We specifically work on different product reviews. Just for you. We took our time and invested our energy to do extensive research on different products available in the market coming from different brands. The research included is checking out all the exclusive features, the durability and also the reliability of the products. Our team is very experienced and theyre working relentlessly so that you can find your perfect product so be with us. Support us and pick your best product from one of them featured in the video. Thank you number five bullaphone armor thermal imaging camera, the integrated fleur thermal imaging camera with msx technology on the ulefone armor 9. Rugged phones can detect objects in the scene and create thermal images based on temperature abnormalities. It also features an external expansion port on the left bottom, which can connect to endoscope armor 9 features. Samsung g1 64 mp ultra high resolution image sensor with t tracel and integrated 3d hdr technology, capturing more detailed images and video, even in mixed and challenging lighting environment. Besides it supports underwater photography mode, you can easily capture every stunning moment whether you are swimming or diving. Armor 9 is powered mediatek, helio, p90 octa core ai processor, which not only more faster. The versatile can provide impressive imaging capabilities, 8 gb ram and 128 g brom of internal storage and additional 2tb external memory. Support check the description for details and prices. Number 4 blackvue. Bv9900, if you want to record the wonderful underwater world wild, diving or swimming, you should bring a gopro or wear a waterproof case for your phone, which is quite inconvenient, but now blackvue bv900 pro supports underwater photography enables you to take pictures and video recording underwater heart Rate value is measured by pressing your finger on the monitor it obtains users, heart rate data, by detecting the number of impulses per minute of the blood vessels on the users, detecting and analyzing.

Your personal heart rate of blood oxygen before during and after exercise can include the intensity and effort of the exercise. Blackvue bv9900. Pro rugged cell phone supports wireless charging. To save you, the hassle of dealing with messy cables, just drop it on the charging pad and watch everything light up. It gives you ultimate freedom from cables to charge up when youre on the go check. The description for details and prices number three plum: gator. 7. The gator 7 is made of shock resistant material, a 5.7 hd plus corning gorilla glass, 3 screen with a surrounding rubber frame. The gator 7 meets the highest standard of waterproofing, and is i 69 certified built in nfc feature, provides a simple, fast and convenient way in daily life. You can get a prepaid bus, pass, electronic access, credit card etc. Face unlock will help you quickly access your personal phone. These quick unlock methods make your life more convenient, just a glance, and your identity can be recognized to unlock your phone. The gator 7 is equipped with a 8mp rear camera that is set to capture great moments and a face fronting 5mp camera with exquisite selfies, the gator 7 rugged unlocked android phone is packed with m 6761 processor to offer fast and fluent handling speed. This enables you to run multitask watch movies and play demanding games smoothly. The 3gb plus 32 gb internal storage can totally satisfy your daily use, store the files images music.

You want, while 120 8gb storage expansion, supported check the description for details and prices. Number two samsung galaxy xcover pro do more with a single device capture, worksite comments, view pictures in high resolution and access key line of business applications all while keeping your gloves on with enhanced touch and glove touch capability, galaxy x, cover pro will react to you and Your conditions, and not the other way around your work, does not stop, and neither does the galaxy x cover pro with a replaceable long, lasting slash, fast charging battery, which keeps your day going without interruption, create edit and collaborate all day, and if the job is still Not done you can now simply and quickly, remove and replace your battery to keep on going, no need to worry about where your job takes you or how youll protect your device. The galaxy x cover pro is rugged yet elegantly designed. It boasts a 6.3 edge to edge display featuring corning gorilla glass. 5. galaxy x cover pro features, two programmable butts to support functionality such as push to talk scanning another frequently used line of business applications check the description for details and prices number one alcove w5. The rugged phone alcohol w5 is, i 68. Waterproof operating temperature range is 10xc to 7, tight xc specific for outdoor use, with drop proof, waterproof and dust proof. Alco w5 cell phone is equipped with forks cortex, 6761 processor and pure android 10, which can provide an incredibly remarkable system operating experience with 4gb ram plus 32 gb.

Rom storage expands to 128 gb. The mobile phone has enough space to download all your favorite music videos and photos. The battery of w5 rugged cell phone is a thousand a ma. Apple w5 smartphone can even act as a power bank.