So lets see some of the highlights from our testing. So, first up the honor magic 4 ultimate, so the magic 4 ultimate is honors current flagship device available only in china for now, but we couldnt talk about the magic 4 series without briefly mentioning it. The device performed so well in our testing that it currently sits. As the top scorer in camera with an overall score of 146 and remains a high bar set by honor for 2022 devices in general, the device also sits as the current top scorer in both of our photo and zoom sub scores with sub scores of 153 and 107 respectively and is one of the top 10 devices in our video sub score as well, with a score of 117, so heres some samples of the magic four ultimate in both photo and video taken during our testing. So, overall, from a users standpoint, we found that the device was excellent, with nighttime photography, had a fast autofocus system and was very good with shooting video with movement Music. To learn more, you can read our entire review of the magic 4 ultimate at So, though, the magic4 ultimate is only available in china for now honors released another option for the rest of the world. This brings us now to the honor magic 4. Pro the honor magic 4 pro scores, a combined camera score of 131 with 138 in photo 82 and zoom and 109 in video, so the magic 4 pro retains many characteristics and specs of the magic 4 ultimate, though slightly paired down or in different configurations.

As with the camera modules, so in photo, the device provides generally high quality images in both indoor and outdoor conditions and an acceptable image quality for low light conditions. So in outdoor we did notice a slight orange cast. However, as we can see here compared to the google pixel 6 pro, which, though slightly warm remains more neutral, another comparison here shows how the magic 4 pro is able to retain more details. In the background, thanks to a higher dynamic range, we can also see that the magic4 pro also provides vivid and pleasant color, rendering in low light. We did find some visible chroma noise in some scenarios. So here we can see how the chroma noise, in the curtains affects not only the texture of the pattern, but the color as well in bokeh testing, the resulting effect is pleasant, but we did notice a strong motion. Artifact instability in this scene, so in night the magic four pro showed great color in most tested scenes, both with and without flash, though we did also notice some focus instabilities throughout our night analysis so, and why the magic four pro performed well, even better than the Magic 4 ultimate in some cases, resulting in an acceptable level of detail, thanks to a good combination of hardware, design and software capabilities. But it is important, however, to note that sometimes this can result in additional artifacts, as we can see here with the strong flare in the scene in video the device scored.

Well, though, we did find that there were some improvements that could be made in the area by honor, with the magic 4 pro so lets. Take a quick look at part of an outdoor video scene. We captured during our testing for use as part of our analysis. So we can see immediately in the video that an orange or pink color cast is present, as seen in the upper area of the frame moving on the technician walks forward with the device and though the target exposure is good, we can still see some clipping that Occurs on the white buildings in the background, resulting in some loss of detail and as we approach the buildings later in the clip, the device will compensate and adjust to avoid the clipping. We can also take a look at the stability in this case and see that here the stability is good during the walking motion now, once the technician begins to jog, the device does show some residual motion but keeps the image fairly stable. Considering the vibrations and the shaking and lastly, as we can see, there is some flare artifact to consider at the conclusion of the clip so for all smartphones tested in camera. We will analyze hours of footage in total checking for many other criteria. So lets look at some of the other video captured during our testing of the magic4 pro for a variety of conditions: Music, Applause, Music, so overall, a strong showing from honor and camera with the magic 4 pro lets dive a bit into another recent showing from honor With their budget phone, the magic 4 lite, the honor magic 4 light scores a 95 combined in camera, with sub scores of 102 in camera 35 in zoom and 86 in video.

So the magic four light is honors budget version of the magic 4 pro with a lower spec set and less features than the more expensive pro model. Unfortunately, to be expected from a budget device, image, quality is usually not as good as with the pro or ultimate versions, as we can see here. But perhaps camera is not a priority for you, which is why we can let you know that we also tested a device in our battery protocol and the results are looking quite good. The honor magic 4 light score is an 88 in battery. So what does that mean? Well because of its great autonomy and charging scores? This is a great device for those who need a phone that will last in between charges, or in case you forget, to plug in your phone. So, despite not being as powerful in terms of camera compared to the magic 4 ultimate and the pro editions, the light makes up for it by being a great device for those with battery in mind. So the boost charging on the magic four light you can earn more than nine hours of autonomy in five minutes of charging. In fact, weve tested the battery and power consumption data of many different smartphone devices under our battery protocol. So dont forget to check out the battery rankings on our website if this is perhaps an important thing, youre looking for in your mobile device, so lets recap some of those scores for the honor magic 4 devices that we spoke about today.

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