Confusingly youve got completely different camera hardware. Completely different performance because ones running a mediatek dimension, the other ones got a qualcomm snapdragon chipset and they even look completely different too so, as well as unboxing. These beauties im also going to do a full side by side comparison testing out the gaming chops, the camera performance, all that good stuff and for more on the latest and greatest tech. Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers. So lets start with what you actually get in the box. So first up, perhaps unsurprisingly, you get the smartphone. You got yourself quite a chunky, adapter as well, slightly bigger in the case of the real me three, but considerably heavier as well, when you hold them side by side thats, because it supports faster charging, got yourself a type c, usb cable and both of these real Me smartphones come with their very own condom case to keep them safe from harm and that right there is everything youll find inside of these boxes. So here we have the real me gt, neo 3, on the left here on the right. The real me gt, neo 3t, very similar from the front nice skinny bezel, similar sort of dimensions. The neo3 does have a slightly bigger screen at 6.7 inches versus 6.67, but yeah minimal difference there. The main way you can tell these two apart when they are side by side is with the selfie cam orifice. As you can see, theyre centrally positioned on the standard neo3 on the 3t, it is actually shunted away into the left corner.

Now, if we flip these phones around check out the rear end youll see they support a very different design there. It is a glass surface on the back, but, as you can see there, the real media3 goes with a striped finish, whereas youve got a sort of funky square pattern here on the neo 3t, if youre a racing fan, the design appears to be a bit of A choice between go faster, stripes versus a sexy bit of checkered flag action. Alternatively, of course, boffins might say that the neo 3s dual stripes are in honor of the copuscular theory of light, highlighting the straight and true journey of light particles. While the 3t is adorned with a charm and chess motif for more playful users to enjoy but yeah, it is definitely the racing one. They both come in white black or these rather more vibrant. In your face colors. This is the nitro blue version of the neo 3, and what weve got here is the dash yellow 3t, and personally i got ta say my preference is for the neo 3t and its a subtle checkered finish its not very in your face. The pattern kind of comes and goes depending on how the light strikes it and real me has even added a checkered pattern to the camera chassis, which is a neat little touch in comparison. I dont know the neo3 just looks a bit more basic to me, but maybe thats just me back around front and i believe that both the neo3 and the neo3t sport – a gorilla glass 5 display you do have a pre installed screen protector on both as well.

Those screens are perfectly flat in both cases and, as i mentioned before, pretty skinny bezel surrounding them as well. To not add too much bulk lets move on to the actual software running on both of these smartphones and what youve got is the latest freshest android 12? As you kind of hope for now were practically halfway through 2022 and slapped on top of that is real me ui 3.0. For anyone not familiar with real me smartphones. This is realmes own launcher, which sits on top of android and adds a bunch of extra bonus features, including lots of excellent customization. You can change up the wallpapers and widgets as usual. You can also fiddle around with the icons change up. The grids. Youve got all kinds of gesture support, tucked away in here as well. One of my personal favorites is the icon: pull down gesture just drags all your desktop icons down to the bottom of the screen makes it much easier to use one handed and for more customization. Just head into the personalization section of the settings menu from here you can add an always on display. You can change up the color scheme of the ui, all kinds of stuff, so anyway, you got a whole heap of bonus. Real me ui features slathered. On top of the standard android 12 stuff, including the excellent privacy tools and as for updates well, real me doesnt tend to be particularly hot. On that front, you can generally expect one or two android os updates over the lifespan of a smartphone.

Maybe a couple of years of security updates thats, probably about it, and both of these real me mid range mobile sport and in display fingerprint sensor. It is just an optical scanner as youd expect at this sort of price point, but both perfectly responsive. No complaints on that front, it all just seems to work first time they are slightly lower position than i would have preferred. I would prefer slightly more bumped up the display, but other than that fine and before i forget, on the storage front, youve got a choice for 128 or 256 gigs of space, with both the neo 3 and the neo 3t. As you can see, this is the 256 gig model. Unfortunately, no space in the double sided sim trays on these smartphones for a micro, sd memory card, just two sims and thats. It now like a lot of mid range, android smartphones in 2022. What youve got packed on both of these real me handsets is a gorgeous amoled display, as i mentioned before, the neo3 is slightly bigger at 6.7 inches versus 6.67, but its bugger all difference really that amoled tech is absolutely stunning stuff. As usual, you got nice wide. Viewing angles on top brightness, no problems with outdoor visibility and all that panels tend to be really good at producing, really vivid, vibrant visuals as well, and certainly, if you dive into the display settings on both the neo3 and the neo3t theyre all set to vivid mode By default, and certainly when you are kicking back with a bit of disney plus watching something with a bit of visual flair to it, the colors just look absolutely stunning, really really rich, but not too warm, not natural.

Looking either just really eye pleasing you do a full 10 bit color support here as well, and certainly i cant tell the difference in the visuals between the gt neo 3 and the 3t looks like the same display tech to me. In fact, the only real difference i cannotice is just the positioning of that selfie cam. Now, if you jump on into the display stands, you do have a couple of bonus modes here on the neo 3t, which you dont get on the neo 3. For some reason, the image sharpener and the color enhancer, but, to be honest, i dont really notice any difference with that active anyway, and both of these panels support a 120 hertz refresh rate as well as you can see there, its a dynamic refresh rate, so its Set to auto select by default, so when youre enjoying supported content, it will bump up to that maximum 120 hertz mode. But what about the audio? Well, it is a stereo speaker, output on both the gt neo 3 and the neo 3t. But is it any good and while a lot of smartphones are now rocking that flat edge design, which suddenly seems incredibly popular, thankfully oneplus has gone with pleasingly curved edges, so thats. The neo 3 lets try the neor 3t thats, helped along by the fact that the bezels are reasonably skinny surrounding that display and while a lot of smartphones are now rocking that flat edge design.

So on the top volume they both pump out some serious audio thats. For sure, but ive got to say, the neo 3t sounded a bit more tinny compared with the neo 3, just slightly crisper, slightly clearer audio, not massive difference, though, and of course, if you are going to be enjoying some music id highly recommend not using the built In speakers anyway, getting some headphones attached. Sadly, neither of these smartphone sports, a headphone jacks who will have to resort to either a dongle or a bit of bluetooth action. Interestingly youve actually got bluetooth 5.3 support here on the neo3. It is just usual bluetooth, 5.2. On the neo 3t, but both support a bit of ldec action, aptx hd, all the usual codecs. They also support high res audio playback and youve got dolby atmos on both of these blowers too, as always set to smart mode by default. But you can change it up manually to game and music or movie depending on what youre up to so now lets move on to performance, and this is where shiz gets really interesting, because the real me gt, neo 3t, is just powered by qualcomm snapdragon 870 chipset Packed into loads of other smartphones, whereas the real me gt, neo 3, uses mediateks fresh new dimensity, 8100 chipset its definitely a flagship competitor. As you can see, the massive discrepancy in the benchmarking scores the gt neo3, with that dimensionally chipset, actually beaten a lot of other massively expensive premium flagship smartphones for that multi core score doing far better than the snapdragon 8 gen 1, even which is kind of mental.

But then benchmarking his benchmark and i dont entirely trust it myself and while both phones come with eight gigs of ram as standard, you can upgrade the knee or three to 12 gigs thats. What ive got here and it is ddr5 ram as well, so faster and more energy efficient, now benchmarking, all well and good. But i thought to really test out these smartphones id put them through their paces with a solid bit of gentian impact action, and the difference was pretty obvious between the two. I left the gt neo 3t, with its snapdragon 870 chipset on the default, medium graphics settings and even then it did struggle a little bit on occasion. There were some clear drops in that frame rate. Nothing too horrendous, thankfully, in the game, was still perfectly playable as i expected, but definitely if you wore a game, youre, probably going to be wanting to look at the real me gt, neo 3. Instead that dimensionally 8100 chips had absolutely smashed gentian impact. Even when i bumped up the graphics settings, absolutely no issues whatsoever nor stumbles or judders, the frame rate stayed consistently highest. The game player was perfectly smooth very pleasurable indeed, and because youve got the real me. Ui youve got the built in gaming mode as well, which chucks a whole bunch of extra tools in for you to use so, for instance, youve got the gt mode which just dedicates all of the phones resources to whatever youre up to, and it can also support.

90 or 120 hertz refresh in games that offer that unfortunately, genshin doesnt, it tops off at 60.. You could also tweak the screen sensitivity, block notifications, all of that good stuff, and also both these smartphones have dedicated coolant tech packed in there as well, in the form of a ruddy massive stainless steel and copper vapor chamber, along with graphene layers, strategically positioned thermal gel. All the usual shenanigans, so even if you plant a game for an hour two hours whatever, i did notice that the back ends of these smartphones started to get slightly warm after prolonged periods. But nowhere near the level where i was starting to get concerned or where the performance got throttled and no worries when it comes to the connectivity either. Both real me gt, neo 3 and the neo 3t boast 5g support and a bit of wi fi 6 as well. They certainly both downloaded those mighty gention impact files with no stress whatsoever. As for the battery life, well, the real me gt. Neo 3t sports, a bigger battery compared with its sibling than neo3 5 000 milliamp hour compared with 4500 in reality, doesnt seem to make a massive difference, definitely slightly slower drain here on the neo 3t, but the neil three with that dimensionally chipset super energy efficient and Everything anyway, no matter your choice here, you should still get a full day of play quite comfortably uh from a single charge without having to worry about boosting them mid day.

Of course, if you do find, your smartphone needs a boost. Well, the good news is that both of these phones are pretty bloody nippy at filling back up again, the neo 3t supports 80 watts super dart charge, thats upgraded in the neo 3 to ultra dark charge, 150 freaking watts. So this thing you can get about 50 charge in around five or six minutes, whereas in the case of the neo 3t it will take more like 12 to 15 minutes, so slow, so yeah, either way. Youre getting some pretty fast. Charging tech and youve also got several layers of safety stuff built in there as well. So your smartphones dont explode in your face. Fingers crossed all right so lets end. This roomy gt newer, 3 and 3t unboxing in comparison with a squint at that camera tech, and it is once again very different hardware on both of these blowers for its primary camera sensor, the roomy gt neo3 uses sonys imac 766, the same as the oneplus note. 2 and quite a few other mid range smartphones with optical image, stabilization built in in the case of the neo 3t. Well, its a 64 meg sensor, realme didnt, actually disclose which sensor theyre using there, but i believe its a samsung effort and theres no ois involved. Now the actual camera app very similar, in fact, basically the same on both of these smartphones youve got lots of features and extra bonus bits packed in there.

Youve got the same: ai mode, youve got the same, you know beauty mode and filters, and everything and you can flick between the various camera modes like so youve got the same selection on both didnt really notice. The difference between these two phones when it comes to the focus, speed or the shutter speed, either both pretty nippy and heres. Some test photos that i shot around the homestead, with both the real me gt neo3 and the 3t gon na say. I did notice that the neo3 sometimes produces more vibrant, less realistic, colors versus the neo3t, especially where plant life and bright grains are involved, and this is without having the ai mode active on other occasions the neo3 slightly washed out some colours, so it is a little Bit all over the place, however, the neo3 definitely performs better in lower light situations compared with the 3t, you get brighter, more detailed shots with or without the night mode active, and when it comes to indoor shots, the neo 3t was definitely more prone to blurry results. When you are snapping a living subject as well, a difference caused by both the camera sensor and the lack of ois, both the neo and the neo 3t are very similar. However, when it comes to the secondary camera, sensors, basically youve got a bog standard 8 megapixel. Ultra wide angle, shooter, which is fine if you just want a more pulled back view of the action you dont – have a telephoto shooter, but you can do digital zoom.

If you want to – and in fact both the neo 3 and the neo 3t offer a maximum resolution mode as well, so if you do want to snap a photo and then crop in without losing too much detail, thats, probably your best bet. As for your home movies, where you can shoot video at up to 4k ultra hd resolution and the good news is that is at either 30 or 60 frames per second as well, and i found its a similar sort of story when youre shooting video as it Is to when youre shooting photos three seems to perform a little bit better indoors when needed, but both are fine for your basic or movies and then last up around front, you do have a 16 megapixel selfie shooter on both the neo 3 on the neo 3t. Absolutely fine for your everyday snaps again, although i did find that i tend to look a little bit more pink in my selfie snaps with the neo 3t compared with the neo 3, whether i was indoors or out and heres a little bit of test video. I shot using the front facing camera on the realme gt neo3. This can shoot it up to full hd resolution and similar story with the neo 3t as well again full hd resolution it tops off at and the audio pickup very similar to the neo 3. Quite strong from mid range mobile no complements there so that right there in a succulent.

Little nutshell is the real me gt, neo 3 versus the gt neo 3t and, as you can see, theyre two very different mid range smartphones. Despite the fact that names are almost identical, just ever so slightly confusing there, but hopefully thats helped you to sort of work out which one might be best for you, as you can see, theyre big differences in terms of the performance, certainly, if youre going to be A gamer youre probably going to want to go for that neo3, rather than the neo 3t for the massive leap in performance there, the camera tech completely different, quite a different design and everything as well, but anyway thats enough of me banging on which one do you Prefer be great to hear your thoughts down in the comments below. Please do poke subscribe and ding that the new notifications bell dont know what happened to my brain there, just reset for more on the littlest and greatest deck and have yourselves a bloody, lovely rest of the week.