That has this really cool thermal imaging sensor, which im going to be interested to take a look at so here we go. Lets open it up. This is currently at the time of this video unreleased, eight gigabytes of ram and 250 six gig hardwell storage and uh heres. What weve got got the phone itself, which, interestingly enough, looks very similar to their other style, phones, other phones and stuff – that very nice thermal imaging sensor? So we can turn the sucker on its booting up. Hopefully i just didnt. Do the screen protector? Okay lets check out this thermal imaging sensor um, while using the app im curious. What this thing is im assuming its for do. We really need this to open up the usb port. It looks like we do. We might need a special app infrared thermal imaging and okay sweet, so we have the thermal energy imaging app, oh wow, so that looks like on the back lets. Take a look at the camera thats, a very impressive, so very, very which the image the thermal imaging sensor is the main point of this. So im not surprised there um very, very nice um lets uh. So we have the uhd, which is the ultra high definition, lets try taking a picture real quick lets. Take a picture of the legos. Well lets see what this looks like sewing. Zoom in we actually have a lot of noise in here, which i was not expecting.

Yeah this, for some reason, this is extremely noisy, which i have a pretty bright room set up now, so lets see if we can take a picture at the light and do something thats in frame. So i just want to know if maybe its noise wise, no its still very noisy camera, i would say, is if not extremely noisy, so i think something might be up with the algorithm colors. It just seems like the video. Some of the camera settings are slightly off honestly. The thermal imaging sensor is pretty dang impressive, though, so i got to give credit where credits due its very nice so yeah, you can see what degree something is which everything is pretty much room temperature and then you can go to something thats like yeah the hottest Things in the room, its pretty nice, actually ive, been messing with the phone for a bit. I like it a lot, but i do have some notable concerns about certain parts of it. The major first one, of course, is going to be the position of the fingerprint sensor. I find its very awkward and by awkward i mean whenever you go to grab the phone or youre just holding the phone, and you have your hand on it. Youre, usually not trying to just you know, youre just grabbing it. However, the fingerprint sensor recognizes that and then it turns on so in normal day. Use you end up having the phone end up being locked, you cant use the fingerprint id because you know youve tried.

So many times but theres not really a super convenient way to grab it because, just by you know holding it like this, you activate the fingerprint sensor now thats, not to say you know you go to pick it up. I usually dont pick it up by the buttons i pick it up by the flat area and thats also right in the flat area, so that leaves only a very small area for you to actually be able to like pick it up and grab it. So in comparison you have um the other doji phone, which i believe this is the doji v20 and the fingerprint sensor is actually on the button, which i think is an infinitely better idea, because then you can just open it up. You know its not super inconvenient. You wouldnt, have you know you can go, grab it and not activate it. So i think the built to the the start button is much smarter than having it down here, which basically requires you either to a register. The bottom part of your thumb, as the fingerprint reader or for the fingerprint reader, so lets talk a little bit about features for this phone, so the biggest one for me, um, is the camera, the infrared camera, its whats. Almost the main selling point of this i mean, if you get this phone, i think infrared is something you should be kind of looking at um and honestly, the quality of the infrared camera, i would say, is actually really nice.

I have literally no issues with the camera itself. It allows you to compensate for the difference between your the actual visible light spectrum camera, and then you have your thermal imaging camera. Sorry, not infrared thermal imaging camera and the thermal imaging camera does a really good job. So im going to talk about also about the picture quality picture quality is something important so on these two phones. I have lets see if i can load them up. I have pictures of each other, so this is a picture of the camera on each now. I just want to point out that the this is taken with the ultra high definition version of each and, as you can see, this one is extensively more grainy. I would say that i dont know if this is a smoothing feature, but you definitely lose out a lot on the amount of grain that is just built into it. This is, for the record, an extremely smooth, backed phone. So for there to be this much grain, where you know its smooth makes absolutely no sense so overall, camera wise. This is, i would say, a the main feature is, of course, the infrared, not the infrared heat mapping. The camera does get rather noisy yeah. Just look at the fade in that youve got rather large noise in that as well. So i mean from a distance its not that bad, but i mean just given that this is supposed to be a newer higher end version of the v20.

I think its a valid, i mean a valid concern here. The charging port is quite interesting. I say that because the thickness of this port makes it difficult for some plugs to fit uh, you have to be a rather small boy to fit, which is probably the first time ive ever heard, that being a good thing um. Additionally, the overall design of the phone having these rubber, bumpers and stuff um is rather nice. This does come with a case which makes this rather abhorrently large uh yeah, its rather large. I mean performance and spec wise. This phone has, i would say, current average specs. Eight gigs of ram eight core processor, 256 gigs of storage battery life is rather decent, but this phone is for people that have a specific use case. This is supposed to be a rugged phone and i think that they did a good job of including an uh heat mapping camera because it adds an extreme value to this phone. If youre someone thats just trying to use this for work, which is trying to get heat maps, rescue operations stuff like that, this is something that, instead of having to carry, i cant heat, my you know, heat mapping, camera you can go through and carry this and Have all the same features and arguably for those kind of circumstances, firefighters, etc, youre going to have uh, you know the case built in its more of an all in one solution, which i think is a great thing.

However, the camera, i find it difficult to make the justification for this phone for the average consumer thats just trying to play games um, you are specifically buying for the infrared feature of this phone, which is rather good. Thankfully, um camera i say, is definitely second uh and therefore not the best may be able to be fixed with algorithm changes into the camera algorithm, but for the most part it definitely does need some help with with the noise um. Definitely especially with that ultra high resolution, so also positioning of the fingerprint sensor should have quite simply the easiest way to say it should have been done um as the power button. It saves the space, especially when youre grabbing it and youre not constantly triggering the phone um as well. Also theres was no screen on the back. I feel like this. One is a lot more consumer, the v20, whereas this one the s98 pro is well, is for professionals, but the professionals that theyre reaching is not um. What i would call the professionals that theyre reaching is not who i would call your average professional theyre theyre working people in, i would say, emfs. You know emergency operations, so this might be something that that company might go out and buy a bunch of, or you know some city might buy a bunch of these phones which, given that its a chinese company, especially with some of the requirements that they have, that Some products for security reasons are built in the us uh.

I mean at least for speaking in the us, but i think its a valid phone um just has some issues. You know, i think some design issues like honestly. For me, i ran into the issue with just grabbing the phone it would trigger like anywhere you grab it, um youll, be doing stuff or whatever youll be picking up and youll just accidentally hit this fingerprint reader, and it will start um and yeah thats thats thats. Actually, a rather large problem and then the camera on top of it, and for you know, the thermal imaging is great. The infrared is rather decent. Uh except i dont know why half of them is only lighting up when you turn it on uh, but the camera. Definitely is just disappointing, given that its a 48 megapixel camera, so thank you for watching.