This features ztes third generation under display selfie camera, giving it a truly immersive screen, were looking at a 6.8 inch, full hd, plus amoled display with curved edges and a refresh rate that can automatically flip between 60 or 120 hertz. Even if youre perfectly fine with the hole planche, you cannot deny just how good the screen looks without one come on now. It just looks better look really really closely and you can sort of make out the outline of the camera, but otherwise you wouldnt even know its there alright. So they did a good job, hiding the cameras. But what are the selfies like yeah its still? Not that great its actually pretty underwhelming when you compare to a proper selfie camera. This literally feels like a camera from like 10 to 15 years ago. Unfortunately, thats just a trade off for these under display cameras. Right now, if you like your selfies, this aint gon na cut it paired with that awesome, all screen display are dual steering speakers tuned by dts. The cutout at the top here made me think that thats, where the top speaker was but no its actually where the earpiece is some sound, does come through the cutout and there is a mic in there. But yeah, not an actual speaker. Id rank the sound quality. A notch below top end samsung and apple devices, id like more bass and at high volumes. The sound can pierce your ears a little bit, which you know isnt ideal, but overall the speakers complement the screen quite nicely theres, also an optical fingerprint scanner under the display.

I do like the location because thats, where my thumb naturally lands this one works, really well, so no complaints from me. So we know the phones, design, isnt gon na win any awards for originality, but at least they changed up the finish. It has a soft matte texture that almost shimmers when light hits it. I like it for the most part, youre looking at a typical top end android phone in terms of specs, but it does lag behind in a couple of areas. The phone only has an ip52 water, slash dust resistance rating and it doesnt support wireless charging. Considering that even mid range phones, these days are rated ip68 and can charge wirelessly. I like to see both on here too. Another highlight at least on paper is that there are three 64 megapixel cameras on the back. The main camera takes pictures that are equivalent to a 35 millimeter lens, meaning theyre a little more zoomed in than a typical smartphone camera, for example, heres the main lens compared to the z full 3.. The telephoto lens gives you 2.6 times optical zoom, and up to 40 times digital, this actually turned out to be my favorite lens on the phone. I really like the extra reach for framing subjects and yeah. It was just a lot of fun to use this phone. Also has a ton of camera modes; it actually might be too many, but one of my favorites is multi camera.

Basically, it lets you hit the shutter once and capture a picture from all three lenses. At the same time, such a cool way to capture multiple perspectives. In one shot, one annoyance you might have noticed is that there is a big color temperature difference between all three lenses, which is obviously not ideal. Overall, while im not blown away, ive been pretty satisfied with the pictures taken on this phone, i think theyve done a good job, not overdoing the processing and keeping things more true to life. Hdr can be very hit or miss, though, and youll get a ton of blown highlights, especially with backlit scenes. One of the software bugs ive run into is with the video recording whenever i try to switch to the telephoto lens, the camera app crashes every single time. So yeah, i cant, really show you any video samples from that lens at all. Zte says that you can technically record up to 8k video on every lens, which is impressive, but probably overkill for most of us. What i do like is that it can actually do 4k at 120 frames per second. Then, when you go to view your footage, you can choose which parts of the video you want to slow down for that slow mo cinematic look but anyways. While you check out some 4k video filmed with this phone, let me quickly talk about todays, video sponsor surfshark. So surfshark is a vpn that encrypts all your data before it goes over the internet, so people you dont, want having access to your personal information wont, have access to it, especially relevance on sketchy, public wi fi.

One of my favorite features is that you can use search to access content that might be blocked in your country. As a canadian. I love that i can watch those from the us, maybe south korea or just anywhere. I want and theres no limit to the number of devices you can connect at once, so keep the whole family secure too click the link below and use my promo code, tau youll get 83 off and three months completely free. The phone runs android 12 with ztes. My os 12 skin on top, if youve, never used a zte phone before the automatic assumption, is that oh, its got to be full of third party apps and other bloatware right. But this is one of the cleanest phones when it comes to pre installed. Apps theres. Only like two zte apps that you cant uninstall but hey at least you can disable them diving into the settings. I actually like that theyve made things a little more visual by adding large images of the different options like, for example, you can change up the animation speed and even the icon shapes. This is far from the most feature pack skin ive tested, but theyve thrown in a couple of really handy ones that i can see a lot of people actually using this shake to turn on the flashlight is something i wish more phones had in the box. Youll also get a 65 watt charging, brick a usbc cable, a headphone dongle and a fairly basic clear case.

This phone has a 5 000 milliamp hour battery and ive been ending most days with, like 30 to 40 left charge. Times are great too youll get about 40 in 15 minutes 70 and 30 minutes, and a full charge should take just around 45 minutes. A big part of why i think the battery has been so good is that the adaptive refresh rate on here is really really aggressive. Most third party apps that support and would normally run at 120 hertz on other phones run at 60hz on here, ive tried, locking the refresh rate to 120 hertz for a couple days and yeah. The battery does drain more but still gets me through a day Music. Like anything else, theres pros and cons here, youre getting likely the most immersive screen on a phone and pretty good camera hardware too, with the triple 64 megapixel lenses. Unfortunately, the under display camera takes very underwhelming selfies, its missing a couple flagship features and the phone needs an update or two to clean up some of the bugs at the suggested retail price theres. Just so many question marks around their update policy. Zte informed me that you can expect security patches every three months, but no confirmation on anything outside of that, but hey if youre, okay with the drawbacks and want to experience this awesome screen for yourself ill put it this way. I dont think youll be disappointed by it as usual.