Races from the 60s about all i had was an idea. He might even call it a dream. So this is the real me gt, neo3 150 watts – and i cant take credit for that description at the beginning. That was real me and youve got to love those go faster, stripes here on the back of this device, and do you know what this thing does go faster and theres a few worlds first in play here. So, first of all, real me is the fastest growing smartphone brand in the world right now and at the time of this video, this is the worlds fastest charging smartphone and theres another worlds, first, its the first phone to support ultra dart charging and guess what it Comes with the power brick and the cable in the box, so that means real me arent, creating more carbon emissions by having to make extra packaging and shipping extra products nice so anyway, lets run through some of the design aspects. Here, the back of the real me gt, neo 3, is a curved ag glass with the go faster stripes. I like the stripes personally, and i like the way it wraps around the edges and it kind of has this two tone finish. It looks almost purple in some lights. The frame on the device is a polymer, and the glass on the front is gorilla. Glass, 5 and the display is a 6.7 inch. Super amoled, full hd plus with hdr 10 support, and it supports 120 hertz, refresh rate with the peak brightness reaching up to 800 nits, and the pixels per inch is ‘4 screen to body ratio.

Here is 87.5, and the biometric unlock method is an optical in display fingerprint reader and something that real me have done. A really good job on here is actually reducing the chin size normally on the upper mid range and mid range phones. We have quite a thick chin across the bottom of the device. We dont see that here on this one, its really minimal and almost matches the top, and i think i need to sort this wallpaper out. So there we go guys thats, a better wallpaper and guess what you can actually get: an official dragon ball version of this phone and a naruto version of this phone as well. When it comes to this screen, it looks really good to me. The color accuracy is really nice and, in fact, real me state that the screen has a just noticeable color difference, a jnc d score of approximately 0.4 and from what im told anything lower than a jncd score of 2 is considered to be very good. And you know what really sets the screen off nicely its the dolby atmos stereo speakers built in, and the power of real mes x axis haptics, with a new tactile engine 2.0 real me say that the energy output has increased by 80 on the haptics, so that Means you can really get the feel for whats going on on the screen when playing games and stuff like that, and if you are going to be gaming on this, you can get properly immersed into the game without blocking the antennas, because theres literally 11 of them All around the edge of this device, they call it an antenna array matrix system and you will get 200 stronger signals is what they say so now lets talk about the brains behind the brawn on this device.

The new chipset is a mediatek dimensi 8100, which is a few steps down from the mediatek flagship 9000 chip, but its still a worthy competitor in the mid range and in fact, ive watched a video by tech tablets where he said this device under sustained gaming actually Handles a lot better than a lot of devices rocking the snapdragon 801, which is the flagship from qualcomm, and that could be down to the vapor cooling system max which is built into this. Well, come back to that in a moment. So this was built on a five nanometer process and has leveled up in all areas when it comes to performance, efficiency and ai, and then, when you stack, ufs, 3.1 storage and flagship lpddr5 ram on there, as well as a dedicated display, processor youve got a really Well, oiled machine and if youre low on power, if youve got five minutes to spare, you can get 50 of your power back with the charger that comes with it in the box, but theres an age old problem when it comes to fast cars and smartphones are Like its with great power comes great heat, so this is a cool upgrade real me have only gone and thrown in their largest vapor cooling chamber ever were talking about nine layers of specialist heat dissipation materials, including copper, graphene and stainless steel, and the cherry on the Cake is a touch of diamond thermal gel and real me say this: vapor cooling chamber can reduce the temperature of the device by 19 degrees celsius and when you have a cooling system like this, you can push the device to the limits and real me do give You the option to do this with their gt mode 3.

0, which is designed with gamers in mind. So when it comes to the camera module on the back of the realme gt, neo, its got a nice glass layer and then a shiny black ring around the primary camera, which is a 50 megapixel sony imx 766, with optical image, stabilization the focal length on this Ones around 23.6 millimeters with an aperture of f 1.88, and, to be honest with you, this is the highlight of the camera system. The 8 megapixel ultra wide is good, and the macro is a 2 megapixel and its a nice to have, but its not going to be amazing, but still not bad. In my opinion, let me know what you think of these photos and, if youd like to see this phone versus another phone, let me know what phone that is in the comments below. So when it comes to the real me gt, neo3 150 watts theres, really three things that stand out to me. Of course, im talking about that fast charging. It is the fastest in the world right now, 150 watts. The second thing that stands out about it is the chipset and the cooling layer combined being able to deliver such high performance in that upper mid range. This isnt, even the flagship for mediatek, so its actually mind blowing how good this is for the money and, last but not least, the go faster stripes. You got ta, love them, and even though this isnt, the top top flagship ltpo display ive, got to give an honorable mention to this screen.

Real me have done a really good job at calibrating this, and it can adapt between the different refresh rates that it has. So if you guys want to check this out, therell be a link below this video and if you want to support the channel, ive just started channel membership. So youre welcome to join and you get some behind the scenes and some special stickers and a bunch of other cool stuff and if you just subscribed youre now one of the finest subscribers known to man and ill see you in the next one.