Today i have this honor magic for ultimate edition yeah. I have used honor magic 4 pro as my daily drive for almost one month and then after i have moved to another smartphone yeah. This smartphone. This one is a bit different: there is no punch hole for selfie camera, because selfie camera is actually hidden under the display yeah thats. Why i like this one and im using this smartphone as my daily drive yeah, i will definitely do a review video of this smartphone, but today we are gon na talk about this honor magic for ultimate edition, as i have almost loved honor magic 4 pro. I have very high hopes and very high expectations from this honor magic for ultimate edition, well its time to put these two smartphones away, because im gon na use this honor magic for ultimate edition for a while as my primary drive and then i can share my Honest opinion with you lets start from unboxing, but before we start this video one request, if you end up liking this video, then please click on the like button and subscribe to this channel like and subscription. Both the buttons are over. There smash that, like button and hit on the subscription button well lets do the unboxing and check what things we have got inside this honor magic for ultimate edition box. After opening the box. The first thing you will notice is the gorgeous and beautiful honor magic for ultimate very tempting.

Usually i unwrap the phone after checking all the accessories. However, this time lets unwrap the phone first, its really gorgeous lets check what other accessories we have got in this premium package owner ships, this ultimate edition with the same 100 watt charger that comes in the pro package. There is a usb a2 usbc charging cable and a set of weird earbuds. This is a bit disappointing. Cause owner could have easily provided a set of bluetooth earbuds inside the box. There is a protective case included in the box, which offers less protection and hurts more by covering up all the rear panel design, not a good inclusion. Underneath the protective case, there is a tiny little box which contains warranty papers and a sim ejector tool Music. Before we move forward, lets quickly check the specification and price of this ultimate edition, its not even released in the global market. So i believe, when honor will release this in the global market, the price will be a bit higher than what it is now in the chinese market. Whatever the performance is honor magic for ultimate is a gorgeous smartphone. It looks stunning, even if this design reminds me of a very expensive huawei smartphone. I really like this design that huge rear camera block amazing honor has given it a fancy name eye of muse, certainly like the name, it looks fancy the moment you will hold this in your hand, you will have an instant shiver of excitement, joyful feelings about its Top class build quality.

The display panel is protected by glass, but the rear panel is ceramic which actually has added a bit of a weight: honor magic for ultimate weighs 247 grams, while honor magic, 4 pro weighs 218 grams side by side, honor magic 4 pro looks so boring and monotonous. Besides this honor magic for ultimate the rear panel design, rear camera setup and all together, it feels like honor magic 4. Pro is a budget device, while honor magic for ultimate is a premium device side by side. Both are pretty identical. All the buttons are on the right side. If you check the top, there is no way to differentiate between the pro and the ultimate version, its the same at the bottom part, and if we continue to find similarities, magic for ultimate will become an identical device to magic 4 pro. The only difference is the rear panel and fancy rear camera setup, which actually looks more like this huawei mate, 40 rs porsche edition. If you check the curves and the design language, if you have the opportunity to hold these two phones side by side, then you will notice the similarities in a moment. Honor being an independent company should start having a new design for their premium flagships. If you check this honor magic for ultimate side by side with huawei, mate, 40 rs porsche edition, then ok not much of a change in design. One thing that makes me a bit sad is, i think, honor didnt try hurt to get a partnership with leica if they could manage to partner with leika.

That would be amazing. Both the ultimate and the pro edition of honor magic 4 series comes with the same 6.81 inches fhd plus 1312 by 2848 ltp oled panel, with 460 pixels per inch density. Both supports hdr, 10 plus and can reproduce 1 billion colors. It has memc display chipset. It also has 1920 hertz pulse with modulation dimming, which helps a lot to reduce eye strain. There is no difference in display hardware between the pro and the ultimate edition. However, there is a difference in color calibration honor magic 4 ultimate has a bit pale colors and a bit too sharp calibration, while the magic 4 pro display reproduces a much more realistic, yet vivid, colors. Moreover, the eye, comfort or blue light shields works better in honor magic 4 pro i would go with honor magic 4 pro display panel over honor magic for ultimate, both the honor magic 4 pro and the honor magic for ultimate comes with the same dual speakers, stereo Setup there is no difference in hardware, but the performance of honor magic 4 pro is better than honor magic for ultimate. I really dont know why this ultimate edition even exists. Next im just doing my best, even though im so stressed out, everything just feels like a test that i feel so depressed when i cant seem to get out Music somewhere on the internet. I have read that this honor magic 4 ultimate is rated as the number one camera smartphone at this moment.

It was really hard for me to believe this, so i wanted to check by myself. They have used samsung iso cell gn2 as the main sensor. There are two ov 64b from omnivision one for ultrawide and another for 3.5 times optical zoom, and there is a color filter sensor. They have also added a 8×8 dtof in terms of hardware. Honor magic for ultimate comes with one of the best setup, but how does it perform in real life? I have tried to compare honor magic for ultimate with vivo x80. Pro here are some photos you check by yourself. The original photos are uploaded to our telegram group. Also dont forget that i have done a separate camera comparison, video between honor magic for ultimate sony, xperia, one mark iv and samsung galaxy s22 ultra. If you are interested in camera performance, then you should check that video Music, a lot of people, trust and like antutu benchmark, but i dont rather, i prefer 3dmark, especially the wildlife extreme stress test of 3dmark. This offers useful information about both the cpu and gpu performance. Moreover, we can check whether there is any cpu throttling or not. I wish this test will be the standard benchmark in everyones review or comparison video. I have added redmi k50 pro and real media 3, because i want you to know and understand that a higher price tag doesnt guarantee better performance, also at the same time, benchmark results may not always show how a smartphone performs in real life as expected, top or Peak score of honor magic, 4, pro and honor magic for ultimate is way higher than redmi k50 pro, but in terms of stability, redmi, k50 pro and real medita3 is far ahead.

Considering the price of real medio 3, we can afford to buy four real me gt. Neo3 at the price of one honor magic for ultimate, but in terms of stability and steady performance, real medio3 is far better than honor magic for ultimate. After checking the battery temperature and performance range redmi k50 pro is a way better choice than both the honor magic. 4 series – smartphones, real medita3 doesnt, belong to this segment, but it offers way better value for money. If you are looking for a great gaming device, then redmi k50 pro is far better than honor magic for ultimate well. Do these benchmark scores actually mean anything in real life gaming. The truth is honor magic for pro gaming performance is way better than honor magic for ultimate playing games. Impact on this honor magic, 4 ultimate is like a torture. After playing this game for 30 minutes, it has started to lag generated. High heat like i could fry an egg on it. No, i would never buy this smartphone to play games awful throttling and one of the worst heat management im truly frustrated anyway. If you still want to play games impact on this honor magic for ultimate edition, you will get around 29 to ‘ frames on game change. Impact for 20 to 30 minutes and then after 30 minutes it will go down to 18 to 27 frames per second honor magic for ultimate runs on honors own android, skin magic ui.

You will enjoy magic ui6 on top of android 12 out of the box, because magic ui is actually a very smooth android skin. Like many other brands, honor also has a clone phone application, so it is easy to get a flying start by copying. All the data from a previously used honor smartphone, even if this is a super flagship. The fingerprint sensor of this honor magic for ultimate is not that good. It is even worse than honor magic. 4 pro. I am truly speechless. Oh yeah, like magic 4 pro there is a much safer face, unlock option available in magic for ultimate im, really sorry to see that honor didnt even try to improvise the same old story. 50 watt wireless charging – and it is not even available until you enable that fast mode which is hidden somewhere in the battery settings. All these are almost acceptable, but what i really hate is i have managed to squeeze only 5 hours and 50 minutes of screen on time im a bit surprised because magic 4 pro goes beyond 7 hours after disabling many options and decreasing the frame rate. I have managed to get 6 hours and 20 minutes of screen on time, still im a bit sad and confused okay, its time for verdict. But before i say anything, please dont forget to watch the camera comparison. Video between the samsung galaxy s22 ultra sony xperia. One mark iv and honor magic for ultimate edition honor magic for ultimate edition is definitely overrated and overpriced.

There is no way im gon na recommend this smartphone to my subscribers and regular viewers. If you have money thats burning your pocket, then go ahead. Waste your money, but truly its impossible for me to recommend that smartphone. I have almost loved honor magic 4 pro and i am still using a very old honor smartphone, but honor magic for ultimate edition, thats, really a very overrated and overpriced smartphone thats. My verdict. I would like to know what you think about this smartphone. Please make a comment and share your thoughts and ideas. If you have liked this video, then please click on the like button and subscribe to this channel.