Today i have something for you know what is this, of course i have yeah. I can make out whats that is it new phone? Yes, new phone yeah! Oh, you want to solve your new phone right of course. Yes, because you know the honor company, they gave me a new 5g phone. The new honor magic 4 pro 5g phone. They gave me for the review. Oh really, yeah, yeah its really great yeah. You want to see yeah. Let me see, let me see no, no! No! No! Let me unboxing. Okay! Go to golden box! Unboxing! Okay, wow! Okay, lets open wow, okay, okay, wow! The screen size is uh. Six point: eight one inch: okay, yeah. The way weight is around uh 215 grams. The weight – okay, not very heavy, no, not heavy uh, looks very manly and right very stylish right, the grip and all yes yeah, and how about the camera? Camera? Okay, camera. I have a four camera here: five camera, a five camera camera there front: two cameras, wow yeah, so this one, the back side, three camera split sensor. So this is a combination right. This module complete this round circular eye of muse. They call it the eye of muse okay, because it has three cameras and is special yeah. There are is very special: its a doft sensor, okay doft sensor under a direct on flight time sensor. So this sensor is really used for focusing in the during the night time.

Oh for night time, yeah nighttime, focusing is very good. How about the movie movie also is very good, because the the main camera is 50 megapixel. Okay and the second camera is also a 50 megapixel, with uh 50mm yeah with 122 wide angle, and also they have a one telescopic camera whats. That telescopic camera means like its a 64 megapixel telescopic camera from four objects. You can zoom in oh yeah yeah. So how far means it has a combination of optical zoom, 3x, okay and digital zoom about 100x, its very far how to later ill show you ill take something i can show you the zoom. This is amazing, yeah, Music, yeah right. This also has a combination of image, electronic image, stabilization and also so like when you jump and jump and during earthquake. Also, if you take the video im just giving an example, you will be shaking, camera will be shaking, but your image will not shake. So that is advantage of optical image, stabilization plus electronic yeah, its really its a very good uh camera photo for vloggers yeah how about selfie, selfie? Okay, they have front two camera ideas – camera right there, so this one is uh one is to take the selfie. Okay and other uh thing is that they have uh uh, how to say, like artificial intelligence to unlock the phone or you need a face. Identification face identification, 3d and also one more camera. It gives 4k video wow 4k video at the 60 fps 660 fps to 4k andre slow motion for the 4k quality.

A lot of memory. Ah, dont worry about the memory uh, okay, the basic memory, the ram comes 8 gb ram and the main memory storage that is rom is a 256 gb, 250 60 256 gb gallery for another five years. You dont worry about the memory at all. Okay, one is for the volume up down Music Music, the type c connector, okay, yeah type c connector audio. There is no audio jack, yes, how to use air earphone theres, an old fashioned now, so you have to buy a earphone which has a bluetooth support. Okay, this one have an airplane, no ring uh, okay, check, check, check, check, no see ah see they give you something you dont want the pin back Music, okay and also uh, see the color. The glossy color see cleaner contour and you check one more. What is there? Okay? This is uh uh power right uh. This is a power adapter. Okay, you know, looks very big. Ah, this is a very big uh. The power adapter either one bit two hundred battery 100 100. That means very fast charging. You can charge this phone in 30 minutes, then full charging full uh super super fast charger there, okay, yeah yeah, and this one you do this one is a cable, simple, cable for the computer or the charging, cable or type c cable, for this is very cable. Maybe this cable might be a meter recorder, no earphone, oh yeah, so you need to buy extra yeah.

You need to have an earphone which has type okay, okay, so this one, the fingerprint oh, the fingerprint, okay, normally the phone comes theyll, be having some kind of button here for the fingerprint background on the fingerprint sensor button. But literally, the fingerprint sensor is on the top of the screen in the middle of the screen, so its just a preset press Music. How about the face? I didnt yeah, and also it has comes with the magic user interface 6.0 magic ui 6.0, based on this user interface. Version 6 is from the honor company, and so and this user interface is based on android operating system 12., okay, yeah yeah, so whats special acting anything else, yeah the refresh rate that the display refresh rate uh when you do the the display refresh rate right. Its very fast, its 120 hertz, the refresh rate, okay, yes, its very, very great and very bright and very colorful yeah, so its a 5. So that means you can put dual sinker yeah yeah yeah, the dual sim card: yes, and normally the some of the phones get on the phone only sim card, some of the sim cards will decide, but this has at the bottom side: oh yeah, yeah, yeah and One more speciality of this sim card tray is normally like. Okay, just how i can see you see like you, can put one sim card here and second sim card here or you can put a sd card.

Yes, but this, since this phone has already 256 gb its a hell out of memory, so they dont have this option in the external sd card microsd card option. But speciality is the sim card. You can put two sims nano sim cards, two nano sim cards at the same site: okay, okay, yeah matino – is really electronic. Sim supported it has electronic sim. Also, electronic sim is not a physical sim, its something like you have to scan and youll get some kind of number something like that: yeah yeah, okay, i know i dont. Do it really yeah? I go to like a transportation like just put like this yeah. Yes, yeah something like that: yeah yeah, yeah, okay yeah, so you say a lot of memory, so that means the battery runs very fast. Yeah is really battery permit to 4500 milliampere hour. Oh, that means Music and also it has the super power battery charger. Okay and also it has a wireless battery charger, but wireless battery, yeah yeah – and you know one more thing: this has a cpu cpu cpu, snapdragon, 8 generation 1, the latest one: okay, very fast, yes play game. It has a gpu turbo, turbo x, gpu mla cpu snapdragon, its a very good combination to play a game, because these two combinations have a efficient, the battery consumption. The battery will uh will not uh consume fast and also it also manages the heat efficient. The phone will not become hot okay, its very good.

Yes, yes, yes and one more thing, one more speciality andrei it has a speaker on the top okay, one speaker and also speaker at the bottom side, two speakers. So when you play the game, the sound effect game art, because the kgf2 movie notebook is amazing, sound effect because it has a movie master which has been, which has been enhanced by imex certification, yeah, so youll get a kind of like imax effect. This is cinematic game phone: okay, yeah yeah. You can take a cinematic videos and also you can. I can watch a cinematic uh affected movies and also you can play a game, its really good, yeah, its a 5g network. It has a 5g 5g network, um yeah and you know the cost. The the starting price of this phone is 5 500 chinese yen roughly around. If i convert into indian rupees, like 60 to 65 000 indian rupees um yeah its nice, really i like this and it comes with three great colors.