So here you can see the packaging and here heres the phone. I chose a light. Blue color, which is quite nice here, is the extra packaging you can find the usb cable in here and the guarantee certificate, and here you can see the needle with which you can take the sim card slot out of the mobile phone. You can see it here. The hole for that slot this phone takes two sim cards and one micro usb card so now lets charge it fully. First, before we start here, you can see my old samsung j6 in comparison, the samsung galaxy a13 is really a lot bigger more than a centimeter. Longer and at the top and its also a bit wider back here, you can see the cameras here. You can see the j6 had one camera and a light, and this new one has four cameras at the back and the light. And, of course it has a camera at the front. I chose this samsung phone first of all its cheap. So if you have saved enough money, you can just buy it directly. I dont like contracts, so i dont have to enter into a contract and then pay it off forever then. Secondly, i have it because this one this version, i have supports, only 4g. I think its one of the last ones of the samsung mobile phones that supports 4g only um, the other ones, all have 5g. I think there might be some a13s that also support 5g, but anyway i chose this, so it only has 4g.

The third reason why i chose this phone is that samsung still supports this mobile phone for the next three years, so thats very important as well. Here you can see the needle to get the card slot out in this card slot. You have with this phone space, for a micro usb card and for two sim cards, so thats quite handy. The dual sim cards here is a small sim card, and this is where the micro usb card goes in at the top right. You can see the volume buttons and directly below you can see a bit of an indentation that is the on and off button, and then you can also hold your finger there for the fingerprint. If you would like to transfer all your data, all your messages, etc. From your old phone to your new galaxy a13 cell phone, you can use the smart switch app. You can find this app in the app store. So, first of all, you need to download the app on both phones. Then, in the second step, the two devices are either connected via the wi, fi or wire, a usb cable. Then you choose what you want to transfer. In my case, i just transferred everything it didnt have the separate option and in the third step the data will be transferred and then its really like a mirror from the previous phone. If you choose that, as i mentioned before, this is the section for the fingerprint here, um its pretty quick, the only time i have a problem with my fingerprint is when i just had a shower or if i have some cream on there, but otherwise it works.

Well, i also find the phone very consistent with a very clear image, and the brightness and darkness is also very good, as you can see here, it actually works quite quickly. So here is the camera. That was the most important thing for me, and here you can see. I will show you the normal photo camera thats pretty good. I will also put some pictures up here on the side, so to show you here is the portrait mode and heres the normal photo. Video, its also okay, i prefer to take most of my photos in daylight outdoors with mobile phones just so get so i get the best light, but its not too bad indoors either. I have to say i have an artificial light on here right now, so i will just take a video here quickly and thats. Also, okay, then i will show you some more of these other modes, so we have pro panorama and food here, so food and macro with the pro mode you can set the iso here. I will show you just the white balance with this avion bottle here. So here you can see the white balance. You can also put it back to automatically here, as you can see it when its automatic its a bit yellowish. So when i turn the white balance on manual, i can change the color to a bit cooler, which is more realistic to what the bottle is. Actually, the white on it is so here we have the exposure compensation button, thats quite useful when the camera reads an image too bright or too dark its often with portraits like that, and you can adjust it very easily here with these buttons up here.

You can also choose the image size. What you want um, for instance, um in a second here you can see one by one, for instance, then lets put it back to full, and here you have some more options. You have the panorama mode here and also you have the food here, thats quite interesting. It kind of makes it in the middle, sharp and blurs out the rest, as you can see here, on the image a bit. So here is a bit blurred and in the middle, its really nice and sharp in the center, and then you have also the macro here. Let me just show you that here with the little battery i have here from gopro, so that is also quite interesting to take some nice detailed images. So yeah you can see here its lovely and really nice detail in it, and now i will show you a few more images of the pro mode here. You can see one. This is also a pro image. Then this is the panorama image and a food image. I took indoors and a macro: one ive had the phone now for over a month and im very happy with it. It works. Well, it works fast. It does what it needs to do its no special gimmicks, not necessary, so yeah.