Full disclosure ive done a little bit of stuff on and off with sony recently, and when i was talking to one of my contacts there they had mentioned just like hey. Is there anything you want to do with the xperia line? And so i thought you know like ive always wanted to go and photograph a wedding just on a smartphone. So, while this video is definitely not sponsored or paid or being reviewed by sony and xperia in any way, they did send this over to me on loan to use for this project. So a i guess, big. Thank you to them for letting me play with something. I wouldnt normally have access to personally, i feel like they set it up more, almost like a camera than a phone while its definitely in a phone body. You have a little button up here that as soon as you press it, it works like a shutter button and the nice thing as well. Is you press the button and it automatically brings up the camera app? The camera app is by far the best camera that ive ever used on a smartphone. It has phase, detect, autofocus and touch tracking all of the manual exposure and just different things that a regular mirrorless camera, like the sony alpha 74 does. This is using that same 20, megapixel sensor from the rx100 mark 7, i believe, but what theyre doing is using 12 megapixels of that 20 megapixel sensor and out of here youre, actually getting a 12 bit raw file that has a ton of color information.

Now the cameras that are on here are a 24 millimeter equivalent that has that one inch sensor the one inch sensor isnt being fully utilized. But that being said, it is a legit camera sensor that theyre putting in this phone youre getting a 24 millimeter equivalent out of this, which is kind of a standard for any smartphone these days, then you also get a 50 millimeter equivalent, as well as a 16 Millimeter equivalent and for a wedding photographer, those are actually very, very useful focal lengths. That being said, the 24 millimeter sensor is the only one of the three that is, that larger one inch sensor, so the quality out of that one in particular, is going to be a lot higher because the overall pixel pitch and the pixel size on this is Just a lot better, considering its a much larger sensor, its also the first phone that ive ever used that has a dual aperture, so it actually has an f2 aperture and then an f4 aperture. So, if im doing something like landscapes, i can actually stop down the phones, camera to uh use an f4 aperture or i can obviously use the f2 and get you know as much light in as possible. If you like, a 24 millimeter focal length uh this phone, slash camera, i think im, probably just gon na call it a camera from now on, because, basically, how i used it and what its clearly suited towards photo pro very much mirrors whats, going on in a Regular sony camera as far as tracking and just all of the different options, it basically looks like the same interface as im holding it too.

You can definitely tell that there is some sort of stabilization happening in these, which is uh really helpful. The best part, though, is ive, used a lot of other apps in the past and um. Just the basic apps that are made for this are better than the other apps that ive used. I literally just have it, set up to have lightroom the photo pro app. The cinema pro app and the video pro app now out of this this model has a 512 gigabyte internal storage, but, unlike our uh iphones, this also has the ability to insert a micro sd card so um in a more professional type, setting being able to write To other storage is pretty darn cool. The screen as well is actually a 4k oled display, so while its not a professional camera necessarily, it definitely has all of the professional tools that you would find in a regular mirrorless camera and while many might be bummed, this is like only 12 megapixels. I do like that they went for a better image overall than trying to slam a bunch of megapixels in here. Much rather have a better, more sensitive, pixel uh, which is basically whats coming out of this thing. This also has a zeiss tessar t, starred 24 millimeter lens theyre, actually using uh glass, spherical elements in here as well, so clearly imaging uh on here is coming to the forefront the mind. Blowing thing here for me, though, is that it has i just that phase detect autofocus.

I believe it covers yeah 90 of the display 315 autofocus points, 20 frames, a second photos and apparently does uh 60 frames. A second calculations in terms of auto focus. So all of those things sound great, but the images out of here are whats actually important. So lets check out the wedding that i photographed with this thing and see how it actually performs Music. Now i want to say a massive thank you to my friend chelsea april. She was the lead photographer on this and i just kind of came along for the ride. So a massive thank you to her shes, an amazing photographer and i will put her stuff in the description down below Music Music thats, a life Music. Yes, its getting late, hidden shivers in the driveway Music Music. I cant keep the lights on, see what you need. Music is Music Music, Music thinking of my life here now running all the circles around and Music Applause. You can call me Music dreams, Music, Music, for what it is for a one inch sensor, thats being cropped in on. I do think that the images look really great. The color was great uh high iso did pretty well considering, but just the fact that i was able to actually change all of my settings from shutter speed to aperture to iso to all of my different autofocus modes. All that stuff, i was pretty surprised at how well it went so let me know what you think in the comments down below subscribe, if you arent already thanks again to sony and xperia for sending this over for me to play with the last couple months, its Been super fun and i totally kind of understand where youre going with this thing.