This is the zte axon 40 ultra ultra. You know, like the galaxy s22 ultra theyre, trying to do that level of fancy pants phone here, so it will be sold globally, including the united states. It goes on sale june, 21st, 2022 on ztes website. Dallas therell be some other places. So, yes, you can get this in the us. Yes, it has 5g bands, but goodness knows, first off there are a lot of 5g bands and no, you wont, find every sub six 5g band covered by this phone. Youll find some for t mobile and a t and t that said, i noticed with t mobile that it did carrier. You know band aggregation, nsa 4g, coupling together and calling the f5g, instead of actually using the available 5g bands in part, because the united states carriers, often dont, allow non carrier approved phones on their network. So you take that with a grain of salt, you might be with the stocking 5 4g here in the united states anyway, also available in europe, asia middle east. So you have a snapdragon, 8 gen, 1 processor, the latest and greatest from snapdragon here, along with their well 5g chipset and youve got a 6.8 inch. Amoled 120 hertz display with 360 hertz sampling rate, so thats good for gaming and for making it feel very touch. Responsive its a bright display, it has 1500 nits of maximum brightness thats an outdoor mode with auto brightness. On it doesnt mean you can actually fry your retina sitting in a dark room and its not going to run at 1500 nits then, but you get the idea.

Its a nice enough, looking phone too. What i like about this is the matte glass back finish. It doesnt show fingerprints as much its a little bit. Less slippery were going to look at the rest of it now so, while it might be less expensive than the s22 ultra from samsung or the apple iphone pro max thats, really its still not cheap. 799 to 899 in the united states, depending on whether you go with the 8 gigs of ram and 128 gigs of storage or 12 gigs of ram and gigs of storage. I its still a lot of money, so im, not sure how many of you are going to jump on this in the united states, whereas zte isnt exactly a household brand, but across the world. Of course, their phones do do well. We have android 12 on board with their my os overlay, on top of it with a name my os, but anyway, mostly, i have no problem with it, its a pretty clean look. The only thing that im not so super fond of is what they do to the notification shade with that kind of super sized lozenge and buttons and stuff like that, i could do with some stuff that takes up less space in them for the app drawer. They give you a little alphabetical scroller on the side. Im fine with that thats actually convenient. If you have a lot of apps installed and when youre on the home screen looks like pretty much straight normal android and if you swipe to the side, you actually get.

Google, now google news, you know thats and its its a fine experience. I i really dont have any problems with it on the notification shade you could skin it with. You know the launcher of your choice, but the notification shade isnt the end of the world either in terms of performance, like i said, snapdragon 8gen one so its a fast enough phone, its up there with all of its competitors of the same processor. They say they have eight layer, cooling and liquid cooling on the phone and even when playing games, it got warm, it didnt get burning, hot and sometimes phones do get really hot, though typically mostly theyll get the hottest. If youre running a millimeter wave 5g, which is so hard to find that when, how often is that going to happen anyway for biometrics, the phone has an in display fingerprint scanner thats very fast. It also has facial recognition, its obviously not a very secure kind, because, basically, when you set it up, it just takes a quick snapshot of you and thats it and then its ready to go so yeah. Another nice thing about this is the cameras triple 64 megapixel cameras, two sony sensors on board as well, so youve got your usual ultra y, which is around 16 millimeter focal range equivalent. The main lens is 35 millimeter focal equivalent, which is really nice, because for those who are photographers, you know thats a real popular lens for doing street photography and even some landscape photography, so its not quite as over wide as most main lenses are and then you Actually got a periscope telephoto, not unlike what samsung does with their s22 ultra, which is pretty neat now.

It doesnt have the zoom range of the ultra, though theres no space zoom, or anything like that. Its equivalent to about three to four x, zoom versus your average main camera on a phone or about i think its about 2.8 x compared to the the main lens of this. Since the main lens on this is a little more telephoto than average. The camera has a night mode, of course, its not bad theres, some noise, its again, not the best that ive seen compared to the competition but its decent. They also boast about their moon capture mode and they have astrophotography and all that sort of thing, its not going to beat the pixel 6 pro, which is the king of that sort of thing, but its there to have some fun with. I was actually surprised by image quality. I mean okay. I didnt expect that much but really quite good stuff here, maybe not quite the dynamic range of the best camera phones on the market like the s22 ultra or the iphone max model or standard iphone non max size pro model, but it very nice colors are natural Id say, leaning towards sony xperia if youve ever used, one of their phones or maybe even google pixel, where you dont see the uh amped up, colors that you do with samsung phones or even sometimes the jazz up colors a bit that apple has. I havent seen any particular color bias either. So pretty well done here.

I think most normals out there who are not totally camera obsessed. Camera mavens will be pretty thrilled with the imaging here it can do 4k. Video recording or you can do 60 frames per second at that. If you want to do that, youve got optical image stabilization as well as electronic. On the main lens and 4k video was pretty good. The dynamic range was a little lacking there. I felt like blacks were crushed. Whites were a little bright, but in general i didnt over expose highlights a lot outdoors, which is a problem that i see, often with camera phones and sometimes even standalone cameras as well. So the picture that we have of the pelican statue, the grass behind it – is flooded and light and mostly still looks green instead of white, it out thats good going now. The 16 megapixel selfie camera thats under display. The good news is boy. You really just cant see if you compare it to something like the samsung galaxy z, fold 3, where its pretty obvious under the display there, this one really not and its the third generation. But the challenge is, it still looks hazy like youre looking out through under the glass with the camera lens. In fact, you are right, so it looks a little hazy, a little bit milky um its getting better with every generation, certainly, but if selfies are really important to you or you do a lot of zoom calls or that sort of thing with your phone, then probably This wouldnt be your top choice: the speakers on this theyre stereo speakers.

They fire at either end and theyre. Okay, they get really loud, but theyre kind of brash sounding so not going to keep up with the best competition when it comes to that the phone has a strong linear, vibrate motor yay. You know who you are if you like, that: okay, stop thinking what youre thinking there its also good for gaming. If the gaming happens to have that sort of feedback in it, we have a 5 000 milliamp battery in this big phone. We should be able to have a big battery and we get it and it comes with a 65 watt fast charger, particularly good battery life. On this beating my s22 ultra granted, my s22 ultra has been in my pocket for a long time now, so ive loaded lots of apps lots of crap and all that sort of thing you know how it goes with android phones, often your battery run times kind Of deteriorate as you use it and fill it with crud and all that sort of thing, but for now im seeing about six and a half hours screen on time, with the display refresh set to automatic and brightness set to automatic, i mean obviously, if youre going To play asphalt, 9 racing game all day. You can tank that and be gps for a living with it or something. But you get the idea its pretty strong in that department, especially given the fast processor and the big amoled display.

So we got a fast phone with a really nice large bright oled display onboard. We have triple cameras that are actually pretty good sounding pretty good right. So what are the cons other than you know? Iffy 5g support in the united states, depending on your carrier and all that sort of thing: theres, no ip868, water resistance and theres no wireless charging. So this was a budget. 500 phone youd say well, no, surprise there, but given the fact that this is an eight to nine hundred dollar phone, no really not great and zt hasnt set anything man any long term os support updates. So, while a lot of manufacturers are now touting their three years, their five years of android updates, we havent heard anything from ct on that. So couldnt really tell you, obviously, from mobile tech review, be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel for more cool tech, videos and thumbs up.