The real me gt neo 3t. So this model has an extra t, but what else does it bring to the table and could it be the more competitive one im will for gsm marina and lets find out in our realme gt neo 3t review Music. They say theres nothing new under the sun, and that may be the case with the realme gt neo 3t. It brings nearly identical specs to last years, ryomi gt neo2, with the main difference being faster, 80 watt charging this years other model. The real me gt neo3 is the odd one out with a mediatek, chipset and different main camera and can come in a variant with super fast 150 watt charging, while the gt neo 3t may not be so fresh specs wise, at least it brings a racing. Themed. Look with a checkered flag pattern and is quite snazzy in the frosted yellow, the curved back and frame are made of plastic and the phone is a little bit on the heftier side. You wont find any official ingress protection here which some competitors do have at this price. Unlike the gt neo3, the 3ts punch hole for the 16 megapixel selfie cam is in the corner, not centered. This is exactly the same as on last years model. The display itself is quite similar, too its a 6.62 inch, e4 amoled with a 1080p resolution and a fast 120hz refresh rate, theres, hdr, 10 plus support and, of course, the great contrast typical of an amoled panel.

But on top of that, this display is improved. Over last years, its both more color, accurate and brighter, we were able to measure a maximum of around 515 nits with the manual slider, and this boosts to 800 nits in auto mode enough for comfortable legibility in the sun. The high refresh rate is nice to smooth out the movements on screen when youre swiping around, but just like on other realmes theres. No support for high frame rate gaming, at least the refresh rate, can dial down to 60 hertz when idling to save energy and under the displays, its a fingerprint reader for biometrics, its fast and accurate. We only wish its placement was a little higher for audio the ryomi gt. Neo3 has a pair of stereo speakers and they sound just like last year. They earned a score of very good on our loudness test and the quality is good too, with clear highs and noticeable lows: the phone comes with 128 or 256 gigs of storage on board and thats, not expandable. The interface of the gt neo 3t is realme. Ui 3.0 over android 12., its a pretty typical android based ui, most of the additions youd find here are cosmetic. You can add your own personal touch too, through the personalization options and settings here. You can customize plenty of things, including the wallpaper. The icons and animations realme ui also brings additional options when it comes to gaming accessible through an in game overlay.

These include screenshots and recordings do not disturb and performance profiles. One of the most enticing features of the ryomi gt neo 3t is its chipset, its a high end snapdragon 875g, which youd find in many so called flagship killer phones, including last years gt neo2. This chipset doesnt achieve quite as high benchmark scores as the top flagships and is even edged out by the regular realme gt neo3 and is mediatek dementi 8100, but still the 3t packs more than enough punch for multitasking and great gaming performance and even better. The phone has an advanced passive cooling system and its thermal management is excellent, with stable, sustained performance throughout our stress test, thats, something that this years flagship struggle with just like last years model. The real me gt, neo 3t, has a 5 000 milliamp hour battery and battery life is comparable with an endurance rating of 118 hours in our proprietary tests, charging has been upgraded, its 80 watts now instead of 65.. This is the big difference compared to last year, but for some reason the actual speed hasnt changed, thats, not to say it isnt fast. We were able to charge from zero to ninety five percent in half an hour if youre after even crazier charging speed, youd have to look into the regular gt neo3, which can come with a huge 150 watt. Brick now onto the cameras, the gt neo 3t has a 64 megapixel main cam, an 8 megapixel ultra wide and a 2 megapixel macro cam.

Overall, its a pretty typical mid range setup. The main camera captures nice. Looking 16 megapixel images with enough detail, accurate exposure and excellent dynamic range colors are punchy, but not over the top. The sharpness could be better, although there is some additional sharpening added. The processing introduces effects like halos at the edges of buildings. If you look closely, portrait, photos are somewhat underwhelming theyre on the soft side and the skin colors seem a bit off the subject. Separation is decent, though the 8 megapixel ultrawide cameras. Quality is pretty typical for this price range. You get less detail and sharpness and more noise than the main cam, but although the dynamic range isnt as wide is still decent and the color rendition is pretty similar in low light, the rendition of the main cams photos is quite different from last years model, even Though its the same hardware, you get enough sharpness and a fair amount of detail. The exposure is on point and light sources are handled well. Our main issue here was with the washed out looking colors. These get a nice boost from the night mode alongside the sharpness and you get lower noise too shadows come out much brighter without ruining the highlights. It is quite aggressive as far as night modes go though you could even say it looks unnatural in low light. The ultrawide cam produces soft images with plenty of noise and limited dynamic range. Even though colors and contrast are nice, the night mode photos are completely different.

The dynamic range is much wider. Theres plenty of detail across the whole frame and noise is hard to spot sharpness. Could be better, but the result is still decent. Selfies are nothing to write home about the scenes are soft and noisy, and the colors are a bit bland. At least the dynamic range is good and the subjects face remains well exposed. The riomi gt, neo 3ts main cam, can shoot video in up to 4k at 60fps. 4K footage has a high level of detail, excellent sharpness and wide dynamic range. We wish the colors were a bit more lively, though the ultrawide cams 1080p videos have higher contrast and juicier looking colors, but theyre quite soft with narrow, dynamic range, so thats the ryomi gt, neo 3t. You get all the features we liked in last years: riomi gt neo2, and on top of that you get a brighter screen and this checkered pattern on the back thats pretty much the difference, because this bigger charger doesnt actually charge the phone any faster. So there you have it dont, get me wrong. The gt neo 3t is a decent, mid ranger with a nice chipset.