Welcome back. This is adam and youre watching family pop tv youtube channel ukitel is one of the first major chinese phone brands, as well as company specializing in manufacturing, oem for telecom industries and worlds best batteries and mobile power stations. And if you are familiar with the ookital brand, you know they love making products with some of the biggest battery systems. But first let us know more about wp 19 Music. In the square shape box. We can find the phone itself instruction manuals. A sim card ejector compliant and warranty certificate, as well as usb type c, cable and 27 watts fast charger in terms of design and build quality. The ukitel wp19 is designed to survive the most harsh and extreme environments, as the phone is ip68 and ip69k and military standard 8110h compliant not a surprise, given its generous use of combination of the hard tpu, polycarbonate plastic and high quality synthetic rubber on top of the Aluminium alloy frame these protections are ideal if you would use the phone in more adverse situations such as construction, work, hike in the mountains, scuba, diving or use in more drastic temperatures and the most extreme and harsh environments, it weights 570 grams and with its 29 millimeters Thickness, this monster is far from being slim and no one expected it would be slim because of its headline feature: a massive lithium ion polymer 21 000 milliamp hours battery that can sustain your phone for minimum a week of intense use just on a single charge.

The full charge via protected usb c connector at the bottom of the frame, takes around 4 hours. If you would use a 27 watts fast charger, it supports fast charging up to 33 watts, so i have replaced the standard fast charger to even faster one. The battery has a reverse charging feature so effectively. The wp 19 will work as a big power bank for your tablet. Smart watch or laptop with enough use to recharge the apple iphone 13 six times over wow thats crazy. As i said before, ukitel loves, making biggest battery systems in the world. Ukitel wp19 features a large 6.78 inch, fhd plus display with 2460 by 1080 pixels resolution and 5×9 aspect ratio, which effectively gives us ‘7 pixels per inch. The display gives bright, sharp colors and has wide viewing angles, which are more than great for consuming visual content. Music screen is well protected by a corning gorilla glass Music, unlike other rugged smartphones, orchestral wp19 does not compromise on its cameras, the phone feature a main samsung 64 megapixels camera with a focal ratio of 1.79 to clarify the lower number of the focal ratio, the better The secondary sony, imx 350 20 megapixel night vision sensor with exmor rs technology, which will help you to capture high quality images, even in the pitch black knight, 2 megapixel macro lens camera ideal for a close up photo and video. Moreover, the four infrared radiation amateurs for night vision at the back of wp 19, significantly expanding the visual range in night vision up to 20 meters, making it perfect for wildlife, photography ill show you some examples of the night photos in a couple of seconds and theres.

A single 16 megapixel selfie lens within the notch on the front ideal for the video calls even in 4k, as you would need only 10.7 megapixels lens to shoot native 4k video. So this 16 megapixels is more than enough now lets do some tests heres a photo in 64 megapixels in this mode you cant zoom, however, its a high quality photo and its a pretty big jpeg file compressed to around 40 megabytes here for comparison, the same photo Taken on iphone 11, Music and another taken on iphone 8, can you tell the difference? Ukitel has ai automatic correction for the photos, whether the iphone 11 takes more natural photos. However, the iphone 8 should be a shame with its cameras. Heres an example of the close up photo using the 2 megapixel macro lens, its not the highest quality nor the resolution, but its always good to have such camera on board now lets check the 20 megapixel sony camera. Nice quality photo of the same object as before same shot, but the layout of the photo has a different aspect ratio now. The same object, a few hours later in a complete pitch dark room, and i tested the night vision, capabilities of the sony lens, its black and white and thats normal for the night vision equipment in a minute ill. Show you the videos taken in a complete darkness. Music lets check the quality of the videos, the wp19 records in 4k hdr with 30 frames per seconds and uses rather 20 megapixel lens for the videos to keep the aspect ratio optimized for the phones display.

I was recording simultaneously on wp19 on the left and on iphone 11 on the right, its a pretty good comparison, as i think the iphones starting from iphone 11 having a superior cameras. As you can see, the wp 19s footage is more contrasty and a bit wobbly as the ukitel hasnt got an image stabilization. So every camera shake is clearly visible. This isnt a problem if you could stabilize the footage in the post edit and thats what ive done here. The footage you see now has been recorded on wp19 and then stabilized to eliminate any camera shakes theres, no tweaking color correction or contrast just the image stabilization and it looks pretty good Music now lets. Take a look at the night vision. Recording the infrared amateur is doing a pretty good job with a sharp image and the visibility is up to around 20 meters, Music, the professional night vision systems having much longer visibility rates, but im more than happy with the night vision of the wp19, its clean, its Sharp its ideal for fun and experiments, the phone also does the slow motion and time lapse. Videos tell me what you think in the comments below Music on the inside. The wp 19 is powered by the mediatek helio g95 chipset, with two powerful arm. Cortex a76 processor cores overclock up to 2.05 gigahertz, plus it has 6 cortex, a55 efficiency, focused processors, the antutu benchmark measures, cpu gpu ram and io performance in different scenarios, and the wp 19 gets the antutu score of 327 8444 slightly better than xiaomi poco m4 pro And google pixel 4 a5g, which makes the wp19 pretty solid machine for casual gamers.

I tried some gameplay. As you can see, this is called duty mobile. One of my favorite shooters, though im not very good anyway. Ive changed the default graphics settings and now it runs on the highest possible quality and it works just fine, no lags no crashes. No only dithering all goes very smooth with the refresh rate up to 90 fps, however, the average fps rate is around 72. This is obviously the screen recording straight from the wp 19. I also checked another popular game called asphalt. 9 legends also changed the default graphics settings of the game to the max, and it works all smooth same as with the call of duty mobile, no issues. I will prepare one more video soon, where ill show you how the ukital wp19 handles the most extreme settings in the games. How does it affect its performance, etc, etc? The rest of wp19 specifications is solid. Mainstream 8 gigabytes of ram memory, 256 gigs on board storage, expandable up to half of terabyte, with an external micro sd card which can be inserted into the sim card tray along with two sim cards. As the phone supports dual nano sims with 4g lte network on both cards, the wp19 runs on google android 12, which is new, dynamic and nicely designed os that allows you to have much control over the optimization and personalization of your phone by the way. The phone also supports nfc, which means secure and contactless payments from the other features at the side of the phone theres, a home button, which also works as a fingerprint reader at the left side of the phone.

We got a sos button or panic button which does this. I like it especially impressed by accident in the middle of the night, the wp 19 is available to buy at oogitel official store and on aliexpress from 13th of june 2022, with the promo price set at 299 american dollars. But if you would use the link in the video description, it will give you a 30 coupon effectively. The promo price will be only 269 american dollars, and this is for limited time only so be quick. The promo ends of the 1st of july 2022. Then it will go back to the standard price which is 599 american dollars or 494 british pounds or 578 euros. I will keep updating the links in the video description, giving you the best possible prices available: Music.