So basically, in this video guys were going to kind of compact. It were going to do the unboxing and im. Also gon na give you my first impressions never dealt with this device, never seen it in a while. So lets just get straight into it: Music, okay, guys! So, as you can see, weve got a nice white tcl box, its got the phone on the front um. This phone should be newer black. As you can see, we got high high res audio. This one has a 6.8 inch to display its a 720 display, actually guys we got hdr 5 000 milliamp battery, so it should be a battery life. Beast 48 megapixel shooter on the back its a quad setup on the back guys, i believe, is also a 5 megapixel ultra wide um 2 megapixel depth camera and a 2 megapixel macro camera. As you can see, 128 gigs for the storage and 4 gigabytes on the ram, so thats definitely budget specs. Let me go ahead. Take my unboxing knife. Get this tcl tape out the way guys lets go ahead, open this thing up. So first we presented guys with the device, so lets go ahead and just see how tcl did us lets get this device out were going to sit this to the side, see what else is in this box. Nice kit, clear case from tcl tpu type some book and we got a charging, cable and adapter, and this is type this new type c to type c is type a to type c.

So lets get this stuff out of the way thats what you get in the box, guys um, take note, samsung and apple. We would like the uh charging brick. We like more than just the charging cable nice case. I mean we are paying thousands of dollars. This phone is a 169.99 on amazon guys so lets go ahead and get it out, as you can see its a nice packaging and we got some specs right here. So the specs again, like i said six point, eight two inches high res audio, five thousand milliamps. All the same things on the box – and we got this nice black guys its almost almost like blue, but i, like the finish. The finish is nice. As you can see, we got a fingerprint scanner on the back guys, so lets go ahead and get this nice big phone, nice big budget phone guys. I like these big budget phones and lets, get that off. Maybe give it a power up, see what happens. Tcl powered by android, guys um, as i expected, and as you can see, we got that tier drop notch on this device um, but at 169.99 its definitely be a nice pickup for a child or somebody thats, just a secondary phone. The tracfone shout out to my man, floss, my man, floss, would say but um. Definitely i like the bill. I like how i look like how i feel in the hand its got a little thickness to it and thats, probably because of that 5 000 milliamp battery.

We got type c on the bottom, um matching speaker, grills, not sure it might have dual speakers not sure. Yet sometimes you got dual speaker grilles and only one speaker. We got the volume up and down and the power on the side, and we got like an extra button right here. Like a uh, you know you can assign different things to this button, so thats dope and you got the sim card slot. Another thing another big thing, guys tcl putting these headphone jacks on these devices. I like that, but really nice build nice little fingerprint scanner on the back um. We got. We got a boot there, so im gon na go ahead and set it up, and then we can um take a look at it. Guys and okay guys so ive been putting to use ive been playing with it. Ive been checking it out, guys thats right, the tcl e and um. This is a niche device guys. This is at that super budget price point of at about 170 bones guys, so definitely definitely a good price point on this device. Now with that being said, there are some drawbacks, but then theres some things that this device is actually surprisingly good at for 170 bucks. So, as you can see in the face, um lets just talk about a couple of things that when you spend 170 bucks on the device you can expect um flagship device specs, and you cannot expect it to perform like a flagship, but of it honestly guys this Device is um, pretty good, its really good for the price point.

There are some shortfalls, though, like on this device, guys there is no wireless charging but theres a 5 000 milliamp battery guys it does have fast charging um. As far as that goes so you know, 5000 milliamps is definitely a lot to play with in this screen guys um. The screen is 6.8 and 6.82 inches guys, but um. If you like, screen real estate, you like watching content um this screen is definitely watchable. It is a ips display, but at the same time, guys um. The screen looks uh really good for 720 um. It is definitely a 720 uh screen guys but, like i said, you get plenty of real estate to watch movies or whatever you want to do with this screen, and you got a lot of milliamps and that battery uh power warning is displayed and you dont have That high high resolution draining your battery guys so um thats, something to think about im a really big display, but its not you know it doesnt have that super super high resolution, but at this price point guys um its a really good its a good looking display. I mean you can tell youre looking at it um on the video yourselves guys and um its really really better than i thought it would be. As far as the cameras go thats. Another um aspect: i was surprised as far as this device goes guys. Um with the cameras you can take some decent pictures, guys um, you got the 48 megapixel sensor, then you have uh a 5 megapixel ultra wide, a two megapixel uh depth and a two megapixel macro.

So you get in uh portrait mode on both front and back cameras, guys and youre, shooting video in 1080, guys and um. You know the videos and the photo photos that i got off this device or you get off. This device was way better than i expected now as far as performance goes guys. Um, this device runs well when youre doing regular things and like gaming, i tried to play a little caller um call of duty on here a little csr, guys um. Of course, this has a snapdragon, 460 um processor and it was called im, sorry guys, qualcomm, 460 processor and it was able to manage, but um you were getting a lot of drop frames and a loading took long. So this phone is this is not the processor. In a device with full gigs of ram to do intense, intense gaming um, you get 64 gigs, um, im, sorry getting 128 gigs of internal memory and youre getting a micro sd card slot. So that is very, very nice, guys um. But as far as the performance goes stick to the light game and just to multitask and watching content, and it works really good like that – not a lot of freezes, not a lot of hiccups, but when you get into that heavy gaming and stuff this um, i Mean you can do it, but its not. You know its not as fluid as um. You know you would want. You would want your gaming experience to be, but as far as the bill guys um, as you can see, um we got that tear drop um for the front uh for the front got the teardrop uh like notch for your front facing camera, and this thing is Breaking in like uh, i want to say 82 percent uh screen the body ratio im at the bottom guys.

You see. I got this uh nice wallpaper, but it is a nice little chin on the bottom, guys its definitely nice little chin on the bottom um, but aesthetically it doesnt. You know its a pretty its a pretty good looking phone guys the build the back in the front. I mean the build, looks great on the back. I love how the build looks i like that traditional, no youre not getting the in display fingerprint scanner youre, just getting the fingerprint scanner um and a lot of times. I would want them im glad tcl put a fingerprint scanner on the back instead of trying to when these phones are at the price points where they can put the best technology in as best that they go with the uh traditional technology and the fingerprint scanner works. Really well guys its a really good, looking phone, very surprised at the the photos i could take and the um performance of the camera guys um it looked. You know the photos, look pretty good the performance. You know you you want to do run of the mill stuff you dont want to do heavy gaming on here guys um, you got a lot of memory, got 128 gigs, plus sd, plus the sd card um, just a pretty pretty decent phone guys. For this price point um with the the size of this display – and this display not looking bad um – i could definitely you know. This is a a nice little pickup, especially for like a child or first phone or you want something you dont want to speak.

You want to text, and you want you like android, you want to text, you want make phone calls and stuff, and you want to watch some movies on your phone and stuff. This is definitely a nice. Pickup. Definitely feels quality dont feel like um. You know you are cheesy or cheap phone by far guys, even though the price point is under 200 bucks. Um only thing i would say is we need tcl to work on getting android 12 on this thing, but other than that guys um. For the price point, a decent device for somebody, whos looking for um, just a simple device – they want to do some social media. They want to do some uh content watching things like that and some like gaming, but yeah um. These are my. This is just my first impression, so you know well come back. Maybe after tco do the uh android 12 and well talk about it. But this is my bg tech life. If youre not subscribed, go ahead, get subscribed. Follow me on twitter, instagram bg underscore tech.