. Today we are going to take a look at the Black Shark 5.. Why not 5 Pro? Because Ive already done that review video about it several months ago or maybe because I dont have enough subscribers … Anyway. This is the global version.. The video I did before was the Chinese version.. Now without further ado lets get started. Black Shark. You have some information here. What I got is 8gigsplus 128 gigs of storage. Explorer grey. Five. Under the ordinary reality. An extraordinary journey shall begin. … … Oh, this is much better than the Chinese slogan. You know. The Chinese slogan always feels embarrassed to read it out. Open this insert. We got a pin, also some paperwork and a phone case. Oh, the Black Shark, some stickers and a manual that youll never gon na read. The case whoa wow, so premium feels so smooth huh lets put it aside and check out what else we got and then we have the 120 wattsfaster charger. Can you believe that crazy 120 watts charger wow thumbs up for that.? Also, of course, we have the type c charging cable., Alright thats, all the stuff you can get from the box. Now lets get down to the phone. Oh, not yet. Okay, super cool isnt. It! Oh wow, that is the magnetic fan. I can feel it lets just open. It stickers, wipes type c to type c cable., all right, thats for the magnetic fan.. Alright, moving to the phone lets check out the design first.

. This is their camera module for the specs. Everything I listed them on the screen all right. On top, we have the speaker and the noise cancelling mic moving to the right side. Oh, that is the important part, so thats the shoulder key and thats the trigger button. Im, not sure which one you like most like this one on the Red Magic or the one on the Black Shark., The Red Magic. You know no physical keys, just the virtual keys touch and you will trigger actions. Moving to the bottom. We have another speaker, type c and sim card slot, so dual sim card, dual standby does not support sd card expansion and here the volume, rocker and thats. Basically, the design. Alright moving to the specs., The Black Shark 5 is the entry level model and, as such, doesnt receive the top of the line specs that youll find on thePro., But for the money it looks like it could be a very interesting mid range option. Even for non gamers., If you are interested in the Antutu Benchmark here it is., But for a gaming phone you may have more interest in its gaming performance.. There is a Shark Space there that lists all the games on your mobile. In the settings for each game. You can basically customize everything from performance to display, like refresh rate, color enhancement or even Touch adjustment, etc. For a gaming phone. How can we miss the shoulder? Keys. Slide, the trigger buttons inwards to activate them.

. Here you can apply different features to customize the keys. When, in gaming slide from the corner, you will enter the Shortcuts block.. Here you can map different actions to your shoulder keys. Basically, the same like the one on the RedMagic 7 series, gaming phones. Whats more. It also comes with Magic Press which enables you to activate one action without accurate touching.. To my surprise, it even offers Motion Sensing.. This is something that I havent found on other gaming phones.. So for such gaming assistance, the Black Shark 5 has so much to offer.. I guess those dedicated gamers would find this super useful. For newbies. Definitely you have to take sometime to learn if you are notfamiliar with it., But dont worry too much about it as the phone comes with a Player Manualapp, which they offer a very detailed tutorial.. For me, my favorite feature, of course, is the Shark Chan.. You can set it as your wallpaper for morning alarm or even charging effects., And you can flirt with it when you are boring., But yeah lets get down to the real gaming stuff.. I played the PUBG for one hour straight and found its smooth under normal settings.. Then I tried the Genshin Impact for half an hour, a much more demanding game, and here is the FPS recording.. The average FPS fluctuation is 58.6 thats. Not bad.. Here is the temperature for the phone. Still manageable, considering this phone doesnt come with a built in fan.

, But if you want a fan, Black Shark offers one too, just as I unboxed in the beginning., So overall Im pretty happy with Black Shark 5s gaming performance.. It requires a bit learning curve, but definitely offers one of the best gaming features on the market., Alright thats, the video, i think, for a specific niche. The Black Shark 5 has done a great job.. If you want to learn more about its Pro version, you can check out from here here here here and if you are interested in purchasing the Black Shark 5 series link is in the description.