This is a proper premium flagship smartphone through and through boston, proper game and grunt, clever camera tech and also a full view display theres, no notch or selfie orifice. Here, thanks to ztes fresh new, updated under display camera tech woof, the zt axon 40 ultra goes on sale globally. On june, the 21st and heres a video of me pulling it out of this here box and banging on about it a lot and for more on the latest and greatest tech. Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers so first up, what do you get in that rather lovely box? Well, youve got an actually quite dinky power, adapter 65 watts bundled in the box. A rather delightful usb c. Cable youve got some earphones bundled in there, and they are actually your regular 3.5 mil efforts as well, which made me think. Oh, my god, the zt axon 40 ultra actually has a headphone jack, but no dont get your hopes up its complete lies. There is no headphone jack on here, so youre, basically freaking useless, and you got your usual prophylactic case to keep the zt axon 40 ultra safe from harm with a comedically, huge camera cut out there, and that is well and truly that so here we have the Zte axon 40 ultra and its obvious from the minute you pull the wrapping off this thing that its a premium device through and through just looks very very sleek.

204 grams got a decent heft to it as well. It is a six point, eight inches, so its almost as good as some of the biggest smartphones of 2022, including likes the s22 ultra and, like the ultra, its got that curved display that just slopes off around the left and right edges as well and very skinny. Bezels above and below that massive display too, but of course, the most striking aspect of the zt axon 40 ultras design is the fact that youve got absolutely bugger all notch or selfie orifice action up here at the top end. This is thanks to ztes latest super snazzy upgraded under display camera technology. Theyve had a couple of bashes at this before, and you can generally see that under display selfie camera quite easily through the top layers. I found that, especially when you tilt the screen at an angle. It became all the more obvious, but i got ta say here on the axon 40 ultra. They have done a bang up job if you spend a very long time trying different backgrounds and squinting very hard and kind of shifting around to different angles. You can just about notice it on occasion, but honestly, this thing is very, very discreet. It is hidden away. Incredibly well, the zte axon 40 ultra is constructed from gorilla glass front and back and thats separated by a very slender strip of metal now back end. Certainly, doesnt look or feel like glass, thanks to the frosted matte finish, which is actually really really good at repelling greasy fingerprints and all kinds of muck got ta see it ive been fingering it pretty hard, since i got it out so to speak and as you Can see still looks pristine? I have to say, though, that camera bump is rather bloody massive, at least in terms of width and height.

It doesnt actually jut too far at the back end of the axon 40, which is a relief and, if youre, hoping for a selection of different colors with the axon 40 ultra, where you might be disappointed because it comes in black and thats it basically not much Else to speak about as far as the design goes, youve got your ir blaster up top and a speaker down below youve got another speaker types, the usb port and a sim tray and, of course, no headphone jack. So, on the software side of things, what youve got here is, of course, android 12, as you would hope for and also the my ios 12 launcher is squatting on top of that, as merely as can be nothing particularly revolutionary as far as these chinese launchers go. But it does have a pretty stock android vibe, which is always good to see. You got your usual apps train or google discover feed, and i cant see a way of actually bringing that in from the home screen settings. There is a display, google app option, but that seems to do bugger all and mercifully, because this is a 6.8 inch behemoth. You can drag down the notifications bar from anywhere on the desktop so theres a one handed mode as well, which there you go usually takes me a couple of uh stamps to actually get it to load up. You just got to swipe down at the bottom edge of the screen.

Basically, definitely always delighted by a bit of one handed help as i have quite stubby little fingers, and it would take a good long while to go through all the other bonus bits packed away into my os because theres quite a lot. Personalization settings youve got loads to tinker about with. Here you can add themes mess around with the look of the icons the fingerprint animation has gotten always on display. You can get that on a custom schedule if you want otherwise showing all of the time and as you can see, there are lots of different efforts to choose between and fan favorites like the zte locker or back in action as well just displaying a different wallpaper. Every time you switch on the phone zt is also choked in a screen edge. Miss touch prevention tool as well, which is set to light by default and touchwind. So far, ive had no issues with that whatsoever. My palm flab doesnt seem to be uh buggering up the phone when it sort of intrudes ever so slightly on that screen and then, of course, youve got all the usual android shenanigans as well, including those fantastic android, 12 privacy features always good to see and on A security tip while the zt axon 40 ultra sports and in display fingerprint sensor. It is a basic optical scanner rather than an ultrasonic sensor, which a lot of rivals like the s22 series, for instance sport. But at least that scanner is positioned quite high up.

The display so youre not like reaching all the way down here for it and so far touchwood seems very reliable indeed, and yes, that selfie camera does support, face, unlock as well and again. Touchwood seems to do the job just tap that power button it scans. For you, and despite the fact that it is buried away, underneath that display ive had no real issues with it, certainly as long as youve got some decent lighting, so plenty to play around with here. As for the storage, while youve got a choice of 128 or 256 gigs of ufs 3.1 space, as you can see there, this is the 128 gig base model, not too much space taken up by system files either. The bulk of this is just bloody gentian impact as usual and sadly, as with most premium smartphones in 2022, there is no support for microsd memory cards. Just a double sided sim tray. Now that 6.8 inch amoled screen is an absolute stunner. It is a full hd plus panel thats, 2480 by 1116, and to be fair, like every other premium. Smartphone out there these days that oled screen pumps out bright, sharp punchy images, certainly ideal for kicking back with some disney plus some netflix or whatever, even a good bit of your favorite, bold tech, youtuber youve got your wide viewing angles. Youve got eye serum output when you bump that brightness up to maximum levels, certainly fine for outdoor visibility. Contrast is perfectly sharp.

Some nice, deep blacks, but, of course the big whoop of the zt axon 40 ultras display is the fact that it is a full view. Panel unhindered by notches or selfie cam cutouts, it is a cinephiles wit dream, like no other smartphones out. There can offer this sort of experience, apart from the likes of the sony xperia one mark iv. If you dive on into the display settings theres plenty to tinker about with here, youve got the usual nightlight youve got a reading mode, which just makes things a bit easier on the eye. If you are just enjoying some text, you can play around with the color output, and this display does top off at 120 hertz refresh rate as well, im, not sure if its ltp or tech, though so im, not sure if it drops as low as one hertz. When the screen is barely in use and then as for the audio wallet, is a stereo speaker setup, as you can see, both speakers mounted on the edges of the device so lets crank up the volume see if its actually good chipset, which has been packed into Loads of other phones, including the black shark, 5 gaming handset, the mortal h20 pro, the poco f4, of course, so overall good stuff pump up that volume and youll have no problem whatsoever enjoying a youtube video, even in a fairly sort of noisy environment uh. The top speaker isnt quite as powerful as the bottom speaker, theres a slight imbalance, but, to be honest, its not really noticeable when you are just watching a video or whatever its, not unless you like muffle the speakers that you sort of really can pick up on.

That fact and the audio quality is absolutely fine, as i say again just for you know, kicking back with a video or two if youre going to be enjoying some music youre going to want to get connected with some bluetooth 5.2 action, your usual codec support for Dtsx ultra support on this thing as well, so no massive shocks when it comes to what powers the zte axon 40 ultra. It is, of course, qualcomms mega mighty snapdragon 8 gen1 chipset, backed here by 8 gigs of ddr5 ram. Although you can upgrade that to 12 gigs, if you want everyday performance perfectly smooth, strong benchmarking scores as you would expect, but theres only one true test for the performance, and that is a good bit of gention. So i booted up gentian impact boosted, the graphics settings. All the way up to the maximum levels, with 60 frames per second active as well, and i got ta admit my first experiences gaming here on the axe and 40 ultra, not fantastic. The screen sensitivity went a bit all over the place with the multi touch. So my character would start running about the place, even though my fingers werent anywhere near that left edge of the screen, which made batlin griblys kind of difficult got. My arse absolutely handed to me even worse than normal, but thankfully a swift reboot of the axon 40 ultra seemed to sort it out and touchwood thats an issue that wont crop up again with that little bug kicked right in the crotch.

The gaming experience here on the axon 40 ultra was pretty good. The frame rate stayed nice and stable, very rare, to see any kind of proper jutter or stumble uh. Even when things get pretty intensive, though got ta say after a fair bit of gaming. On this phone, the top end was starting to heat up rather badly thats, despite the fact that youve got a nine layer, cooling system packed inside of here, including a vapor chamber, a bit of thermal gel, all the usual shenanigans. I wasnt massively surprised that it was heating up, given that it is quite a slender smartphone. So if you are going to be looking for a phone to game on for a long period quite regularly, then you might want to look elsewhere, but otherwise just a half hour here, an hour there on a good bit extension, no worries and naturally youve got your 5G support youve got your wi fi 6e support, so no issues on the connectivity, so the wi fi, nice and nippy. I downloaded that gentian impact file in absolutely record time and im certainly impressed on the battery front as well, because in that slender chassis, its packed a 5 000 milliamp hour capacity cell and that certainly seems to be doing the job im down to 47 battery thats. After several hours of screen on time now for lots of streaming of media, a good bit of gention, of course, ive been streaming some deezer and some podcasts and everything as well.

So i reckon this thing will see you through the day, no worries whatsoever when it does come time to recharge as well. No worries there because the zt axon 40 ultra support 65 watt fast charging yeah its not quite as impressive as a lot of rivals from like some xiaomi and really youve, spat out 150 watt fast charging, for instance, but you know plug it in for 10 minutes. Youll get enough charge to see through a few hours of use. Unfortunately, though, no wireless charging support, or certainly at the very least it didnt, seem to like my wireless charging, pads that i tested it with so thats a bit of a bum, especially as its a pretty standard feature for premium smartphones. So now, dear friends, lets finish up this zte axon 40 ultra unboxing, with a squint at a triple 64 meg camera setup. That primary camera sensor is a 64 megapixel sony imx 787, with built in optical image. Stabilization. The shutter speed is reasonably quick as long as it isnt low light conditions, in which case sometimes it takes its sweet time to process the image and the focal speed nice and nippy as well as you can see. There zt actually refers to the primary shooter as the humanity camera saying that its the perfect way to capture living subjects, and certainly i agree so far – my test shots came out really really nice. The portrait mode in particular, really helps to highlight your subject, keeps them nice and sharp in focus.

While the background is blurred out with a bokeh style effect, the action 40 ultra doesnt shoot its pants when theres, strong contrast or particularly bright light about as well. It does really really well in daylight and also in more ambient conditions as well. Once you move indoors, the images dont get particularly soft or grainy color reproductions still strong as well. Just remember to turn the stupid watermark off, like i didnt when it comes to night shots, we do have that night mode which can help to brighten things up a bit. The zt xn40 ultra isnt, quite as impressive as some rivals, but itll do the job. In a pinch, as you can see there, the camera ui is pretty dense as well absolutely packed with different tools and features, including the usual ai scene, recognition its your got a good bit of filter action too. There is a pro mode if you want it its a pretty good one as well. You got a good bit of histogram action who doesnt love that you can play around with, like the white balance, the focus and, of course, shoot in raw format. If that is your bag, youve got dedicated portrait and night modes and just bugger tons of other stuff that you can piddle about with. If you want to and youve even got a moon mode and a story sky mode which apparently can pick out star constellations for you when you aim at the camera up at the night sky.

Unfortunately, i live in britain, where theres constantly a thick, dense layer of cloud, maybe ill get a chance to test that out. If i ever go off to australia or something the second shooter slapped on the back end of this phone is yet another 64 meg imx 787 sensor, but this time its an ultra wide angle, shooter with a 16 mil focal length. So, as you can see, this offers a more pulled back view of the action when you need to fit a bit more into frame or you just want particularly dramatic results, and then last up is a 64 meg periscope shooter with a 5.7 times optical zoom. This maxes out at 40 times zoom when you crop in and youve got optical image, stabilizations that everything isnt shaking about on the screen when you do zoom right in thankfully – and i got ta – say its a pretty good one as well. Definitely no complaints here, its one of the better telephoto shooters that ive tested out lately, although obviously not quite on the level of the likes of the samsung galaxy s22 ultra with its mega bonkers spear zoom. If you like to shoot horror movies, well, youll probably get on pretty well with the zt axon 40 ultra, because, as you can see, they can shoot ultra hd 4k resolution, video at 30 or 60 frames per second. Otherwise. Youve also got the option to shoot with 8k, and that is with all three lenses impressively, unfortunately seems a little bit buggy at the moment.

Hopefully this will be sorted soon, but i cant shoot ak video with the primary lens and also with the ultra wide angle lens, although you cant actually swap between them as youre shooting. You have to choose one and then off you go, but when i try shooting with the telephoto lens, as you can see there, it just guffs out a camera unavailable, error message and then crashes. The camera up, hopefully theyll, be uh, be fixing that in an update of course, this phone is pre released, so it is early software, so uh. You know dont worry too much about that, and then last of course cannot forget that 16 megapixel selfie shooter buried away. Underneath the display, and unfortunately, the quality of the selfies is impacted somewhat by the fact that it is tucked away underneath the screen. You dont quite get the same crisp detail the same, accurate tones that you would do with a standard, selfie camera and especially when youre shooting indoors in more ambient light images, look very grainy. Indeed, i mean just just just what even is that and if you want to shoot a bit of video of yourself with that front facing selfie cam. Well, this tops off at full hd resolution or 4k or 8k shenanigans for you. Unfortunately. But i reckon that, even if you could shoot at ultra hd level, probably would look fantastic similar to the selfie stills spaffed out by this thing and there you have it my pretties.

That, in a nutshell, is the fresh new zte accent, 40 ultra flagship smartphone and i got ta, say yeah theres, a couple of compromises in there, including the usual lack of a headphone jack. Despite the tease of the earphones being bundled in the box, the lack of micro sd memory card support as well for expanding that storage and yeah. Those selfies look rather balls, but if you can put up with all of that, and frankly, i hate taking selfies anyway. I only do it because of this bloody job, so i can quite happily live without ever doing that ever again. Theres a lot to love here, including, of course, the fantastic full view display the sleek design, the dependable performance and the excellent battery life as well. So are you tempted by the zt axon 40 ultra, as i say, it goes on sale soon globally, so be interesting to hear your thoughts down in the comments below. Please do poke subscribe to dig that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest tech. Love yourselves, a really wonderful rest of the week.