybe just before 12 pm. However, with a heavy usage, especially on gaming and taking lots of videos, you may find the battery at low levels, but the good news is that charging the battery is crazy fast. It supports 80 watts flash charging, as seen in the unboxing, where the charger comes inside. Of the box, which can charge your phone from zero to 50 in just 11 minutes now. This means that you can plug your phone. Take a nice hot shower in the morning and once youre done, you have a fully used up phone now for those of you who subscribe to the wireless lifestyle. The good news is that youre gon na love, the 50 watts wireless flash charging, which gives you the option to charge quickly without having any wires.

So that was really nice to know now. Another reason to love the vivo x80 pro is the premium looking design now as clearly seen, it has a really premium elegant, look and it has a very unique rectangular camera design, which is inspired by rear cameras where it comes with a single cosmic black option, and I must say that it looks really good and premium, and it also feels good in the hands with an excellent slim profile and a matte frosted finish now. The phone matches at 164.57 by 75.3 by 9.1 mm and weighs just at 219 grams, where it also features an ip68 dust and water resistant for that extra durability. So no worries about dust and water, splashes and, of course, the occasional dunking, the phone in water too. As for reason, number five has to be the biometrics or the fingerprint sensor, where you find the cutting edge, ultrasonic large fingerprint sensor on the vivo x80 pro not only unlocks the phone accurately and instantly, but also enables you to open your favorite apps. Where, for me, is for youtube, and also facebook, as well with just a tap from the lock screen now, the fingerprint sensor also has the dual fingerprint authentication that lets you to level up. The security for apps, with two touches and registering your fingerprint, is also a very unique experience where you just need to tap your finger on the screen once just to register it and thats it, and on top of that, it also works.

If your finger is wet and the scanning area is really huge compared to any other smartphone ever and theres, also lots of customization as well like choosing different animation styles and also icon patterns too. So yes, this has to be the best fingerprint sensor that ive ever experienced on any smartphone at this moment, and last but not least, if youre a music fan like me or love, binge watching on netflix or even playing game, then the dual speaker system on the Vivo x80 pro will give you a fulfilling listening experience where the audio separation and the sound staging was really nice and wide too and heres a quick, sound test for several different audio playbacks: Music Music: oh Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, all right! So those are my six reasons for you to consider getting the vivo x80 pro and i have to say that just using the phone for only a week made my overall experience really great when i use it daily, and it is indeed a perfect companion for mobile Videography and photography as well now, as mentioned at the beginning of this video, if youre living here in malaysia through the maxis postpaid 188 plan, you can own the vivo x80 for only 60 ringgit per month, and this vivo x80 pro will be at 90 ringgit per Month, where it comes with 110 gigabytes of data, unlimited calls and sms, and up to four shared lines where, with the maxis postpaid 98, the vivo x80 goes for 90 ringgit per month, and the vivo x80 pro will be at 130 ringgit per month and also worth Mentioning is that the vivo x80 series is also available on xerolution maxis postpaid shaft 48, making it the lowest cost of ownership, with the all in monthly payment from only 145 ringgit.

Now, on top of that, with any vivo x80 series purchased from maxis also comes with free three months of phone theft and damage protection worth 99 ringgit for the x80 and 129 ringgit for the x80 pro and for more info on this, i will leave all the Links in the description below aside from that, thank you so much for watching.