Now this is purely just photo samples and discussion about the camera as ive been using it so im going to cover video stuff. When i do my full review here or my kind of full review, because this is not the us model and from what i know the software for the camera is still not like a hundred percent, and i got that from watching other reviewers, because theyve been sent Review units like mr mobile on them, they said that the software was still pre production and its really weird to discuss it being pre production software, when the phone has already been released in some regions, or at least part of asia, and it still hasnt launched. Yet in the uk and europe and its still going to be even further down the road for the u.s, so im not really sure where the camera is at right now because of the different stage launches and just what ive heard so im hoping that the camera Will improve and there are moments when you take photos with this – the cameras on this phone, where i think it looks fantastic. I love the natural tone. I love that its not over saturated. I love the complexity, especially with the zoom. The continuous zoom with the optical lens is super super nice and well talk about that in this video also and ill show you some of the photos that i have taken and also there were some people who are concerned about overheating.

It hasnt overheated on me, but it does definitely get warm when youre using 4k video continuously for a little while so lets go and take a look at some of the samples. So when you look at this phone youre getting three 12 megapixel cameras, which is pretty common now you get a 12 megapixel wide angle, which is your traditional shooter. Dual pixel phase detection, auto focus optical image, stabilization, the whole nine yards and you get a 12 megapixel telephoto with the continuous zoom. Its got two different focal lengths, 85 millimeters and 125 millimeters and its really nice, because you can really do that. Cool optical zoom in theres, two different options on it and its just really cool, and you can see right here like this illustration i was outside there was a flag i wanted to take a picture of because you can use a regular zoom on the normal lens, But its not going to give you that optical clarity, the natural looking lens that you get with a true telephoto zoom, as opposed to a digital, zoom or a combination thereof. So i think its really cool. You can do that and it adds a whole another element to where you can reach out and touch something – and i think maybe this might be the next frontier when it comes to being able to use these phones, because you kind of got everything locked down now. You get a regular camera, you get an ultra wide, you get a telephoto bam, thats, pretty much it, and sometimes you can do the macro and some of that stuff with other phones with the telescopic, the way that they do it or maybe its the ultra wide.

I cant remember, but they use the lens and its a dual purpose and they can get the macro shots with it, which works pretty good. A dedicated macro, i still think, is better. I also like the telescopic macros that some of the chinese market phones are putting in them, but overall, i think that the camera set is pretty good. If youre not a photo enthusiast, though this is definitely not the phone or camera for you now i do love the phone and i do like taking photos im more of a point and shoot kind of guy when it comes to snapping photos with my phone, though, And thats, why im a big fan of like the pixel 6 pro the pixel 6, the s22 ultra, the iphone 13 13 pro whatever there are so many different phones that do the photography stuff so well, and then theyve got these ai processors, ai cores, theyre, doing Computational, photography and theyre making these shots look just so amazing its something thats, really cool. The way that sony does it is it tries to do it. The old school traditional way, with brute force, strength, lenses and telephoto and optical magic, its one of those things where you can take amazing photos and you can adjust the iso. You can adjust the focal length you can adjust the exposure. You can adjust. Basically, everything when you look at this camera menu thats on here there are so many different modes with the sony camera app and you can start off.

It starts off default as basic mode. Youve got auto, youve got manual mode, youve got so many different things in here, and you can see here on the screen. You can adjust basically everything thats on here and you can get varying degrees of what you can adjust based off of whether you use basic mode, auto mode programmed auto mode manual. Exposure shutter, speed priority if youre into manual like, if youre into actually using a camera. This is probably the closest thing that youre gon na get inside of a smartphone, and this is the first time ive used one, especially with this continuous zoom with the optical lens. It really does feel kind of like youre popping different lenses on and off when youre using it, and i really like the way that that translates over to the phone and the phone experience and i think as they optimize it, some more its going to get better. There are definitely areas where it just doesnt seem to capture or handle the light well and the photos. Look dark and thats, not something that im too crazy about low light is not as good as you get with the iphone the s22 ultra. Because a lot of that stuff is computational photography, its using stuff with the computer, the chip inside the phone to artificially make it look better and thats cool. You get some cool stuff when it comes to a just normal camera lens, though it makes it much more difficult, but when you can adjust things like the shutter and the iso and all that, then you can get better low light photos with a natural lens.

So theres stuff you can do but its not point and click, and then you get the best photo possible. Thats, just theres no top shot theres, none of that crazy stuff that the other phones do so its a give and take relationship when it comes to this phone in the camera setup. Also, the selfie camera is better. I do wish it had 4k 60 on the video which kind of irks me its only 4k 30, but it is improved over last, go around with the xperia 1 mark iii. The 12 megapixel selfie camera is definitely definitely definitely better. It is a much appreciated upgrade over the xperia one mark iii and its predecessors, so im glad they changed that out new lens new sensor, all that stuff, but its still not amazing its good, but its, not amazing, and there are some amazing selfies out there. The selfie camera on the s22 ultra is probably the best ive ever seen and its fantastic, and then there there are offsets. So, like you look at the iphone 13 pro and it still cant handle hdr appropriately and if you get too much natural light or youre outside it makes you look like you have jaundice and your liver is failing, so its very frustrating to to get that orange Appearance when you know you dont, look like that apple knows: you dont look like that, but they refuse to fix it or then, when youre, using the iphone.

If you use it at nighttime or if theres any bright light sources, you get horrible lens, flare, horrible horrible. This one not a whole lot of lens flare that ive noticed at all, if any so theyve done a good job with the design with the lenses with the hardware thats in here. I think that its very complimentary, but it takes somebody whos good at taking photos to bring out the beauty and the best that you can get out of this camera, but its also a learning experience and its also nice, because you have full control over it. For instance, i wanted to take a picture of the moon. I went outside and i was able to adjust it. The shutter speed the iso all that good stuff and i could actually take a picture of the moon as opposed to using an iphone and it looks like a distorted glowing orb in the sky, you know so there are certainly trade offs. Every single phone and every single phone camera has its strengths, has its weaknesses and has different things to compete with this one. I hope that they continue to get better with the software. I wish that they would bring some computational photography elements into this, because if they use some of the computer hardware under this under the hood, because its got the snapdragon 8 generation, one – which is amazing and its really designed a big upgrade over the snapdragon 8. With a huge emphasis on artificial intelligence and machine learning, which is what they use to make these phone, these photos look more enhanced, so i think theres room to grow here, im excited about it.

Im excited to see what happens once we get the official uk launch and also the us launch to see if theres, some significant improvement with the camera. That would be nice, but so far so good i like it. Definitely this is not a point and shoot camera. The point and shoot is actually kind of disappointing, sometimes and the photos dont always look good, which you can see here. Sometimes you get a good one. Sometimes you dont, you got ta fiddle with it and if you dont know what youre doing with manual mode its gon na frustrate you even more because youre gon na try and change stuff, you dont know what youre doing and then its gon na look even worse Than the auto mode did so you could get this this phone and pick it up and think okay, this takes good photos and you can also get it in like wow. This takes terrible photos. Why did i pay 15.99 in the us, which is gon na? Be what the price is i paid about 12.99 for mine, which i feel pretty comfortable with, because phones are just so expensive. Nowadays, this is kind of a niche hardware component. This is really kind of a very small target audience for the xperia 1 mark iv. So i dont mind paying that much because i plan on keeping it and using it for the year, but definitely if you just want a flagship phone, you pick it up.

You point you shoot and all that stuff theres other phones are going to serve. You a lot better at a lot lower price. I mean you can even pick up the pixel 6 pro right now during the fathers day, sale for 7.99, which is 100 bucks off. So you look at the u.s market and you could pre order and get the earbuds the xm4s. You can get that for 15.99 in the united united states or you can pay 7.99 and get a pixel 6 pro and i think for most people, the pixel 6. Pro is going to be a significantly better photo experience for somebody who just wants to press the button and take photos, as opposed to spending almost twice as much money basically and getting this, so you really got to look at whats available. What the market conditions are. What youre, looking for, and are you willing to put in the time and the energy and learn how to use the cameras on here? So you can get those better shots in more different environments. So there are some trade offs, but i do think its better than xperia one mark iii and so far ive been enjoying it also just to address the overheating. I had several people that talked about it and discussed it or asked comments about it. I did a 15 minute continuous 4k 60 video earlier and it didnt overheat, which is good. I also wasnt outside, of course, having 90 degree weather outside, as opposed to 70 degree inside, might influence that some im going to mess around with it.

Some more because i hadnt heard anything until this evening, so i tested it, it does get warm it doesnt get as warm as the pixel 6 or the 6 pro. So i think thats probably going to be all right but well just have to see. I think thats, probably not too big, of an issue, though so, need more testing at this point, though thats my thoughts and feels on the camera set up on the xpr one mark, so thats all ive got you have any questions or comments.