So in this video we are going to talk about best phone under 30000 And we have 2 phones And both the phones are top phones of their brand. Here we have Moto edge 30 on one side And we have already done its review on our channel. You can check it out if you havent And on the other side we have IQOO Neo 6, And here its price is also 30000 Rest after the offers. Iqoo is cheaper, So in this video we will compare both of them, So you just have to like this video Subscribe, the channel, if you find the video good So lets, move towards the video Here. Firstly, we will talk about the display, So, first of all which protection do the display have So IQOO comes with SCHOTT XENSATION protection, Whereas Motorola have corning gorilla, glass, 3 protection, So protection is different in both of them, But one thing is common that both of them Have a punch hole in the mid, So here Moto have a POLED display, whereas IQOO have OLED display. Now POLED display comes with some advantages: Firstly, its slim light weight and more durable. If you bend the phones like a this, then also the display is not going to break. What are you doing? Bro Though no one is going to do that, So as Motos display have a POLED panel, So POLED displays have one more advantage that it have very less bezels and chin, And we get to see the same here In comparison with IQOO.

The bezels and chin are very less, Although IQOOs, chin and bezels are also very good. According to the price Rest, both the displays are Full HD with HDR 10 certification, But Motos display have one more power that it supports 10 bit colour depth. And here, when we watched content on netflix amazon, prime and youtube, then I havent seen any difference here. Both the displays produces same colours, Even viewing experience of both the displays is amazing. Here I havent got any big difference. Rest. If I talk about the peak brightness, Then Moto have 950 nits peak brightness And IQOO have 1300 nits peak brightness And if you believe on paper, specs the you maybe thinking that IQOO performs better But its not that When I compared both of them side by side. Indoor outdoor, both of them have almost same peak brightness, But here Moto have one power of high refresh rate, Its have high refresh rate of 144 Hz, And it obviously feels more smooth in day to day life as compared to IQOO Neo 6. And here, as both of them have OLED panel, so they have in display fingerprint sensor, But here the speed of IQOO is more fast as compared to Moto, And the FP sensor of Moto is little downside. It should have been a bit upside, So Moto, please move it upside. Even IQOO have single X axis linear motor for haptics. They feels solid, whereas Moto have vibration type haptics.

So here it will totally depend on you Rest. Our Moto is none. Then less Now both of them have stereo speakers, But the stereo speakers of Moto are the best in 30000. They are very loud Now then thing we are going to talk about needs, a laptop Means. We are going to talk about cameras and that also in depth. So the front camera in Moto is of 32 MP, Whereas IQOO have 16MP, And here you can see the video And it is the front cam. Video quality of both the phones And here Moto have a big advantage that you can record video in 4K also And the skin tone becomes red in Moto when you record in 4k Rest, you can see the light control Moto is struggling a little, Whereas IQOO is Controlling the light very nicely Rest, you guys tell me that which was having better stabilization and audio So here both the companies have to work on stabilization, But the audio quality of IQOO is very nice. Now in as much photos I have captured. Dynamic range is same in both of them Theres only little difference in skin tone Here, IQOO shows cool tone And Moto have warm tone, And, secondly, it have one more tone which we will talk about later, But the details are better in IQOO, even if IQOO is Weak in MP, And as I use to say that everything does not depends on MP. They also depend on ISP, And we get to see the same here Now here.

Iqoo controls the background, light better as compared to Moto And here in direct sunlight, also, moto struggles. In light control, You can see it here, Although if you have light in the background, Then both of them controls the light nicely. But, as I said that Moto have 2 tones Here, it converts the photo in red tone. So it looks a bit inconsistent to me And I told the same thing in its review Rest. If you use portrait mode in direct sunlight, Then both of them have nice edge detection, But IQOO have more eye pleasing colours which any normal person needs Rest in portrait mode details Moto looks a bit better. Even if you are capturing photo in shadow or portrait mode, Then Moto controls the light very nicely on the face In IQOO. I think it makes the face extra white, So this will totally depend on you Now talking about indoor, which is very important for us. So we have also captured photo in indoor And in indoor I can directly say that IQOO have better details, Colours depth and edge. Detection in portrait mode is also good Here. Moto struggles, a lot in indoor photos, So that was about the front camera. Now, if we talk about the back camera, Then you can easily record while running Because both of them have OIS. So you will get stable video, Though. If we talk about Megapixel, Then IQOO have 64 MP main camera with OIS And Moto have 50 MP with OIS, And here when we recorded the video, Then we saw that IQOO was more stable as compared to Moto, But Moto was having nice colours, whereas IQOO makes The colours dull, But here Moto, was having over sharpness And here for both of them.

I will say that they are lacking in the video, Because IQOO have stabilization, but not good colours, Whereas Moto have good colours, but not stabilization Rest. If we talk about skin tone in direct sunlight, Then both of them controls the light nicely, But again Motos colours, look better, But Moto have over sharpening, which sometimes do not look good. So now talking about the photos, because everyone do not make videos. So when we captured the photos, IQOO highlights the shadow very nicely And Moto have the problem that it make the image contrasty, Which do not look good and due to which dynamic range also looks good, And here in this situation, both of them are controlling light nicely. The difference is only of colour contrast, But here, if I talk about direct sunlight, Then IQOO controls the light nicely on the face, And you can see this thing here. Even I also told in my review that Moto struggles in light control in direct sunlight Rest in portrait mode, both of them have amazing edge, detection And light control of IQOO is again good. The difference is of the colours, and I will leave that on. You Rest. If we talk about indoor, Then like the front, camera IQOO again takes a lead in back camera. Here, details are good colours, are nice In Moto colours, get muted And skin gets blown out Rest in Night mode. Moto takes a lead Here: Moto performs better with and without night mode as compared to IQOO.

Now we will talk about ultra wide And, as people are having a myth, that more MP means more good photo, And I have told this thing 10 times So here. Moto have 50 MP Ultrawide camera sensor And IQOO have 8MP, And here you can see the colours and dynamic range. The IQOO performs better in comparison with Moto And details also do not have much difference as MP have, But obviously Moto have slightly better details. But for these small details I am not going to buy lower dynamic range phone, So that was it about the cameras Now lets talk about that thing for which we are here Means which one is better in performance. So here I dont have to tell that. Moto have Snapdragon 778G processor, Whereas IQOO have SD 870, processor And 870 is the most consistent processor in flagships. Not only mine 870 is the favourite processor for a lot of people And, in the same way, the consistency in CPU, throttling and even GIPS were better in SD 870 in comparison with 778G, And not only this. We also ran video rendering test in both of them And again, IQOO was better So here in terms of heavy task. Also, IQOO is performing better with on paper, And here both of them have different. Different storage type Moto have UMCP storage with LPDDR5 RAM, Whereas if we talk about IQOO, then it have UFS 3.1 storage With LPDDR4X RAM And both of them have extended RAM option Rest.

When we opened and closed apps in both of them, Then here both of them opens the app in same time. So in normal usage, both the processor performs almost equal, But the 144Hz power that Moto have. It feels a little smooth, Whereas if you want to take phone for hardcore gaming or heavy performance, Then I will say that IQOO Neo 6 have a advantage in gaming that, Firstly, you get flagship level settings here Here. The only thing missing is 90 FPS, which IQOO can provide soon, So you can wait for OTA updates Rest in its gameplay. I have seen that Here. Consistency is more better as compared to 778G. Even the graphics, rendering here is very smooth And its touch response is very killer as compared to Moto So for gaming. I can easily suggest you the Neo 6, But one thing is great: I have played game for almost 1.5 hours in both of them And none of them heated at all. Here they only get little warm. Now both the phone comes with Android 12, But Motos UI gives close to pixel experience Because it have My UX, which is like stock android. Moto have just added some additional features like this, And it also have dedicated hardware and software based security, which IQOO do not have, and IQOO have funtouch OS 12 And you get pre installed applications in it, But you can uninstall most of the apps from it Rest. If I talk about updates, Then moto lacks at this point.

Their updates are slow, Whereas IQOO is good in providing updates. Even if there is any issue, then IQOO resolves it very quickly. So IQOO is working very nicely in terms of updates And if you want to know that, how much android updates we will get, Then you will get 22 major android updates And security patches for 3 years And both of them have additional features like Moto have NFC, Whereas IQOO have IR Blaster, so you can easily controls your AC in summers And both the phones are 5G. Iqoo have 4 5G bands, So Motorola have advantage in this thing because it have 13 5G bands. But here lets talk about 4G because its more important now So both of them have the power of 4G carrier aggregation, And I got nice 4G indoor outdoor in both of them And call quality is also good in both of them, But in Moto. If you are on the call, then the other person will hear background noise, So here its noise cancellation is not much good as IQOO And both of them supports wifi 6. But if you go far from wifi, then IQOOs connectivity is better as compared to Moto. Now, if we talk about the build of both of them, Then they comes with plastic build And I will leave the design thing on you that which design you like, But the matte finish you get on the back of IQOO is very amazing. It do not get any smudges at all, And not even scratches Now does Moto get scratches, no, it dont, But it get a lot of smudges, But Moto have one advantage that its weight is 150 Grams.

It is very light weighted, Whereas IQOOs weight is 191 Grams. So it feels heavy as compared to it, But you can easily carry both the phones And both of them have plastic side frame. Rest dont forget to tell me about the design thing that whose design was better And if you are finding our video good, then please, like it Now. Motos phone is slim and light weighted. Due to that, you have to compromise in one thing, and that is battery Here. It have 4020 mAh battery with 33W fast charging And it gets fully charged in around 50 minutes, Whereas IQOO have 4700 mAh battery with 80W fast charging, And this phone gets fully charged in around 35 minutes And talking about battery backup them Motos battery backup is also Good In normal usage, it gives around 6.5 hours SOT, Whereas IQOO easily provides 7.5 hours SOT, So they both have almost 1 hour SOT difference. So if I talk about battery backup or charging, IQOO takes the lead here So as much I have used both the phones. I got to know one thing That both the phones targets different different users And if you havent skipped the video even a little, Then you are already knowing that which phone is good for you. Then you can tell me in the comments section.