I know how competitive and unique your category can be so to see thats a job well done now. My job is to look for potential opportunities with sellers who prioritize on amazon and, if its okay, with you id like to show you a module that you have for this listing, which takes up a lot of real estate and youre, not using it. In addition to a couple of other things, my name is sean and im an account manager with my amazon guy. So listen im going to pack this full of valuable information. Itll help drive sales ill, get to that module in just a minute, but coming over here utilizing this tool. We use this to look at your keywords and im noticing that theyre really low, even considering how long youve been on amazon. So no sponsor keywords and only 138 organic keywords and considering youve been on amazon for over two years. I want to say closer to three: this is extremely low. Your organic keywords are extremely low. They typically should be in the thousands um, so we also recommend a one to two ratio here so for everyone sponsored, you have two organic, but again both these numbers are really low. Now i wan na lets, look and see how youre performing with the keywords that you have so im gon na get out of the way here and look i sorted by the most frequently used keywords: uh you see and its such an interesting niche product that you Have reading glasses, glasses reading glasses men aquarium ruler, youve got a lot of rulers tools.

Things like that in here im, just really youre, not indexing for any of these lets see where you finally show up. Ah, here we go on the recon t1 tomahawk digital tape, measure youre organically 46, so thats, where you first show up um, see yeah, i think for glasses. You should show up too, because truthfully, i never knew that you could get a tool like this. I wear contacts and i wear glasses. I never knew you got. You could get a tool like this um at home right to test your eyesight at home, and i think its really great im just looking here and im, seeing why i never saw a tool like this, because youre really not advertising your your exposure is so so Limited so let me let me show you what i mean. Oh look at this here. We go ppd measurement tool right, thats, exactly what your product is right, youre organically, ranked though 86, which means thats pages deep um and 543 people are looking for a ppd measurement tool on amazon this month alone and just to give you an idea so youre going To have all the sponsored ads that are showing up before yours, plus the 85 other organic ads that are going to show up before years. So i want you to have an idea of how much revenue is going to be generated by the words ppd measurement tool. On amazon this month, over 3 million dollars, and that equates to 36 million a year.

So what i mean is your organics need to be improved, knowing that theres, this much revenue out there and where you are ranked organically its going to be very hard for you to get any of this revenue. So i do recommend improving your organics and certainly adding some sponsor keywords there too. Now i did find this listing by taking pupillary distance tool from your title, and i found this listing here now not doing any product comparisons. I just want to show you what theyre doing differently with their advertising theyre doing more and what theyre doing is giving them far more exposure its enabling them to sell more than you. You know they theyre not doing much but theyre doing more than double what youre doing so theyre, showing up in over 515 different search variations youre only showing up in 300, so theyre getting nearly double the exposure that you are um so, and that was just a Cheap little tape thing that i found so yours is definitely a nicer product um, so many benefits to it, its more interactive with your mobile phone, so i can definitely see it having more of a draw if you were enabling your listing to be more exposed. So lets look at you know what i want to show you something that we do in phase three of our three phase seo process. So right now, youve got 20 keywords. More than 10 of your organic keywords are ranked in spots 20 through 50 and because of that youre really not benefiting from that organic traffic.

So our focus would be to lift you up in the rank. So, instead of being in spot 22 for pd ruler or 46 for this tomahawk digital tape, measure wed have you in the top 10., and this would certainly make a big impact in terms of traffic and conversion and sales. Now lets talk about the fun stuff coming over to your listing, so i did go through your images and i love the video right. The video is really what tells the story, but your images need to do a better job of telling the story too. You need infographics, so youve got great models. I love that youve got these images like this wonderful job. You need infographics, though, to explain. You know how these are used. What you know just point out some things on the infographics um, because you may be missing out on consumers who dont want to watch the video, so the infographics can tell that story if they dont. The other thing is, is your title short? You can go up to 200 characters and its the first place that amazon looks to for your organic keywords. Youve only got 81 characters. You can put another 120 characters in your title, so i love that your brand registered and im gon na get to that module here in just a second but heres. Another reason why your organic keywords are so low. Each bullet here can have 250 characters, so you can more than triple the amount of content that you have here lets see if your company now theyre not doing it, but you should be.

You should be. This is where organics come from right. Your title about this item section: in addition, they come from your enhanced brand, a plus content. So let me show you that module that youre, not using if you do anything today, please do this login to seller, central and just above product description. You see a brand story thats where you can put the iq logo talk about how you got your start. Why you do what you do? What makes you so unique and special? You can even include a hyperlink to your brand store im scrolling down here, all right. So youve got nearly the same images as above and and kind of basic information. I would really kind of blow up your a plus content with wonderful images. 500 words of copy two without 500 to a thousand. You could take out these commas in your alt text. Dont need to do that. This is duplicated too. You dont need to do that um. I would update your alt text, absolutely update that you can add so much more. This takes a hundred characters and youre, maybe using 20, so in each one. There so definitely update your alt text and then, lastly, a product grid down at the bottom, with your other products that is shown to increase your average order value. So listen here at my amazon guy were a 225 person agency. We manage over 200 brands, giving our clients peace of mind, knowing that amazon is handled so that they can focus on their business.

But id love the opportunity to chat with you or your team, so go ahead and click that link in my email that reads book. A call snag yourself, a free consultation and then once you do that ill email out that competitor analysis, but hey thanks.