But this time infinix is back with another budget phone and this time its their infinix note, 12 smartphone, actually to be specific. Its the infinix note: 12. G96. We have the g96 processors and a mania because we have two variants of the note: 12. etoyan, most powerful model, but with no 5g connectivity other than this. You should also expect named xiang mala king amoled display an 8 gig of ram as a standard variant and, of course, a 50 megapixels, a mean camera mama, of course, performance in real world. Before thailand starts unboxing, i know you guys want to know how much it cost for the base storage, it retails for 8999 pesos and then 256 gig variant, retails for 9999 pesos and then for their launch price. This june 13 magicking 8299 and 9299 pesos and, of course, may flash sale densely number 8499, pesos and 94999 pesos Music. Now back to unboxing. Video nathan, as you can see, is very straight to the point: meron italian, Music im, sorry shiny and glossy, then young canyon, pinaka, camera setup and very reminiscent chagas of the recent iphones actually indiana long iphones, but also some mid range devices that was launched. The past few months, so i guess some design language, this 2022. frosted matte, finish panel, actually chang mango wavy lines that adds texture to it, making it less slippery. What we call with this colorway is force black, but also available in sapphire, blue and snowfall overall design.

Wise guys, it feels like a very well made talaga in a budget phone im, not that sure if the back panel is made of glass, but since this is a budget phone malamang samalamang, this is made of polycarbonate plastic. In fairness, young friend, it looks metal, but its actually made of plastic as well. No guys, i just feel like its unnecessary and also it makes an annoying sound anyway, despite that, in fairness, the man i like that the phone remains lighter, going at 185 grams guys and its only 7.0 millimeter thin. So, yes, its a well balanced phone display also for the ports, headphone jacks, microphone, 10, usb type c port and jung kanyang, speaker grill. We also got the volume rockers and the power button on the right. I noticed that the power button is really flashed to the side, take note in milan to power button, but also a fingerprint sensor. So yeah you will barely feel nami, but despite this in fairness, young fingerprint sensory nominating for infinix, it is still consistent. Music. Now its time to finally talk about the display, i know i wan na know again: pansen is, of course, the notch or the dew drop notch, which is not so 2022 but other than this. One good reason guys come back at night. Infinix note 12 is because of its very large 6.7 inch, amoled display alumni note, but its a decent 6.7 inch display man, probably because this is we got plenty of real estate, guys videos play games and just scroll through social media.

I also appreciate 90 xiaoyong basic lcd display and usually the one from budget phones, although you might want to take note, this is only 60hz refresh rates before this video uh, 60 hertz refresh rate. It is done right overall guys, better young contrast, nothing and my sponge young colors, although yoon island brightness, can be a bit lacking outdoors, but according to infinix guys, it is called true color casing. It can replicate 100 of the p3 spectrum, which is for me impressive again to some at first glance, behind the ethiopian cup of team lessons and, of course, again, the jew drop notch. Anyway, aside from its very nice display, we get stereo speakers set up so yeah. Both sounds guys and, of course, stereo speakers, because usually for budget phones, we dont get this in fairness, my decent amount of volume numbers guys it is balanced. To be honest guys, it sounds so much better. Kisa do on samantha smartphones than me mas. The past few days is because its only under 10 000 pesos as its introductory price available is a shoppie now in terms of the performance of the phone oonagh its not that new weve seen the chipset g96a bank lower and mid range devices, then familiar snapdragon 680. Leo g96 octa core processor and 8 gig of ram as a standard ram, parasaboth storage configurations, but to be a young unit named right now has 128 gigs. So yes, this is a more powerful option, is, of course, the ram.

The 8th jagofram, the hell. Many budget phones these days guys it only comes with a 6 gig of ram at most. Its about infinix is also offering an extended ram detail. So, yes, you can get further five gig via rom storage in terms of benchmark results. Now, i think, note 12, but i would say special in terms of real world usage: naman, guys: okay, okay, young phone in terms of opening applications and animations improve young experience by going guys, adding settings and selecting sensitivity on display and, of course, lets choose ultra touch, Which really makes swiping a lot faster in terms of gaming, the phone can definitely game now. Lets talk about the cameras of the phone measure, confusing them on my part, but then, if you will look closely meet upload cameras, infinix really is opting for a 2 megapixel depth sensor rather than the 2 megapixel macro camera. Of course we got a 50 megapixels main camera and a 16 megapixel selfie camera, so yeah young mystery sensors. I will say lets focus more guys on performance in fairness, perfectly capable naman, guys of producing very pleasant results, youre, adding 50 megapixels magenta young level of detail. Nothing and to most photos accurate than you adding colors chambray. It could have been better call me ultra. It offers good detail, although portrait mode its really not the best and in fairness and shang dedicated super night mode features. All you need to do is swipe up and detox short video, young video mode, the ai camera, beauty, mode, portrait mode, super night mode ar shot wide, selfie and the time lapse and speaking of the video mode, the man guys.

It is capped at 2k at 30. Fps take note langna, it doesnt have optical image stabilization, so you know stabilize the video footage just make sure now now in terms of the battery and charging capability of the infinix note: 12 management, 5 000 milliamp hour and a 33 watt fast charging in terms of The battery life of the phone in fairness, isatosa, mana strongest point, probably because of its 60 hertz amoled display in the real world testing kaiten medjo a strong young pagamet named json, probably because we are testing at the unit. This phone comfortably lasted for two days now. In terms of the charging speed again 33, what yeah, right now, this antenna, man guys 30 minutes guys we were able to get 51 percent of battery juice in terms of the user interface of the phone. I noticed the major madame italian is now vertical now before i horizontal very square looking, then you manga icons and folders, not in sahana. I also appreciate you attend smart bar, wherein we can access by swiping in from the side of the screen. Customizable then the matcha case, depending on the app shortcuts you prefer Music price, wise talagan among infinix, is known to give you guys or to give us, i mean a bang for your buck smartphones, its an okay smartphone, guys, definitely one of infinixs a better smartphones, but I wouldnt say its the best konkayo ai infinix on note 11. As of the moment, setting and call, but of course, if youre coming from the older infinix note smartphones its a good refreshment Music display, of course, a decent camera system and, of course, a very good smartphone for a multi tasking experience Music.

Most of you guys really waited for this video again its your turn.