It is the companys most premium phone to launch till date and it comes with a really impressive spec sheet for quite a reasonable price. Here i have also been comparing this phone with the xiaomi 12 pro, which has more or less the same specs, but comes for a slightly higher price, so lets dive right into the review, with the things that i have liked about this phone and the first thing That comes to my mind, is certainly its unique design that i am quite fond of. Actually in this world of plastic and glass, finish phones, riomis paper, like implementation, looks and feels quite different. Likewise, ryomi says that theyve used a bio based polymer material here, which leaves around 35 percent less carbon footprint, so thats, something i really appreciate being an eco feed myself and not to forget its paper like that means that you can write on it too, which is Kind of interesting, but definitely not something you would do regularly, but you know what would have been even more interesting if the gt2 pro came with the design as the initial leak suggested. I mean that looks so. Damn cool right. Nevertheless, coming from the flashy racetrack design of the realme gt, this ones a huge huge improvement, in my opinion, also having used this phone for quite some time that took without a cover. I am pleasantly surprised that this pack has not gotten dirty even on this light. Color textured finish: the g2 pro is one comfortable phone to use too thanks to its lightweight design and flat frames, but comparing the xiaomi 12 pro side by side.

I feel like the g22 pro kind of misses out on that premium, heft. So, if youre into hefty glass design phones, i think you might like what xiaomi has to offer. Instead. Overall, i dont have many complaints on the design front of the gt2 pro, except the fact that its missing an ipv8, i dont know if you watched mkbhds interview with the then co founder of oneplus carl pay. But in that interview he says that the cost for including an official ip rating on the oneplus note would have been around 15 had they decided to go that route. So i think its high time that brands like realme and xiaomi start offering such ingress protection. At least on their premium flagships, because it seems, like the cost of the phone wont, go up by a huge margin anyway. Okay, in terms of the display you get everything you would expect from a flagship phone here on the miami gt2 pro it has a 6.7 inches samsung made amoled panel with 2k resolution. It has 10 bit colors 100 dci, p3 color coverage, ltpo 2.0 technology and up to a thousand hertz dot sampling rate and um its not just about the specs. This is indeed one hell of a good screen. I found it to be quite bright and vibrant, so watching videos or simply browsing the web has been an incredible experience here for durability. Ryomi has also included gorilla glass victors protection on top, but as zack from jerryrig, everything always says, glasses, glass and it breaks so making sure your smartphones display remains intact is never a bad idea, and our sponsor for todays video glazed ink will help you do just That glazed inks range of premium real curved tempered glasses, offer true complete coverage of your phones display so that you dont accidentally damage it, unlike other normal tempered glasses in the market.

Glazed inks tempered glasses, provide you with a complete viewing experience with their fully glued edge to edge design for added protection. You can get the glazed rugged armored case, that is impact and shockproof, and it comes with a honeycomb design for maximum damage protection check out the link given in the description below to get glazed in tempered glasses and covers for the ryomi gt2 pro or any other Smartphone and dont forget to use code g by 10 for an additional 10 discount. Okay, getting back to the video something icky about this display is that it does not support hdr video playback on ott platforms, although the display itself is hdr 10 plus certified. For me personally that hasnt made that big of a difference because lets face it. There arent a lot of dolby vision and hdr contents to begin with. So that means my content. Consumption experience has not been affected that much here but um, despite the multiple security updates. The phone has received so far real me is yet to solve this issue, and i dont know if its because of the latest update. But what ive also noticed is that the contrast in normal hdr videos is uh slightly boosted here. So i hope realme looks into it and brings an update asap besides that gt2 pros in display fingerprint sensor works quite well, and thanks to the excellent vibration motor, the typing experience on this phone is quite crisp and satisfactory.

Its audio quality is pretty good too, although there is some noticeable distortion in the highest volume. Actually, i was expecting the xiaomi 12 pro to do better in this aspect with its harman kardon tuned quad speakers, but it turned out to be the opposite. I found the vocals and the overall audio to be crisper on the gt2 pro here. Let me play a little something for you to touch Music. Okay, apart from the terrific design and display. Another thing that i have been very satisfied with is its battery life. Its 5000 milliamp hour battery had no trouble lasting me an entire day under my typical usage pattern, which means lots of multimedia consumption, clicking photos and videos and constantly on a phone call or whatsapp. So yeah the battery life here is certainly better than the xiaomi 12 pro. That would not even last me until bedtime, but xiaomi does compensate with its 120 watt fast charging support that takes the phone from 0 to 100 in under 25 minutes, while realmes 65 watt charger fills up the gt2 pro in 35 minutes give or take then again That 10 minute difference really does not account much for me, but um. If you are someone whos, always on the run and charging speed matters to you a lot, then xiaomi does have a slight edge here. All right lets talk about the performance now and uh. Just like the xiaomi, 12 pro and other high end android devices, the ryomi gt2 pro is fueled by qualcomms, second, most powerful chipset of 2020 to the snapdragon 8101, and we know that this is an excellent processor which can handle almost everything you throw at it.

But we are also well aware of its heating issues and yes, when you push the ryami gt2 pro had enough, the phone does heat up here: uh playing graphic intensive games like engine impact for about 25 to 30 minutes in the highest possible settings. It almost reaches 45 degrees celsius and its not just about the heat, because during the first 10 minutes, when the phone stays relatively cool, i was getting about 48 to 50 fps, which dropped to 38 fps after 20 minutes. So what realme is doing here is throttling the performance for better stability and less heat dissipation, and hence i was able to get stable, 38 fps even beyond 30 minutes into the game. Apart from gaming, if you are recording 4k videos for a while, you will also notice the phones temperature rising. There. However, games like pubg and call of duty mobile run very smoothly in their respective highest settings, achieving 4d and 60 fps throughout the gameplay, all the while. Maintaining below 42 degrees temperature, so that is good xiaomi 12 pros results are more or less similar in the same setting, but i noticed that its back panel starts feeling warm rather quickly and its sustained performance is slightly lower than realness in real life testing, as well As cpu throttling test, so i got to admire realme for optimizing. The gt2 pros performance and also for using one of the largest vapor chamber cooling in the industry, which has contributed to such favorable sustained results.

Moving on realme software experience has also been getting better over the years, which i am quite happy about. The gt2 pro runs on android 12, with real miui 3.0 on top, and i appreciate how clean this ui is and how well real me has optimized it. I am yet to face any uh kind of micro status by navigating through the phone and its also capable of switching between refresh rate quite spontaneously, depending upon the content on the screen. However, there are two things that i am not happy about at software number one. The bluetooth situation here is somewhat out of hand. I mean uh being the most premium phone in real mes portfolio. It still comes with more than 15 bloatware apps, although most of them can be uninstalled. Whats really annoying here is that some of these apps reappear after every update and number two. I have encountered a few ads here and there, while using uh default system apps like file manager, which again should not be the case with such a premium device. But still these are some things that you can live by and not a deal breaker in any way which brings me to its cameras – and this is one area where i found the gt2 pro to be unable to provide a premium experience. Yet i am definitely not saying its cameras are bad or anything still if you take realmes cheaper phones like the realme 9 pro plus, for example.

I think it offers one of the best cameras in the mid range segment, but as the price of realme phones increases, the overall camera performance does not increase linearly, as you would expect it to be, and hence the g2 pro is not in the same league as Similarly, priced phones from samsung, apple and even xiaomi for that matter, here just take a look at this portrait shot. I took with both these phones. It has this extra vibrancy that leaves the subject with an unnaturally rich color tone. In this aspect, i think the xiaomi 12 pro has done a better optimization as it delivers better subject, focus and skin tone. You will find similar properties in the selfies too, in terms of regular images from the main sensor view. Mes stand alone. Results have a good dynamic range and details, but they also have this extra punch in them, which can be a bit overboard. Sometimes in comparison, the 12 pro brings noticeably more subtle output, which i prefer most of the time during night time too, xiaomi maintains better exposure and sharpness, alright. So about the videos. Well, you have options to shoot at various different resolutions. Like 8k 24 fps, you can shoot at 4k, 30 or 60, 1080p, 30 or 60 likewise, and the video quality. I think it looks really nice. The colors are a bit on the saturated side, but the stabilization is good. The videos are really stable and the videos have this nice field of view as well, so that is good um about the microphone well, the subject sounds crisp, although i would appreciate if the background noise cancellation was a bit better.

Okay. Turning over to the front, the realme gt2 pro can shoot at 1080p 30fps only which i think is kind of a bummer. Considering it is such a premium phone um at 1080p 30fps. You have two options, so you can turn on the ultra steady mode, which i have turned on right now, which balances the stabilization to a great extent um. If you choose to turn it off, the stabilization is not very good, but you get a wider field of view um. Apart from that, i i think the subject looks good, although i wish the highlight management was a bit better okay, so now it is time to conclude this video. So what do i make of this realme flagship? Well, i think its a good, if not great, semi flagship phone and certainly justifies the price of s, but going forward. I really want ryomi to bring more innovation to the camera department. Maybe some kind of collaboration will help achieve that, like xiaomi is doing with leica or oneplus, with hasselblad or maybe rnd in terms of computational photography, im, not sure, but as things stand, apple samsung and google are comfortably sitting in the top three spots, while other brands Are playing catch up, so i hope real me. Instead of bringing out new flagship devices really fast, like every eight to ten months, would wait for a bit more and make improvements in areas where its lacking and not make the same mistakes as other chinese brands did.

In the last five years, so guys that was all for our in depth: full review of the realme gt2 pro.